How Far Can a Wifi Extender Be From the Router

How Far Can a Wifi Extender Be From the Router

Wireless internet is more popular than the wired connection. This is because of its reliability and ability to reach different rooms in a space at the same time.

Routers are widely used and many people have opted to install routers in their homes or offices instead of using the LAN cable for internet connection. While routers are reliable, there have a few flaws.

Most routers do not cover the entire space with high speed internet. You will often experience poor signal in some parts of your house, or worse, dead spots.

When one is frustrated with being confined in one area where there is good internet, the best option is to get a Wifi extender. The effectiveness of using a Wifi extender depends on how optimally you place it.

How Far Can a Wifi Extender Be From the Router?

To get the best from your wifi extender, it must be strategically placed from the router. A wifi extender can be 100-300 feet away from the router.

The type of space where the wifi extender is to be placed determines where best to place the extender. The best position to place a wifi extender in a two storey building differs from where to position it in a one storey building.

Does the Router Position Affect the Wifi Extender?

The positioning of the router has an impact on how well the wifi extender works. For instance,  if your router is poorly positioned, then the extender will likely not work. Before buying and installing the wifi extender, the router positioning matters.

You might find that it is the poor positioning of the router that results in a poor signal in some areas of your space. When a router is strategically placed, and the antennas well positioned, it is easier for the extender to work.

How To Strategically Position the Router

Before you settle on one spot to place the router, roam around your space and try out different spots. Identify the spot where you have the best signal. That should be the strategic place for your wireless router.

Here are some tips on how to position your router to get the best signal:

Raise Your Router

It is easy to place the router on a table and get done. However, low places are not usually the best positions for routers. At least, position the router o a shelf that is 7 feet tall. You can also go an extra step and mount the router high on your wall.

Avoid obstruction

If you have any high cabinets in your home, do not position your router near them. Concrete walls also tend to create obstacles for routers and should be avoided.

Mind Appliances

Home appliances that emit waves such as radios and microwaves negatively affect the signal transmission. Do not place your router near them.

Avoid Reflective surfaces

Reflection sometimes affects wifi signals. It is not recommended that you position the router near a window, or somewhere the router can directly get a reflection.

Can a WiFi Extender Boost Signal Outside?

A wifi extender can boost signal to your backyard or garage. In fact, there are extenders specifically made for outdoor wifi coverage. There are extenders for detached garage and separate building that give a great signal boost for the router.

Can You Use Several Wifi Extenders?

If you have a large space, or your house has multiple storeys, you can use several wifi extenders for better signal. Sometimes, using one wifi Extender does not cut it. You might still get frustrated by dead spots or weak signals in some areas.

With multiple Wifi extenders, you create a Wifi mesh that boosts signal transmission to all the corners of your space. There are some spaces that do not require several Wifi extenders if the router is well positioned. For instance, studio apartments can work well even without a Wifi Extender.

Can a Wifi Extender Be Used As a Router?

A Wifi extender cannot perform the functions of a router. This is because the Wifi extender does not have a WAN port. A Wifi router can be used as an extender by connecting two routers using an Ethernet cable.

Does My Wifi Extender Need To Match the Same Brand As the Router?

A Wifi Extender does not have to be the exact brand as the router. You can buy a different brand for your Wifi Extender. Using the same brand of extender as the router is also okay.


For optimum results, the Wifi extender should be 100-300 feet from the router. This however is dependent on the design of your space. The position of your router affects the signal strength and how well the Wifi extender functions. You can use multiple Wifi extenders to get better signals and eliminate dead spots in your space. Boosting outdoor signals might require an outdoor Wifi extender for best results.


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