How To Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop (Try This FIRST!)

How To Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop

Laptop stickers are accessories that give a laptop personal touch. They are more common today than before. Even new laptops have stickers. Laptop stickers are cool until you have to remove them and they leave an unpleasant residue. The sticky residue starts to attract dirt and becomes ugly. It is hard to maintain a laptop polished and sleek with the sticker residue.

Getting sticker residue off the laptop is possible. It can be done using home products or products from the store. Mastering the art of removing laptop sticker residue is crucial for laptop maintenance. You can scrape off the residue with your nails or use a razor blade then wipe off the fine residue with a cloth. This is one of the many methods of getting sticker residue off laptops.

How To Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop

Getting sticker residue does not have to be a three-hour hassle. Try the following methods for easier sticker residue removal.

1. Using Anti-grease Soap

If you have home anti-grease soap, it can be used to remove sticker residue off the laptop. Anti-grease soap removes stubborn sticky substances on surfaces or dishes. This can apply to sticker residue too. To do this;

  • Soak a piece of clothes in hot water
  • Squeeze the cloth to remove dripping water
  • Apply a substantial amount of anti-grease soap to the clothe
  • Rub off the sticker residue gently but firmly off your laptop

Tip: For anti-grease soap to work effectively on sticker residue removal, it is recommended that you use this method on recently removed sticker residue, rather than sticker residue that has stayed long on the laptop.

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2. Scratching

Many people try scrapping off sticker residue but end up not having the desired results because they might be doing it wrongly. This method requires you to improvise by using a hairdryer on the sticker residue before scratching it with a razor blade or credit card.

You need a dryer or heat gun on the sticker residue to warm it before scratching it out. Warming the sticker residue makes it easier to remove it because it becomes soft. If there’s a fine layer still remaining after scratching, use a piece of cloth to wipe it off.

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3. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is a highly recommend laptop cleaning method. It is not only used for cleaning laptop surfaces such as the keyboard and laptop touchpad but also for the stickiness of laptop surfaces. You can use Isopropyl Alcohol for this case.

How To Get Sticker Residue Off a Laptop With Rubbing Alcohol

  • Shut down your laptop and unplug all external devices
  • Soak a piece of cloth with isopropyl and place it on the sticker residue
  • After a few minutes, rub off the residue with the soaked cloth until it’s clear

In case you do not get the sticker residue completely off with the first attempt, repeat the above steps several times. Rubbing alcohol not only removes dirt and residue from the laptop but also disinfects the laptop surface, protecting you from harmful germs.

4. Using Oil

Oil is good at removing stubborn sticky substances. It can be used to remove sticker residue from the laptop. Apply a good amount of oil, which could be vegetable oil or body oil to the sticker residue, and leave it for a while to soak in. Use a cloth to rub off the residue.

Other Home Products To Remove sticker residue off Laptop

There are other homemade residue removers. For instance, you can make a sticker residue remover from vinegar, water, and baking soda to get a paste. If you like DIY projects, try making this paste if you have tried the other methods but still have sticker residue. Peanut butter has also worked in the removal of glue or sticky substances on surfaces.

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How To Remove Laptop Sticker Without Leaving Residue

1. Use Oil

Spread a good amount of oil on the laptop sticker and allow it a few minutes. Remove the sticker slowly from one end.

2. Use Heat

Using your drier or heat gun, apply heat for a few seconds on the sticker then remove it. Be cautious about the amount of heat you apply because too much heat could damage the laptop.

3. Use Solvent

Solvents like vinegar or water loosen the sticker to make it easier to remove. When using a solvent to remove the sticker, take caution not to spill the solvent on the laptop.


Sticker Residue on the laptop takes away neatness and elegance from the laptop surface. It is easier to remove sticker residue when fresh than it is when the residue has stayed a while. However using oils, isopropyl/ alcohol-based products, anti-grease soap, peanut butter, and homemade solvents are effective methods of removing even overstayed sticker Residue from the laptops


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