When Are Laptops Cheapest (DON’T Miss Out These Deals!))

When are Laptops Cheapest

When is the best time of year to buy a laptop?

Getting a new laptop is a very big investment that needs careful thinking and digging. This is because our needs for laptops vary depending on our needs and profession.

This is why when buying a laptop you will have to consider a number of factors. If you want to save some money you may consider buying it at the time of the year when laptops are cheapest.

For new models, you might have to wait for the time when laptop companies have introduced flashy new laptops in the market.

When Are Laptops Cheapest: 4 Best Laptop-Saving Seasons

Back To School Laptop Offers

August and September are some of the best times to purchase a laptop. Many laptop stores lower their prices for back-to-school shopping.

You can also jump in to these deals even if you are not a student. You can also check the prices in your local newspaper on Sundays. If you find a great deal be quick to buy it from the store.

Many of these sales are limited in stock and it will always be first come first serve. Tax-free shopping holiday is another factor that may make back-to-school holidays the best time to purchase a laptop.

A number of states have incorporated a tax-free holiday especially before back to school. You don’t have to be a student or a parent to qualify for the offers.

Here are some back to school offers:

Black Friday

If you missed the back-to-school offers, you don’t have to wait for a year till the next year you can always get the best prices during black Friday.

Between Black Friday and Christmas, laptops are usually sold at relatively cheaper prices. Another secret is getting in to the stores early to avoid fighting the large crowds that will be there to shop. Always keep your eyes on sales advertisements before they are made public.

New Laptop Releases

You can also get the best prices around the time a new or an upgrade model is released. To get good deals you will have to forget about buying older models and get the new ones.

The laptop companies do this in order to popularize the new brands. Check out the manufacturer’s websites to be aware of when new models are being released.

Spring Cleaning Period

Laptops are usually quite cheap during this period. April particularly is one of the best times to purchase a laptop.

This is so because many laptop companies have a habit of releasing new products during this period, and they are always in a hurry to clear up the old stock. The 17 inched laptops or larger ones are usually on sale around this time.

The prices of these laptops tend to drop significantly to increase sales so as to clear up the stock. This makes it one of the best times to purchase a laptop. Especially when you don’t mind getting the second latest model.

This is not always the case as some manufacturers may choose not to lower the prices of these laptops. They even go to an extent of removing these older models in retail stores.

If your strategy is to wait for the spring cleaning you may be disappointed to learn that there may be no significant change in prices.

This is because manufacturers may be more focused on marketing the new models instead of the older ones. You can always opt for the new models. This is because the prices will be relatively cheap to increase sales in case it happens.

For example, you may not expect Apple to automatically drop the price of an older Mac just because they have released a new Mac. Therefore I would recommend new products from Apple as opposed to older ones.

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