How to Boost PS4 Wi-Fi signal (PROVEN Ways!)

How to boost PS4 Wi-Fi signal

Playing your favorite ps4 game with a weak Wi-Fi signal can be so annoying that you would rather not play at all. Maybe one minute your signal is good then the other minute it’s down to zero. Figuring out what the real issue is can lead to frustration.

There are a couple of options that could work to figure out what you need to boost your ps4 Wi-Fi signal in order to get that smooth gaming time. Some options are just simple tricks on your settings, others are simply boosting your Wi-Fi.

5 Ways On How To boost PS4 Wi-Fi Signal

Troubleshooting Your Network

In some cases, the ps4 Wi-Fi signal issues are small and easily solvable. The troubleshooting option appears on your display easily and it is up to you to just click and look for the problem. All you have to do is eliminate until you get to the issue and your signal will be as good as new. Before contacting your internet provider for a poor signal, ensure that you troubleshoot first.

Using DNS

DNS is the phonebook for websites. Just like the way you look up names on your phonebook, you can map names to numbers for a website. You can boost your ps4 Wi-Fi signal with DNS by following a few simple steps;

  • First, you should log into your ps4 then go to set the tings
  • Second, find the network settings and choose Wi-Fi
  • Third, select custom and then connect to your Wi-Fi
  • The next step is to select automatic settings until the DNS screen comes up
  • Lastly, choose as primary and as your secondary, then check your signal

Identifying Where the Signal Is Best And Repositioning

Sometimes, the Wi-Fi signal is stronger in some areas in the house while other areas are weak. If you do not want to buy Wi-Fi boosters or change your internet service provider, you could Identify areas where the Wi-Fi signal is strongest and move your rooter to that specific position.

You could also reposition your ps4 near your rooter to improve the signal. This works great sometimes. It is pretty simple and costs less time and no money, just patience to figure out the best spot for the strongest Wi-Fi connection.

Keep Your ps4 Away From Obstacles

This sounds like an odd solution but you’d be surprised at how great it could boost your ps4 signal. Here is why, if your ps4 doesn’t have an obstacle, the in-built connection that reads the wireless signal will have a better signal with the rooter because it is clear of any radio frequencies that block the signal.

There are many factors or obstacles that can impact how clear the signal your ps4 is receiving. Things like phones, tablets, other game systems, laptops, or other people using the same network could negatively affect your signal. Removing any obstacle could boost your ps4 Wi-Fi signal significantly.

Get a Wireless Extender

A wireless extender allows you to keep a wireless signal using a shorter land cable to connect to your rooter. This significantly boosts the signal of ps4. Choosing the best wireless extender is important.

When getting a wireless extender, you need to consider;

  • Choosing a wireless extender that shares the same brand name as your rooter. Choosing the one that shares a brand name with your rooter will enhance compatibility
  • Also, look for a wireless extender with a similar manufacturing year as your rooter. This will ensure that there is a smooth connection between the two, giving you the best signal for your ps4.
  • If you have an older rooter, you can go for a newer wireless extender to get the best signal.

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Adjusting Your Wi-Fi frequency Bands

If you have tried all options to boost your ps4 Wi-Fi signal, this trick could actually solve your signal issues and get you back to the best speed and connection. To adjust the frequency, there are several simple steps on your settings;

  • First, you need to test your internet connection so that you know whether this will improve your signal. Do a simple baseline reading first
  • Go to Settings on your Ps menu, then network
  • Click on set up internet connection, and choose use Wi-Fi option in this case
  • There are two choices, either easy or custom. Choose easy.
  • You will get your Wi-Fi network options. But below the network options is an options menu, which if you click, will give you Wi-Fi frequency bands.
  • Choose the 2.4 GHz as your frequency band. This is the optimal speed for ps4.
  • Once you have selected the optimal frequency band, your signal will improve significantly.

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Wi-Fi Booster

It could be what you actually need is a booster for your Wi-Fi. But what does a Wi-Fi booster actually do? Well, it amplifies your signal using a stronger antenna. The device attaches to the Wi-Fi router to increase its broadcasting power. If the broadcasting power is boosted, then your ps4 signal will be better.

Changing Your Wi-Fi router

Maybe your ps4 signal is bad because your router is no longer doing its job. How will you know if your router is the source of your ps4 signal nightmare? There are things that will point out that your router needs a replacement. For example;

  • You have been using your router for 5 years and above, it’s time to get a new one. Technology is not static. Things change quickly over the years. You need to change your devices to get the best connection.
  • If you get a slow signal when watching a movie on Netflix or when browsing, your ps4 connection must be slow too. This means that the problem could be your router and you need to get a new one.
  • If your internet connection has become a roller coaster of high, low, and zero connection, you should consider getting a new router to improve your ps4 connection and your overall internet connection.
  • Also, if your router over-heats when running your ps4 and the signal is weak. This means your router needs to be changed. Sometimes the router gets weary.

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Boosting your ps4 Wi-Fi signal could be a simple setting on your ps4 menu or could be a connection problem with your internet service provider. Also, it could be a simple technical issue like the positioning of your ps4. The best thing is to figure out what works for you.


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