Do You Need a Laptop In College? (Reasons Why You Need One!)

Do You Need a Laptop In College?

Today, you cannot do college without a laptop. It is an important tool to have for studying. Most college students own a personal laptop and think that it is essential for everyone in college. Surviving without a laptop in college can be hard because you either have to go to the computer lab, library or borrow from friends whenever you have tasks that require a laptop.

So yes, you do need a laptop in college. For a college student, you need a laptop for a variety of reasons. You can use your laptop to take notes in class, read, and research, and for projects. During your free time, you can use your laptop to connect to Netflix, HBO max, or YouTube to watch your favorite shows.

Here are the best laptops for each course:

Why Do You Need a Laptop In College?

There are numerous reasons why you need a laptop in college. But let us narrow down to the main reasons.

Taking Notes

Although most of the times notes are availed in soft copies after lectures, taking notes during class is important. With a laptop, you can use MS Word to type important notes during class time. You can also use MS PowerPoint point to create slides for short notes. Instead of carrying notebooks and pens, a laptop does the job better.


Once you take notes during class, you can easily access them on your laptop and read them anytime. In addition, the notes sent through email are accessible on the laptop. Instead of going through a pile of handwritten notes that might not be accurate, reading on your laptop is more pleasant.

Handling Assignments

You need reliable access to assignments. In most cases, you access assignments through emails. A laptop is reliable in helping you access assignments and tackles them. Having your laptop will ensure you handle your assignment pressure-free anytime. You also get to research more effectively with a laptop.


Colleges have free WiFi all over the campus. You need reliable means to access the internet. A laptop connects effectively to the internet, allowing you to research assignments and school projects.

With a proper internet connection, you can attend online classes smoothly. You can also hold group discussions without having to meet physically. You only need to install facetime apps to do this.

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Research And Presentations

Often in college, you are required to research a certain topic and make a presentation either in class or before a panel. A laptop is the best tool you can have for such events. A laptop has the best writing and editing tools. It allows you to prepare your presentation and present it either as a word document, pdf, PowerPoint presentation, or spreadsheet.

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What Else Can I Do With A Laptop In College?

Apart from studying, you are probably wondering why you would need a laptop in college. Well, as a college student, you can use your laptop for gaming during your free time. A gaming laptop can perform school tasks easily. However, not all laptops have gaming capabilities. If you want to game, you need a more powerful laptop.

If you like watching movies, you can watch them in the comfort of your room with a laptop. A basic laptop can store as many movies as you can watch. You can also watch all your favorite videos and tutorials on YouTube.

What If I am On a Budget?

For a college laptop, you have a variety of choices. Affordable choices are available in the market. There is the alternative of getting a refurbished laptop that works like a brand new laptop. Even on a budget, if you search thoroughly, you will get a great laptop for a small budget.

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What Do You Require From A Laptop For College?

Since you are aware that you need a laptop for college, you should also be aware of what you need from the laptop. This is by knowing the features that a laptop for college should have and by prioritizing your needs.

A good college laptop should have a good battery life to ensure that you can use it for hours without charging it. It should have decent RAM so that it can function well without lagging, it should also have a large enough display. The laptop should also be lightweight so that you do not get too tired while carrying it around. A great keyboard and display resolution are also a must-have from a college laptop.


A laptop will make your college life easier. It will save you the struggles of having to go to the library just to research or the pain of borrowing from friends when you need to use a computer. Although there are affordable budgets for college laptops, you need to plan before buying one so that you can get the best deal for your budget.


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