Coffee Spilled On Laptop [Quick Fixes to Save Your Laptop]

Coffee Spilled On Laptop

Laptop accidents occur often for laptop users. Unfortunately, when a laptop accident occurs, there is a high chance of damage. It’s possible to prevent laptop accidents by being extra cautious with the way you handle the laptop, but sometimes, it is hard to prevent accidents. Common laptop accidents include spilling liquids on the laptop, dropping the laptop, excess weight falling on a laptop, and breaking the laptop screen among others.

For every laptop user who has spilled coffee on a laptop, it has been a shocking experience. Coffee Spilled on laptop is a big deal, and can cause extensive laptop damage. Luckily, one can act fast to control or reduce the extent of laptop damage when coffee is spilled on the laptop.

Coffee Spilled On Laptop: the First Crucial Things to Do.

What you do immediately after the coffee is spilled on the laptop matters the most, as it could save you so much cost on laptop hardware and repair, and could save you the cost of buying a new laptop.

1. Switch off the laptop.

If the laptop is plugged into power, disconnect it and switch it off. This is to avoid extensive damage to the laptop. When the laptop is one, it could get damaged from the shock that might occur in the event of contact between the liquid and computer parts.

Caution: when coffee is spilled on the laptop, avoid contact with the laptop if it is connected to power. Disconnected the laptop charger then switch it off. Contact between electricity and liquids could be dangerous for you if you are in contact with it.

2. Remove Laptop Accessories

After the laptop is disconnected from power and switched off, you can detach the removable laptop parts from the laptop. Remove the battery, mouse, and any other easily removable parts. Remember not to stress yourself with taking out laptop parts if you are not comfortable/able to do so, as this could result in further damage.

3. Drain Any Excess Coffee From Your Laptop

Depending on the extent of the coffee Spilled on  laptop, drain Any liquid from the laptop by placing it upside down. Use a napkin to suck in the coffee that might be on the laptop surface, as well as the coffee that might be draining.

4. Allow Time to Pass

It is recommended to lay your laptop on a cotton cloth or a towel, facing upside down. This allows any remaining coffee to drain. While time passes, liquid also evaporates to leave the laptop dry. Leave your laptop overnight or for a couple of hours without switching position or using it.

5. Check If the Laptop Is Working

After leaving it overnight or a couple of hours and the coffee is drained, you can switch on your laptop to see if it’s functioning. If your laptop’s normal functioning has been restored, then you can go ahead and resume using the laptop as usual. It’s recommended you take your laptop to a professional for a check to see if everything is in good condition, as the laptop might develop issues after a while.

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What Should You Do If Laptop Refused to Turn On After Coffee Spilled On It

After leaving the laptop upside down on a towel overnight and you realize it’s not turning on, taking the laptop to a laptop hardware professional is the best option. If you have a laptop expert who does your routine laptop maintenance, take it to them immediately. Your laptop expert will take the laptop apart to identify the issue.

Tip: Do not allow people who are not laptop hardware experts to take your laptop apart. The laptop is already delicate because coffee is Spilled on it. It is only a laptop hardware expert who can be trusted to do a good job on such a laptop.

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Tips To Minimize Laptop Accidents

The best way the solve laptop accidents is to prevent them or make their occurrence as minimal as possible. There are a few tips you may apply to achieve this:

  • Do not take liquids anywhere near your laptop. If you need a coffee break while working on your laptop, push your laptop far away, to avoid spilling on it.
  • Avoid eating near your laptop. Do not snack on your laptop, even dry food particles are not good for the laptop
  • Do not place your laptop idly on the couch or bed to avoid sitting on it
  • When carrying your laptop, do so with both hands to avoid dropping it
  • If possible, avoid placing anything on a closed laptop.


Laptop Accidents are a day-to-day encounter for many laptop owners. In case you spilled coffee on your laptop, do not panic, it is solvable and your laptop can be restored to normal functioning. The steps you take immediately after coffee spills on your laptop could save your laptop’s life.

Even after your laptop turns on and is working normally after coffee spills on it, remember to take it for a check-up by a  laptop hardware expert to identify any underlying damages that could lead to laptop damage in the future.


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