Why Does My Hp Laptop Keep Disconnecting From Wifi?

Why Does My Hp Laptop Keep Disconnecting From Wifi

In the current age, you need a stable internet connection to get nearly everything done. Whether you need to order fast food, pay bills, get to a Zoom meeting, or complete your MBA project, you need a good internet.

If your HP laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi, it can be impossible to progress with your work, which can be utterly frustrating. The worst thing about wifi disconnection is its unpredictability.

If you are frustrated by constant WiFi disconnection, there are several ways to troubleshoot this problem. Read on to know why your HP laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi and how to fix it. 

Why Does My Hp Laptop Keep Disconnecting From Wifi?

If your HP laptop keeps disconnecting for Wifi, here are some of the reasons why: 

Outdated Drivers 

The Wifi drivers on your laptop need to be updated on time. If the drivers are outdated, the wifi connection keeps getting worse. 

Laptop On Airplane Mode

Sometimes, laptop users turn on airplane mode unaware.When the laptop is on airplane mode, it cannot connect to wifi. 

Power Settings 

If your HP laptop is on power saving mode, it interferes with wifi connection. The laptop switches on and off wifi connection to preserve the battery. 

Router Issues 

Routers sometimes have connection issues. Sometimes the router might keep shutting down. When the router has issues, it distorts the laptop’s wifi connection. Another router issue that messes up laptop wifi connection is wrong router positioning. 

How to Fix: HP Laptop Disconnecting from WiFi Frequently

Check the Router

Your router could be the reason why the HP laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi. Check whether your router is properly connected and switched on. Ensure that the router is placed strategically and the antennas are well positioned.

Your router should not be far from your laptop. Keeping the router far from your laptop creates wifi inconsistency and hinders a strong wifi connection.

Update Your Wifi Drivers

Outdated wifi drivers cause wifi connection issues for the laptop. Perform a wifi driver update automatically through driver easy or manually by accessing the device manager.

Restart Your Laptop

Restarting your HP laptop can solve the wifi issues. To restart your HP laptop, click restart on the power option.

Move Your Router

Router performance is affected by position. If your router positioning is wrong, the wifi connection for your laptop could be affected. 

  • Use these tips when positioning your router:
  • Do not position your router near the microwave, baby monitor, radio, or anything that emits a wave
  • Avoid positioning the router where there are wall hindrances.
  • The router should not be far from your laptop
  • Place the router away from high objects like the cabinets

Change the HP Laptop Power Settings

To change the power settings mode on your laptop, follow these steps

  • Access settings on your laptop
  • Click on systems the power and sleep
  • Access the sleep settings and then additional power settings
  • On the control panel, click on change plan settings to change the current power settings

Restart the Router

Performing a router restart is a quick solution to wifi issues. This is helpful especially if multiple devices are experiencing wifi connection issues.

Check For Bugs and Laptop Viruses

Virus or computer malware may cause internet connection issues. Scan for viruses and use an antivirus or malware-removal program to get rid of them. You should invest in a reliable antivirus program to protect your laptop from virus attacks.

Update the Router Firmware

Router Firmware needs a regular update. This is to maintain a consistent stable wifi connection for the HP laptop and all other devices.

How to Boost Hp Laptop Wifi Connection

If are experiencing frequent wifi disconnections or weak internet connect, try these tips to boost your wifi connection:

When To Contact the Internet Service Provider

If you have tried all the given tips and your HP laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi, you should contact your service provider. You should contact the service provider when:

  • All other internet devices do not have a wifi connection
  • When the internet speed drops suddenly
  • If you experience internet security issues
  • When you want to upgrade your internet package


Why does my Hp laptop disconnect from the internet when closed?

When you close your laptop, it goes on power saving mode which interferes with the wifi connection.

Does Bluetooth interfere with wifi connection on my laptop?

If your laptop is low on battery, and the HP Bluetooth connection is on, it could turn off the wifi connection to preserve the charge left.

Why Does Wifi Disconnect When Playing Games?

Your router speeds could be the issue in this case. Switch between the bandwidths to improve the connection.


If you have frequent episodes of wifi disconnection on your laptop, the issue might be your power settings. Remember to check whether airplane mode is enabled on your laptop as this prevents the laptop from connecting to wifi.

Outdated wifi drivers on your HP laptop may also cause connection issues. Note that your router could also cause connection issues for your laptop. Restarting the router and updating its firmware boosts your internet connection and enhances consistent internet connection for your HP laptop.


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