How To Turn On Bluetooth On HP Laptop (Try This First!)

Bluetooth is a tech invention that has made it easy to transfer data from one device to another over short distances. It does not require an internet connection to work, which makes it convenient to use even when there’s poor or no internet. If you recently bought a Hp laptop, it might be tricky for you to turn on Bluetooth for file transfer.

Turning on Bluetooth on a Hp laptop is easy. You only need to click on the search icon, then type Bluetooth. Once you see the Bluetooth and other devices option, click on it. Your laptop should display Bluetooth settings. Click ON to turn on Bluetooth. From there, select the device you would like to connect to and click done once you connect to the device.

Do All Hp Laptops Have Bluetooth?

Although the newer Hp laptops have Bluetooth, some of the older models do not have it. If a laptop has Bluetooth, it is usually visible on the bottom of the screen. Check out some of the newest Hp laptops with Bluetooth:

·         2022 Newest HP Notebook Laptop (B09TTR88BP)

·         2022 Newest HP 17z Laptop (B09VJN8MGG)

·         HP 15.6in Laptop (Intel Pentium Quad-Core N5000 (B08CQCSM7F)

Does Bluetooth Drain Laptop Battery?

Bluetooth is engaging for the Hp laptop and takes from it. So yes, Bluetooth your battery has less power when you turn on Bluetooth, just like when the Wi-Fi is on. However, having Bluetooth on should not drain the battery significantly or completely deplete it.

If you have noticed that your battery depletes soon after you turn on the Bluetooth, this could be a sign of underlying laptop battery issues. Battery issues that lead to fast-draining include:

·         Laptop overheating

·         The battery is too old

·         Faulty or unreliable laptop hardware

·         Improper battery charging

·         Malware issues

·         Laptop model

How Can I Pair My Laptop To Another Bluetooth Device?

If you have a device that you frequently use, it is good to pair it with your laptop’s Bluetooth for convenience. Pairing Bluetooth devices is possible with the following few steps:

·         On your laptop’s start button, click on settings

·         Click on devices, then Bluetooth and other devices

·         A pop-up window appears after to give you options for devices you can connect to

·         Select the device you desire to pair to and click done

When you pair Bluetooth devices, you should have an easier time connecting when Bluetooth is on for both devices. Sometimes, pairing your laptop to a device such as a speaker or a phone means that you will have an automatic connection when both devices have their Bluetooth on.

How To Update Bluetooth Driver

If your windows turn on Bluetooth is missing, updating the drivers helps fix the issue. Updating Bluetooth drivers for windows 10 can be done with the following steps:

·         Right-click on the start menu

·         Click on device manager

·         Click on the Bluetooth arrow to expand

·         Whenever you see yellow marks, it means you need to install the drivers properly

·         Right-click for drivers update

You can also update the Bluetooth driver through fresh installation. This means that you have to uninstall the Bluetooth driver first, then shut down your computer. When you switch on your laptop, the driver will automatically be installed.

Is It Safe To Share Sensitive Data Via Bluetooth?

Every wireless connection has security loopholes and Bluetooth is no exception. While it is okay to share data and files via Bluetooth, if the information you want to share is sensitive, be careful while using Bluetooth. Known Bluetooth hacking and attacks such as the blue-born attack have evidence that your Bluetooth can be hacked without the hacker pairing to your device. If you need to share top-secret information, Bluetooth does not guarantee 100% safety.

Tips To Stay Safe When Using Bluetooth

Evidence of safety risks when using Bluetooth does not mean that it is not a reliable, convenient, fast, and safe means of sharing data. There are additional things you can do to enhance safety of data shared via Bluetooth; including:

·         Install security features and updates on your device

·         Turning off Bluetooth when not in use

·         Stop connecting with strangers on Bluetooth

·         Unpairing devices after file transfer

·         Avoid pairing in public

·         Hide your Bluetooth discoverability

Tips to Solve Common Bluetooth Connection issues

The most common Bluetooth issue is the failure to pair or connect with other devices. Tips to help solve this issue.

·         Restarting the laptop or the device you need to connect with.

·         Ensuring that the airplane mode is off

·         Removing barriers between your computer and the device

·         Moving you’re the two devices close to each other

·         Bluetooth driver update


Turning on Bluetooth on a Hp laptop is just a few clicks easy. Bluetooth is a reliable wireless connection that allows convenience in sharing files. While there are security concerns with whether to share sensitive data via Bluetooth, its reliability cannot be assumed. If you experience any Bluetooth issues, updating your Bluetooth driver might be the solution.


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