Router Won’t Turn On (Try this FIX First!)

Router Won't Turn On

Stable internet has become a home/office essential. We rely on the internet connection for work and leisure. You need the internet to get things done at home and in the office or business. Video conferencing, interviews, emails, research, presentations, and other work-related activities require the internet.

The wireless internet connection is mostly preferred because of its convenience. One can connect to multiple devices using a wireless connection. With a router or modem, you can work from home as others enjoy gaming in the family room.

Wireless connection via router is very reliable; until it gets distorted. When the connection is distorted, for example, if the router won’t turn on, one cannot access the internet. This leads to the discontinuation of work or entertainment. Well, nobody wants to leave a movie halfway or fail to send an important email.

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Router Won’t Turn On

If you have been trying to turn on your router and haven’t succeeded, there must be a cause for this. Sometimes, a power disconnect can be the reason why your router won’t turn on, while other times, you might have a damaged socket.

Reasons Why Router Won’t Turn On

Power Disconnect

When a router is disconnected from its power supply, then it won’t turn on. For a router to turn on, it needs a connection to a power supply. The power cable sometimes gets loose or disconnects from the router.

Faulty Power Supply

Sometimes, electric connections in the house or office become faulty without our knowledge. This is especially if the initial power installation was not well done. In some cases, when electric connection maintenance has not been done for long, there might be some issues. If the socket that supplies power to your router is faulty, your router refuses to turn on.

What To Do When Router Won’t Turn On

There are solutions you can apply when the router won’t turn on. Try this:

Connect the Router To Another Socket

Change the power supply for your router. Check whether your extension is functioning, and change it if it’s faulty. If your router is directly connected to the socket, plug it into another socket to see whether it turns on.

Ensure the Router Is Correctly Plugged In

Check whether the router is correctly plugged in. If the power code is loose, tighten the connection in the router or in the socket.


If your power supply is okay, and the router is correctly plugged in but the router won’t turn on, then rebooting might solve it. To reboot your router:

  •   Press the off button on the router
  •   Disconnect the power cables
  •   Wait three minutes before connecting it back
  •   Turn on the router

Call Your Internet Service Provider

If you have tried the solutions above and your router won’t turn on, maybe there is a hardware damage. Your internet service provider should guide you on what to do about it. Call them and get information on the next steps you should take.

When To Replace the Router

Routers do not last forever, there are times when the best solution to router or internet issues is to get a replacement. You should consider getting a replacement when:

The Internet Speed Is Slow

If your internet speed is slow and you have tried solving it with no progress, the route might have issues. Getting an upgrade is a good idea in this case.

Router Won’t Turn On

Some internet service providers recommend changing the router when it has a hardware malfunction. If you have tried all means to get the router to turn on, then a replacement should do.

An Upgrade Is Needed

Perhaps you bought your router years ago and it cannot handle the internet demands anymore. Upgrading the router is necessary if you want to keep up with modern internet speed. Old routers also lag sometimes and cause internet connection instability.

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Why Is My Internet Slow?

Slow internet happens to many internet users. There are many causes for slow internet including

  • The Wi-Fi signal is blocked
  •  Using a slow device e.g. a slow laptop or smartphone
  •  The Wi-Fi is crowded
  •  Your internet plan is not great
  •  Your internet service provider
  •  Old wires for wired internet connection
  •  Old modem or router for wireless internet connection

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How Can I Make My Internet Faster?

If you want to work and enjoy gaming or movie streaming, your internet must be fast. To get faster internet, consider changing the internet plan. You can also try and place your router in a good position where it meets no obstacles.

Thirdly, get the best internet service provider in your area. Also, try upgrading the devices used for the internet. Lastly, if the router or LAN cable is outdated or worn out, getting a replacement is a good idea.


The router refusing to turn on is a solvable issue. Sometimes, it is the power connection that is at fault. Ensuring that the router is correctly connected alone can solve this issue. In some cases, however, the router might have hardware issues that may require you to get a replacement. Your internet service provider should help with router issues by offering practical advice and solutions.


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