How to Remove Pressure Marks On LCD Screens

how to remove pressure marks on LCD screens

The most annoying thing about laptop damage is having a problem with its screen.

This is even more unbearable if the problem is visible. May it be a crack, spots, or even lines, all these are quite irritating.

Getting rid of these problems will not fail to cross your mind. Find out how to remove pressure marks on LCD screens as explained in this article.

How to Remove Pressure Marks on LCD Screens

Pressure marks, despite how nasty they can be, unfortunately, have no specific fixing techniques. You might be lucky if you manage to remove the damage without interfering with your laptop’s part.

Although chances are slim. The only option is trying, by every means possible, to prevent this damage from occurring.

Suppose they occur; you will have to consider replacing the screen. This definitely will be costly.

What Is an LCD Screen And How Are They Damaged

Liquid crystal display is a technology used in making many electronics’ screens. Mostly found on monitors, TV screens, and even phone screens, the technology creates images by illuminating light through multiple liquid crystals.

Pressure application is the major cause of damage to these screens. This is because these screens are very sensitive. The liquid crystal, in the LCD screen, is fixed between two glass sheets.

Application of too much pressure results in destroying their physical composition causing pressure marks and other related problems.

Common Problems With LCD Screens And Their Possible Solutions

After purchasing a good LCD screen, usually, you feel so contented; not knowing with time some problems may arise. The most common issues experienced are:


When you turn on the monitor, you may realize sudden flashes are appearing. On most occasions, the major reason for this to happen is having a loose video cable.

Tightening the cable will resolve this problem perfectly. Make sure you’re not using a cable that is faulty. Suppose the cable is damaged, buy a new one to replace it.

Vertical lines

Most LCD screens display vertical lines after some time of service. This can be a result of a hardware problem or display settings.

Ensure, before taking any other action, that your display driver is updated and set. If so, proceed to check if the screen is the problem.

Apply some pressure on the screen, if the lines change, then it will only mean the screen is damaged. For this case just get another replacement.

Dead pixels

This is a black spot that appears on your screen. They are often permanent. This occurs when that part of the screen is not illuminated.

The mark does not damage your screen, although it can be frustrating seeing it there. There is software to solve this. They work by forcing the area with the dead pixel to experience a rapid change of colors.

Repeating this process severally will solve the issue.

 Pressure marks

This is a layer of a crushed crystal, found between two glasses that makes the screen. They form due to physical pressure exerted on the screen. The pressure forces the crystal to lose its solid properties.

Therefore, it makes the computer not manipulate the crystals to filter the backlight. This at times even pushes the crystals out of their fixed position. They either tend to rotate or get twisted.

This problem is visible on the screen by making the image blur or having the wrong colors. It resembles a water drop that has fallen on wet paint.

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Ways of Preventing Pressure Marks

If you can prevent it, then it is better than going through the hustle of fixing it. Pressure marks occur due to physical pressure.

To prevent it, you will require less pressing of the screen. Avoid unnecessary holding of the screen, not unless it’s a touch screen that is designed to withstand pressure.

This should also apply when you are wiping the screen. Ensure you do it lightly and gently. While traveling, ensure your laptop is closed properly without having any object that will exert pressure between the keyboard and screen.

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How Will You Remove Pressure Marks On LCD Screens?

Some resources online give possible ways of fixing pressure marks using techniques like flashing the screen many times.

Well, the possibility of this working is questionable. It will only fix the electrical fault part and not the physical damage.

Pressure marks are a result of physical force causing physical damage. Therefore it will require physical fixing attention.

Physically fixing the screen also is not a 100 percent guarantee of solving the problem. It may even result in worse damages since it will require opening the laptop parts.

It is better to replace the screen rather than attempt to fix it.


If your laptop has a pressure mark on the screen, you will have to decide whether visual annoyance over-weighs replacement cost.

If the spot does not obstruct you from working well, then you can ignore it. It will help you save on the cost of getting a new laptop after an unsuccessful attempt to repair the problem.

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