[Solved] How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

There is nothing as frustrating as having trouble switching on your laptop due to a faulty power jack. If you have an urgent project that you need to complete, a faulty power jack could ruin your day, unless you have a backup solution.

If you have experienced this, especially in the middle of an important task, then you feel where I am coming from.

The good news is, you can fix your broken or damaged power jack without soldering. More so, you can easily do it yourself depending on how the jack is connected to the motherboard. If the DC jack is connected with a wire, then it is done deal repairing without soldering. However, if the power jack is soldered to the motherboard, the possibility of repairing it without soldering is impossible.

What Is the Function Of a Power Jack?

A power jack is an important part of a laptop that provides the electric power required to charge your laptop. This enables you to have a steady flow of power.

Therefore, having a broken power jack can be stressful, since it only means that your laptop will be losing power without being recharged. This will render your laptop useless because eventually, it will completely shut down.

How To Fix Your Laptop’s Power Jack Without Soldering

Different problems will require different fixes. Encountering one problem at a time is the only solution you will have for fixing your faulty power jack. However, for a damaged pin or entire power jack, the only solution is replacing it.

Solution For a Power Jack That Breaks Off

When a power jack is loose, then the electric flow is unsteady. This results in sparks or heat, causing harm to your charger pin or motherboard. The solution to this problem is; you will have to replace the power jack completely.

However, you can choose to use glue as a temporary solution. This should be your last option. Only opt for this in case of urgency.

Steps you will require to glue your power jack;

  1. Open the casing of your laptop to view the motherboard.
  2. Locate the power jack that is loose
  3. Connect the power jack to your charging cable to keep it in its correct position.
  4. Using a glue gun, apply the glue carefully and to the bottom and sides of the power jack.
  5. Not until the glue has completely dry, will you let go of the power jack.

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Solution For a Power Jack With a Separate Connector

Follow the following steps;

  1. Check the power jack voltage by unplugging the connector from the motherboard and attaching your adapter to the power jack.
  2. Reconnect the power jack to the motherboard and apply some slight pressure.
  3. Using heat shrinking tubes, carefully attach the power jack as reinforcement.
  4. Complete the process by reassembling your laptop as it was, covering the motherboard.

Common Causes of Power Jack Damage

Understanding the source of any problem helps in finding a solution. Before doing anything, you have to first understand what can damage your laptop’s power jack.

This cause includes;

  • Pulling or dropping of the charger
  • Not soldering the power jack well
  • Parts loosening over time due to excessive usage
  • Lack of proper reinforcement in the motherboard, causing stress to be experienced on the system.

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Types Of Power Jack Damage

Finding a solution for your malfunctioned power jack will require you to identify the actual problem. This will help you to deal with that specific problem without trying a variety of solutions.

Some of these problems include;

  • Having a completely damaged jack
  • Damage to the internal pins
  • Overheating of the jack and at times producing sparks
  • The charger has loose pins
  • Burnt wires connecting the jack and circuit
  • The Dc jack breaks off the laptop

What Are the Signs That You Are Having a Faulty Power Jack?

There are basic things that will alert you that your power jack might be having a problem. These symptoms will be displayed differently for different problems.

Having the following signs will only mean your power jack is faulty:

  • Power flickers, where your laptop keep switching on and off
  • Sudden shutdowns despite connecting to your charger
  • Slow charging or not charging at all of the battery
  • You need to wriggle the charging cable for it to work
  • Sparks produced by the adapter
  • Only at a specific angle will the power jack work

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A faulty power jack can result in serious electricity problems. Having one solution to fix your broken power jack may not apply to all problems, you will require to know the specific problem, to fix it. The above tips and steps will help you out in dealing with these problems individually.


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