Best Tracking Software For Laptop

best tracking software for laptop

The frustration that comes with misplacing or losing a laptop is more than financial. Your laptop is also a diary that keeps your personal information or business details, bank details, and memories.

If you have been mugged before and lost a laptop, you understand the stress that comes with getting a replacement. While this is unfortunate and sometimes cannot be prevented, it is better to equip your laptop with tracking software.

A laptop tracking software shows you where your lost laptop is and also prevents the worst consequences of a stolen laptop. The software also allows you to protect the laptop and even help recover it faster than simply looking for it.

Best Tracking Software For Laptop

To keep your laptop safe from theft or to recover it from theft, you need reliable software. The best tracking software for laptops includes; PreyProject, Norton anti-theft, EXO5, my laptop tracker, front door software, and gadget track, among others.


EXO5 is a great laptop tracking software reliable for personal laptops, business laptops, and laptops for institutions. This tracking software costs an annual fee of $499. The software allows you to:

  • Lock your laptop hard disk whether SSD or HDD so that your data is safe.
  • Reverse the hard disk lock once you recover your laptop
  • Add a boot sector lock that shuts down the laptop once stolen and can be reversed after the laptop is recovered
  • Track your laptop or asset through Google maps

Norton Anti-theft

This software enables you to lock a lost laptop. It is also a great software that helps you track your lost laptop and in some cases helps you see who has it. With Norton Anti-theft, you get to:

  • Get information from the person who has the laptop. It is not always a theft case. Maybe you simply misplaced the laptop. If someone found it, you can get a message displayed on the laptop with your contact info to help you get the laptop back.
  • Lock your laptop or any other lost devices. This prevents your personal information from being accessible to the person who has your lost item.
  • Get pictures of the person with your laptop. This software also gets snapshots of anyone In Front of your laptop by getting a snapshot of their face. This is incredibly helpful especially if you lost the laptop in a familiar environment.
  • Locate the laptop. you can tell where your laptop is if another person goes online with it.

Inspire trace

This is a security and laptop tracking software that can email you the new location of your lost laptop.

This software is perfect for laptops with highly sensitive information or business information that could potentially get you sued if accessed by the wrong people. Here is what you can do with this software.

  • Permanently erase sensitive data from the laptop to avoid unauthorized access
  • Track the location of your lost laptop in any part of the world
  • Protects your data from theft access

XTool Laptop Tracker

If your laptop has an inbuilt camera, this is a great laptop tracking tool to have. This software connects to your laptop’s inbuilt camera to take a picture of the unauthorized user. This can help identify the culprit especially if you lost the laptop at work or school.

This laptop tracking software also has a smart agent that is made to trace the location of the lost laptop. This software also detects your laptop’s GPS location. It can also detect the wifi connection of your lost laptop which helps with tracing it. This tool guarantees the recovery of your laptop and offers compensation if not found.


This is a reliable laptop tracking software with a dependable customer support system. It is compliant with:

  • GDPR
  • SOX
  • DoD

The software has a team of experts to protect your most sensitive data on the lost laptop. The team is available for any inquiries.

This laptop tool is budget effective and offers you the following:

  • Locating a lost laptop’s exact location
  • Erase sensitive business or personal information from the lost laptop
  • Lock personal information from access by authorized users
  • A support team of experts at your disposal

PC Phone home

This laptop tracking software is unique in a way that it sends a secret email to the chosen email address with information about the location of your laptop. However, this requires that the lost laptop is online.

The best thing about this software is its ability to tell you the exact location of the laptop once online, which helps in fast-tracking. You can also trace the laptop anywhere with an internet connection.

How To Keep Your Laptop Safe From Theft/Misplacing

It is easier to prevent your laptop from theft than it is to track it once it is already stolen. Prevention Spares you from the stress of tracing the laptop and the fear of sensitive data or personal information falling in the wrong hands. Here are a few tips to prevent your laptop from getting lost:

Install an Alarm Software

Some software usually alarms you when your laptop is in the wrong hands, which allows you to catch the thief before they get away. For instance, the laptop alarm, a freeware that sends a loud alarm on the laptop if:

  • Removal of mouse
  • Removal of the laptop adapter
  • Attempt to shut down the laptop
  • Get a unique carrier

Your laptop backpack might give you away. Use a unique laptop carrier that does not sell out that you have a laptop with you. This prevents you from being a target of theft.

Avoid Leaving the Laptop In Your Car

If you often travel with your laptop, do not leave it in an unlocked car. Also, if your car is locked, do not leave the laptop too visible, cover it with something or leave it in the trunk.


Laptop theft does not only shake up your finances but also the stability of your work or studies. There is software to help quicken the laptop search and help you locate the laptop easily such as Norton Anti-theft, XTool Laptop Tracker, drive strike, and PC Phone home.

Some of these tools also take snapshots of the person using your laptop for easier tracing. It is important to keep your laptop safer, using laptop theft alarm tools such as laptop alarm and also ensuring that you carry your laptop in the right carrier.


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