Best Place To Place Router In Two Story Home

Best Place To Place Router In Two Story Home

If you have a two-storied or multi-storied home, it may be difficult to get WiFi signals to every corner of your home. Due to the large floor coverage, signals may be restricted to the floor where the router is located. 

Buying a router for a two-story house does not automatically mean you will have better coverage. Instead, how the router is positioned determines the quality of signal you get and whether you’ll enjoy good internet in all spots of your home. 

Best Place To Place Router In Two Story Home

The best place to position your router in a two-story home is a middle place where the two floors can access a good internet connection.  The ceiling of the ground floor and the floor of your first floor are two strategic spots for a router in a two-story building.

This ensures that the router can send a signal to both floors. While concrete is an obstruction to routers, some routers can penetrate concrete walls.

How To Acquire the Best Signal For Your Home

The best router or wifi mesh will not deliver amazing internet for your home if it is positioned the wrong way. Many homes experience internet issues such as Wifi dead spots, weak signal, and slow internet.

Here are tips on how to get the best signal:

Antenna Position

Wifi routers have antennas to boost the internet signal. However, these antennas must be well positioned to deliver a good signal. Some routers have two antennas, while others have as many as eight.

The ideal way to position two antennas is one facing straight up or down vertically, and the other straight on the right or left, horizontally. If your route has an LED light to indicate the signal strength, you can swap positions for the antennas and look out for the best signal.

Router Obstacles

Router Obstacles include high objects in your house such as cabinets or shelves. When positioning the router, get rid of any high cabinets near the router, or better, do not position the router near a high obstacle.


Home appliances in a two-story house affect the signal transmission of your router. Appliances such as radios, microwaves, or those that have waves should be distanced from the router.

Place the Router Away from Windows

When a router is placed near a window, it is more likely that the reflection will affect the signal transmitted. In addition, when a router is positioned near a window, it might attract dust which is harmful to the router.

Do You Need a WiFi Extender For a Two Story Home?

A WiFi extender is a good idea to improve signal coverage in a two-story house. A router alone might not deliver satisfying coverage on both floors of your home. It is important to invest in a good wifi extender for a two-story house to enhance coverage. A WiFi extender ensures zero dead spots in your home.

A WiFi extender with Ethernet ports allows you to enjoy a good wired and wireless internet signal from the router all over your house. It only extends what the router delivers. The extender cannot boost the signal or quality of the internet from the router, and neither can it interfere with it. Even with an extender, router positioning must come first.

How to Boost Internet Signal In a Two-Story Home

If you have positioned your router well and ensured there are no obstacles, but you still can’t get a satisfying signal, here’s what you can do:

Switch between the bandwidth for dual-band routers

  • Perform a router reset
  • Try a different wifi channel
  • Use Two wifi extenders
  • Make regular updates on the router
  • Control use of high internet demanding devices
  • Replace old routers
  • Upgrade the internet package

Can You Use Two Routers For a Two-Story Home?

It is possible and okay to use two routers for a two-story building. Using Two routers in a two-story building benefits you in these ways:

  • Creating more space for wired internet connections such as gaming consoles and computers
  • Strong signal on bothering floors
  • Creates more roaming freedom


Router positioning in a two-story home is what determines how well the router delivers signal. While buying a good router is good, if wrongly placed, it can’t be of much use. For a two-story house, the ceiling and floor of the ground and first floor is the best place to place the router.

Remember that obstacles such as high cabinets, sofas, and kitchen appliances also hinder the router from doing a good job. To extend your internet coverage, a WiFi extender is a good investment. You can also buy another router and use them at the same time for better internet coverage in a two-story home.


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