Using Laptop As Monitor For PS4 (PROVEN Hack for Gamers!)

Using Laptop As Monitor For ps4

Playing video games is a cherished activity and counts as a fun thing to do. While Sony has launched ps5, ps4 is still fun and great to play. Often, gamers use TV during gaming. The Tv screen has a great resolution and is large. Sometimes, there might occur a situation where you cannot use the TV.

Although a laptop might not be as fun and luxurious as the TV when using ps4, it serves as a good quality display for the game when TV is not available. Nowadays, there are high-quality laptops that can be used for gaming. With the right accessories such as HDMI and video capture card, using laptop as monitor for ps4 is possible.

Requirements For Using Laptop As Monitor For ps4

For you to successfully use your laptop as monitor for ps4, there is a list of things required. These includes:

How To Connect Laptop And Ps4 Through Video Capture Card

A video capture card is used to see content from a console on another device. It can record console games.

Step 1

Plugin the video capture via the USB port then install the program

Step 2

Connect the video capture card to the console through an S-video connection cable

Step 3

Connect HDMI out to Ps4 and HDMI into the video capture card

Step 4

Turn on your PS4 and run the video capture software on your laptop

Step 5

Your PS4 console will display on your laptop for you to enjoy playing.

How To Tell If Your Laptop Has HDMI Input Or Output

In many cases, laptops have HDMI output, which means they can send the video signal to other devices. HDMI input is to allow your laptop to receive a video signal from external devices. You can tell from your laptop specifications if it has HDMI input or output.

Tip: If your laptop has HDMI input, you can connect directly to your PS4 console and play video games from it.

How To Use Remote Play To Connect Laptop and PS4

Remote play is a streaming device offered by sony that allows PC users to use PS4 on the PC monitor. This also applies to laptops. For this to work, you need a PS4 console, PS4 account, USB cable, reliable internet, and a laptop.

Step 1: download the recent remote play app version

Ensure that the app version you download is compatible with the Windows version your laptop is using or the Mac operating system.

Step 2: go to console settings

You need to switch on the PS to get to the settings. Allow a remote play connection by allowing remote play connection settings.

Step 3: adjust fps and screen resolution

Even on the laptop, you should enjoy the best resolution for PS4. Use settings to get the best working resolution on your laptop.

Step 4: Connect the PS4 controller to the laptop

You can use a USB port for this connection. For a wireless connection, hold the PlayStation and share button simultaneously. Once the LED light is on, pair the PS4 controller to your laptop using a USB controller.

Step 5: access your PS account to play

Open your remote play app on the laptop and log in with the PS account details.

The use of remote play to connect PS4 to a laptop is one of the most convenient ways of using laptop as monitor for PS4.

Do Laptops Overheat When Playing Video Games?

Video games are powerful and demand much from the laptop’s hardware. This may cause the laptop to overheat when one is playing video games. Although other issues in a laptop might cause it to overheat, video games contribute to overheating. Here is why your laptop is overheating when gaming:

  • Faulty fans. If your fans have an issue, then your laptop is bound to overheat. A sign that your fans are faulty is if they make a loud noise.
  • Outdated drivers also cause overheating problems
  • Too many programs running in the background when gaming can cause overheating.
  • Clogged laptop air intake
  • Gaming on soft surfaces with your laptop
  • Using a laptop that cannot sustain the kind of games you are running

Overheating during gaming can cause serious hardware failure for your laptop. If you notice that your laptop overheats during gaming, it is good to get it checked out by a professional.

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Using laptop as monitor for ps4 is a good way to enjoy gaming when your TV is not available. You do not need a lot to make this happen. You can use a video capture card to connect ps4 to your laptop or remote play.

When gaming, a laptop can overheat. Overheating is caused by various laptop issues that could be hardware or software. Before using your laptop for gaming, check whether the fans or cooling system is working properly. 


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