How Can I Boost My Mobile Hotspot Signal?

How Can I Boost My Mobile Hotspot Signal

If you need a “temporary Wifi”, and you don’t have WiFi nearby, you can use mobile hotspot signals to get the internet fast. 

However, mobile hotspots have their flaws such as low signal, abrupt disconnections, and sluggish speeds, every once in a while. 

If you have a bad hotspot experience and you can’t get your signal to normal, read on to get some good tips on how to boost mobile hotspot signal on an android or iPhone.

How Can I Boost My Mobile Hotspot Signal?

You can boost your mobile hotspot signal by restarting the phone, switching to a different network, minimizing signal interference, using a cell phone signal booster, or uninstalling the automatic updates. Also, reduce the number of connected devices to one or up to two devices, to see if device congestion is slowing down the mobile hotspot.  

5 Things That Make Your Mobile Hotspot Slow 

Using a slow phone

If you are using an older version of an android phone or iPhone, the hardware could slow down the mobile hotspot speeds. Older phones struggle with configuring graphics in web pages, making the hotspot slow.

Poor location

If you are traveling to an area where your network has a poor signal, it can affect the quality of your mobile hotspot. If your network provider does not have a signal booster in the area, the signal will be poor, and it can affect the quality of your mobile 

Wrong Device Positioning

The nearer your hotspot device is to the mobile phone, the stronger the hotspot connection. Your mobile hotspot is limited to about 30 feet distance from the connected device for you to get a good internet connection. If you place your laptop too far from the mobile phone, your mobile hotspot will be slow. 

Signal Interference  

Mobile hotspots are vulnerable to interference from waves emitted by home appliances such as radios, microwaves, and baby monitors. If your hotspot signal gets worse when using your internet devices in the kitchen or near wave-emitting appliances, you only need to use it away from those appliances.

Using the Phone In a Crowded Place

If you are in a crowded area where there are many mobile phones connected to the same network, you may have issues with the mobile hotspot signal for your connected device.

5 Ways To Boost Your Mobile Hotspot

Buy a Cell Phone Booster

If you have a cell router, you need a cell phone booster to make your signal better. The cell phone booster amplifies the cell signal and broadcasts the amplified signal to internet-ready devices. The cell phone booster does not require internet for it to function, nor does it come with monthly chargers.

Use a Different Network

To boost your mobile hotspot speeds, you can switch to a different network. Research about which mobile network has better coverage in the area and switch to a different network temporarily to boost the mobile hotspot.

Ensure No Obstacles

Avoid using your mobile hotspot in areas where there are signal interferences and obstacles. For instance, avoid walls between your phone and the hotspot device. 

If you need to use a mobile hotspot in areas where there are wave-emitting appliances, remove the appliances as far as possible from your phone to boost the hotspot signal and minimize interference.

Upgrade Your Mobile Phone

Old hardware is an issue that tears down the mobile hotspot signal. With a small budget, you can get a new mobile smartphone with modern and upgraded hardware that delivers a better mobile hotspot signal. 

Restart Your Phone

Before you restart the phone, ensure that the settings of the phone are favorable for your hotspot. For instance, check whether your phone is on 4G or 5G, whichever is favorable for your network.

Restarting the mobile phone could boost your hotspot signal by getting rid of interference from background apps and ensuring that changes made to the settings are functional.


The mobile hotspot is your out-and-about internet source in remote locations, when traveling or doing remote projects. When the mobile hotspot misbehaves, it could be because your mobile phone is outdated, the network is poor in your area or there are obstacle issues.

The best way to boost your mobile hotspot speeds is removing obstacles like wave-emitting home appliances, restarting the phone, making a phone upgrade, investing in a cell phone booster, or switching to another network.


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