Does Starlink Have Data Caps?

Does Starlink Have Data Caps?

Limited bandwidth is not something users want since it affects their overall internet experience. While you will likely think of mobile data plans when it comes to data caps, this concept also exists in home internet plans. The question is, does Starlink have data caps?

Knowing if your internet package has a data cap is essential, especially if you want to limit your monthly internet bill. Monitoring your usage helps you avoid exceeding the data cap hence avoiding extra charges.

This post explains what data caps are and if Starlink has data caps.

Does Starlink Have Data Caps? (Quick Answer)

Starlink internet doesn’t have data caps on its service levels, but the company reserves the right to change this policy at anytime. For this reason, starting in December 2022, Starlink will begin throttling your home internet if you use over 1TB of your Priority Access Data monthly during peak periods. The change is part of Canada and the United States’ new Fair Use Policy.

What Do Data Caps Mean?

Each Internet Service Provider (ISPs) defines what data caps mean to them and typically defines it in the service agreement customers sign to activate their service. However, a data cap or limit generally refers to how much bandwidth you can consume before performance throttling sets in. ISPs set their limits, with 1TB being the most common in a majority of terrestrial broadband services.

Some satellite ISPs have more limiting data limits. For instance, depending on location and plan, Viasat and HughesNet satellite internet impose data caps from 10 GB to 150 GB.

While 1TB is sufficient for streaming and downloading for most customers, the more limiting data limits are a significant concern to customers. Data caps keep users from hogging the bandwidth.

What Does Data Throttling Mean?

Data throttling refers to the technique ISPs utilize to limit customers’ internet speeds in some situations. Therefore, in this case, data throttling sets in if you exceed your monthly data cap. Moreover, throttling can be applied if there are too many users in the network. The speeds for low-data priority users are reduced to accommodate other customers.

ISPs without data caps typically use data throttling to manage network performance. Therefore, your network performance in a congested network may suffer even if your package does not have a data limit.

What You Need to Know About Starlink Data Limits

You do not have to worry about how much Starlink data you can currently consume, meaning you can upload, download, and stream to your satisfaction. However, the planned data limits commencing in December may worry you if you are a heavy-duty internet user.

Through the policy, every monthly billing cycle for residential Starlink customers will begin with a “Priority Access” data allocation to track your usage from 7 am to 11 pm. The company will move you to deprioritized data or “Basic Access” data for the remaining days of the billing cycle when the network is heavily congested if you surpass the 1 TB data cap.

Getting additional Priority Access data will cost you 25 cents for every GB. Keep in mind that the data you use from 11 pm to 7 am does not add to the tally of your Priority Access, so consider running updates or downloading huge files during these times. In addition, portability and RV customers cannot have Priority Access, while people using Starlink internet at sea or those with a business package get different brackets.

You can monitor your usage and choose to buy Priority Access data through your Starlink application or your account page. Furthermore, Starlink has detailed Priority Access pricing and data caps for its mobility and business plans in the new policy of Fair Use.

Will You Notice the Starlink Data Caps?

The amount of internet you use monthly will determine if the Starlink data caps will affect you. Customers did not use a lot of data 10 to 15 years ago, and checking emails and internet surfing did not consume too much bandwidth. However, things have since changed as more people use more social media platforms and sign up for streaming services consuming more video content.

Data usage has increased since videos are larger than images or web pages. You will likely not feel Starlink’s 1TB data cap if you do not consume too much data, but you may need to worry about it if you live in a house with multiple users. You may reach the 1TB limit fast if multiple people stream content in your home.

Nonetheless, Starlink data caps are more challenging to hit compared to more restrictive ones from providers like Viasat.

Final Remarks

Starlink data caps will make Starlink internet services a bit more like other Internet Service Providers, but a limit of 1TB is pretty generous compared to other satellite internet services like Viasat. Take your internet usage into consideration since it will come into play regarding data limits.


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