Asus Rog Zephyrus Gx501 Review [Is It Worth the Price?]

Asus Rog Zephyrus Gx501

Asus laptops are one of the most preferred laptops for gaming in the market. Their high level of performance packed in an ultra-slim compact laptop makes them a great choice for gamers.

One of the best Asus laptops for gaming is the Rog Zephyrus. In this post, we review the Asus Rog Zephyrus gx501, which is one of the high-performing laptops under budget that are preferred by gamers.

It has the most desirable features both internal and outward appearance, ranging from fast internet speed, and a large screen up to its lightweight.

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Key Features of Asus Rog Zephyrus Gx501

General Appearance

Asus Rog Zephyrus GX501 is very slim, light, and convenient for carrying around; this also gives it a pleasant and admirable shape. When its top is closed, it leaves a tiny space.

This space creates an additional 20% space for air circulation compared to traditional laptop design because of an underside vent under the lid that leads to a 9mm high air chamber. This also helps to increase system airflow and greatly reduce internal temperatures.

Asus Zephyrus is powered by up to an 8th generation Intel, Powered by an Inter Corei7-8750H processor with 32GB dual-channel memory. This means it can comfortably store and play all the hottest games currently on the market without overloading your laptop.

Dust Preventing Mechanism

Zephyrus GX501 also has a four-quadrant anti-dust design. This prevents dust particles and dirt from entering the system when the lid is open.

Also, the ADC system actively cleans itself by expelling dust particles through tunnels. This prevents the build-up of dirt in the thermal fins to increase the system’s stability and lifespan.

Battery Life and Display

This Asus gaming laptop also gives you a battery life of up to 6 hours when power-saving mode is on.

It has a 15.6-inch screen display which is attractive. The IPS-level display has a wide color range which ensures better contrast and color production for an extraordinary authentic experience.

It also has a wide view to ensure the color stays true even when viewed from angles of up to 178 degrees.

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Smart Amplifier Technology

Smart amplifier technology monitors the audio output and makes real-time adjustments so that you can pump volume without worrying about damaging the cones. This makes the output much louder with increased dynamic range and bass.

It also has an audio effect location that has a brilliant routing characteristic made for online streaming. This feature helps stream various levels of output, which gives you control over what you hear.

Another unique feature is the desire for instant audio profiles and enhanced noise reduction that makes the sound clear.

For additional volume, you can either connect a wireless Bluetooth speaker or a wired speaker which gives you perfect results.


Open the ROG gaming world with the press of a single key to see a detailed dashboard with a lot of useful information. This includes CPU frequencies and temperatures. Also, use the control panel to make modifications at the proper time.

ROG gaming technology maximizes the amount of data passing through your laptop. It also prioritizes network packets for increased bandwidth required during online gaming and streaming.

The new multi-gaming function integrates a number of gateways to ensure the best online gaming experience.

Faster and More Stable Wi-Fi

The Intel wireless –AC 9560 adapter provides it with Bluetooth 4.2 support and 2*2 Wi-Fi that surpasses Gigabit Ethernet speed.

Multi-user, multi-input, and multi-output technology let you connect more devices efficiently and easily.

How to Clean Rog Zephyrus Gx501

If you have been using your laptop continuously for two years, chances are that it has collected a lot of dust around the fan area.

Dust blocks fans, vents, and heat sinks, stopping your laptop from cooling down properly. You can remove a huge amount of dust without opening your laptop.

Here are some techniques that you can use to clean your Asus Zephyrus gaming laptop:

  • You can either use a dry cloth or an air canister designed for cleaning laptops. Take a dry piece of cloth and wipe the outside of the laptop. This method only cleans the exterior and not the interior of the laptop where there is a lot of dust.
  • An air canister is the most advisable. An air canister uses compressed air. Take the laptop outside or in the garage. Point the can of compressed air at the laptop cooling vents, and give them a few short bursts of air.
  • Exercise caution when doing this. If you aim a blast of compressed air directly at cooling the fan inside the vent, you could cause the cooling fan to spin too fast.

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If there is still stubborn dust that remains on your laptop, you can contact your local Asus laptop service center for assistance.


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