Netgear r7000 VS Asus rt ac68u Review: Which is Better?

Netgear r7000 VS Asus rt ac68u

The quality of wireless internet in a home, office, or business is highly determined by the router you invest in. Before deciding on the exact router you want, research is needed.

Many established router brands deliver high-quality hardware for routers. Asus and Netgear have done an awesome job in delivering excellent routers for different purposes.

Netgear has amazing routers for multi-story buildings, gaming, and all other purposes that one might have for a router. Asus also has amazing routers, especially for gaming.

If you want to buy a new router or replace an old router and are considering either of these bands, we have a detailed comparison for you, to make it easier to decide.

Netgear r7000 VS Asus rt ac68u- Features


The internet speed of a router is essential for internet devices to perform effectively. Netgear R7000 has dual bandwidth. It has speeds of 600Mbps for the 2.4GHz and 1300Mbps for the 5GHz bandwidth. Netgear R7000 delivers speeds of 1900Mbps in total.

Asus RT AC68U is also a dual band wifi router with total wifi speeds of 1900Mbps. It is similar to Netgear R7000 in terms of speed.


Both routers are similar in speed and bandwidth. They deliver reliable speeds of 1900Mbps.


Router coverage in square feet is essential. You need a router that will cover your whole space without leaving dead zones.

Netgear R7000 covers 1800 square feet with reliable internet speeds. It has three high antennas that boost the wifi coverage. Asus RT AC68U on the other hand delivers wifi coverage of up to 3000 square feet.


Asus RT AC68U is twice as good as Netgear R7000 in coverage. If you are looking for extensive coverage like 2500 square feet, Asus RT AC68U is a better option.


Different routers have diverse capacities of how many devices can connect to wifi at a go. A good router should accommodate many wifi devices. Both Asus RT AC68U and Netgear R7000 connect to over 25 devices at a go. The Netgear R7000 connects to 30 devices simultaneously.


Both routers are reliable for connecting multiple wifi devices to fast internet. The best between the two depends on why you want the router. For instance, Asus RT AC68U is better as a gaming router than Netgear R7000.

Technology Features

Technology features are what make a router stand out among other brands. The technology in a router boosts its performance and enables it to meet the changing demands. Some of the tech features to look out for in a router include:

  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Beamforming+
  • Amplified antennas
  • Smart Connect
  • Alexa voice control
  • Router app

Asus RT AC68U features adaptive QoS, amplified antennas, and an Asus router app for setup. Netgear R700 on the other hand has beamforming+, amplified antennas, dynamic QoS, Alexa voice control, and Smart control.

A notable miss in technology featured by both routers is the absence of MU-MIMO (multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output technology). This could be because both routers were made before the introduction of MU-MIMO.


Both Netgear R7000 and Asus RT AC68U have similarities in the technology featured. Netgear R700 is the better option if you are looking for more advanced technology for your router.

Security Features

Security for your network and internet devices should not be compromised. A router should meet the security needs of your household or business.

The Netgear R7000 supports WPA2 security protocols. It includes VPN, guest wifi access, and a firewall, among others. Netgear R7000 also has an additional security feature; the Netgear armor which comes with a free trial for a month. Asus RT AC68U supports advanced WPA/WPA2 encryption. Both routers come with parental control features to secure kids’ access to the internet.


While both Netgear R7000 and Asus RT AC68U can support security encryptions, the Netgear R7000 has an additional feature, Netgear armor that protects your network from software attacks. In security features, Netgear R7000 is better.


The best router is one that does not take hours to set up. Both Netgear R7000 and Asus RT AC68U are similar in the amount of time they take to set up. Both routers take a few minutes to set in place.

USB Ports and Ethernet

To create cloud storage and enable the transfer of data, a router needs USB ports. The Ethernet port is critical to delivering stable internet to wired devices.

Netgear R7000 has the following ports:

  • 1 USB 2.0 port
  • 1 USB 3.0 port
  • 5 Ethernet ports

Asus RT AC68U ports include:

  • 1 USB 2.0
  • 1 USB 3.0
  • 5 Ethernet ports


Both routers have an equal number of ports and have equal capacity for connection.

Netgear R7000 VS Asus RT AC68U For Gaming, Programming, and Video Editing

Gaming demands high internet speed and internet stability. Netgear R7000 and Asus RT AC68U dual-band wifi routers have similar internet speeds. This means that both routers deliver excellent speed for gaming, programming, and any other internet tasks.

Asus RT AC68U is however a great router for gaming because it is designed mainly for gaming purposes. Choosing between the two routers for programming or editing mainly falls on the size of your space and budget.

Netgear R7000 is more expensive than the Asus RT AC68U. Note that we mentioned that Netgear R7000 covers 1800 square feet while Asus RT AC68U covers 3000 square feet, making Asus a winner if you need to cover more distance.

While it is important to consider the distance covered by your router, note that it should not be the sole determinant of your choice. The distance can be boosted by a good wifi extender.


When comparing between Netgear R7000 vs. Asus RT AC68U, you need to carefully analyze the features of each router to make the best choice. Although Netgear R7000 and Asus RT AC68U have similarities such as bandwidth, speed, and security features, there are notable differences in coverage and prices. If you have a smaller budget, the Asus RT AC68U is a great choice for you.


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