4 Best Wi-Fi Extender For Ring Camera To Buy In 2024– Overview

best wifi extender for ring camera

A ring camera needs a reliable internet connection. If you have been struggling with an internet connection for your ring camera, a Wi-Fi extender can help.

The best Wi-Fi extender for ring camera enhances Wi-Fi coverage all over your space. You can also get the best internet connection when roaming. A Wi-Fi extender for the ring camera ensures improvement of internet connection in other compatible devices.

While Wi-Fi extenders are mostly used for wireless connections, we have listed the best Wi-Fi extender for ring camera that improves Wi-Fi coverage for both wireless and wired connections.

Top picks for best Wi-Fi extender for ring camera

TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Extender – best budget

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX6150 – most popular

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX7500 – best value

Best Wi-Fi Extender For Ring Camera

TP-Link AX1500 WiFi Extender

TP-Link AX1500 Wi-Fi Extender has high antennas to distribute Wi-Fi all over your space and eliminate dead spots. It is perfect for speed gaming, movie streaming, and browsing. The Wi-Fi extender is a dual-band that has a speed of 1201Mbps on 5 GHz and 300Mbps on 2.4 GHz.

With this extender, you not only get to eliminate poor internet performances but also get to connect more devices. This device is compatible with all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, so you do not have to worry about incompatibility. It is great for laptops, smartphones, routers, and any other device.

This extender is easy to set up, just follow a few steps guided by the TP-Link Tether app. It has an intelligent signal indicator to get the best location for seamless roaming. If you have a wired connection you need to boost, this extender has an Ethernet port.


  • High antennas for excellent Wi-Fi distribution
  • It has an Ethernet port
  • Compatible with all Wi-Fi devices
  • It is great for roaming


  • Customer support is not reliable

TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Extender

If you are on a small budget, TP-Link N300 is the best Wi-Fi extender for a ring camera. With this extender, you can boost your internet connection by up to 800 square feet. This device is a single band that delivers a speed of 300 Mbps for 2.4 GHz.

It is compatible with any router or Wi-Fi device, this includes camera rings, smartphones, and laptops.  It eliminates Wi-Fi dead spots and distributes internet connection within your space.

With the help of its smart indicator, setting up this Wi-Fi extender is two taps away. You can place the device at an optimum location for the best internet boost. It has an Ethernet port to meet your wire connection needs.


  • It is a budget Wi-Fi extender
  • It is compatible with all Wi-Fi devices
  • Installation is easy


  •  Not compatible with routers or gateways with alterations

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX6150

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX6150 can connect up to 20 devices and extends Wi-Fi coverage by 1200 square feet. It connects to all Wi-Fi devices including laptops, smartphones, speakers, ring cameras, and more.

This extender allows you the freedom to move around your space without getting disconnected. If you have a router, this extender can be used to boost internet coverage for any router.

Enjoy HD streaming and gaming with a speed of 1200Mbps with this Wi-Fi extender. If you are concerned about security, this extender supports WEP and WPA/WPA2 security protocols to ensure safety during usage.


  • It connects to many devices
  • It supports security protocols
  • Allows roaming freedom


  • It is expensive

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX7500

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Mesh Range Extender EX7500 adds coverage with up to 2300 square feet. It connects up to 45 devices, including laptops, ring cameras, smartphones, tablets, speakers, and others. This extender is a tri-band with a speed of up to 2200Mbps.

If you are a parent, the extender has parental control features for you to limit internet coverage for the kids. Gaming is better with this extender as it is built for heavy-duty streaming. It delivers a great experience on your gaming laptop or smart TV.

Maybe you have a router or are planning to buy one, this extender is compatible with all routers. To your advantage, the extender takes a maximum of five minutes to set up. It also supports security protocols with WEP and WPA/WPA2.


  • It connects with up to 45 devices
  • Supports a speed of up 2200Mbps
  • It has a wide coverage
  • It has parental control features


  • It is pricey

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best wifi extender for ring camera

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Wi-Fi Extender For Ring Camera


The Wi-Fi extender coverage should be sufficient for you. It should cover your whole space in terms of square feet. The further it can cover, the better. There are Wi-Fi extenders with great coverage of over 3000 square feet.

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The best Wi-Fi extender for ring camera should connect to all Wi-Fi devices. Wi-Fi extenders which can connect to more than 20 devices are great. If you have a router, check whether the extender is compatible with it before buying.


It is good if the Wi-Fi extender has an Ethernet port. This is an added advantage as you can use it for your laptop or other wired connections.

Smart Features

The Wi-Fi extender with smart Features such as a signal indicator is a better choice. If you have kids, consider buying the extender with parental control features. Also, check if the extender supports security protocols.

Setting Up

Check the procedure for installation. It is best to buy the extender with the least complications during installation. Check whether the installation instructions are clear and practical to follow to avoid frustration when installing.


Can any Wi-Fi extender work for my ring camera?

Any Wi-Fi extender can work for your ring camera as long as it has the needed coverage in terms of square feet and it meets your needs.

How much should I spend on a Wi-Fi extender?

Your budget should determine how much you spend. If you are on an unlimited budget, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a Wi-Fi extender to get the best features.


Buying a Wi-Fi extender for the ring camera improves its functionality. An added advantage to this is that you get better internet coverage for all other Wi-Fi devices in your space. We have listed the best Wi-Fi extender for ring camera which can connect to both wired and wireless internet devices. These extenders also allow you the freedom to roam without losing an internet connection on your smartphone or laptop.


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