How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Laptop (Try This HACK First!)

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Laptop

Listening to a playlist on your laptop is more fun when connected to the speaker. Most speakers have Bluetooth nowadays and so do many laptops. Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop enables one to listen to audio with more clarity and from a distance. Bluetooth is also great when sharing files from your laptop to another device.

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to the laptop is possible following a few steps. The first thing to do is check whether your laptop supports Bluetooth. Secondly, ensure that the speaker is not paired to another device. To connect the speaker to your laptop, you need to pair the two devices. On your laptop settings, click on devices,  then confirm whether Bluetooth is on. After that click on add Bluetooth or other devices on the Bluetooth menu and select the first option to appear. As your laptop searches for other devices to pair, click on your speaker to get a connection.

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Laptop For Windows 10

If your laptop operates with windows 10, these are the steps to follow when connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker:

  • Go to Settings on your laptop and click on devices
  • Ensure that Bluetooth is on
  • Click on Add Bluetooth or another device to choose the device you want to add
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon for your laptop to search for the device to pair with
  • For your laptop to detect and pair, the Bluetooth speaker must be on.
  • Select your Bluetooth speaker to pair with your laptop

Laptop Cannot Connect To Bluetooth

Maybe you have been experiencing Bluetooth connection issues with your laptop. This happens with laptops, even the ones that operate with Windows 10. Bluetooth is a wireless technology and this issue cannot be fixed by opening up the laptop. Try the following if you experience problems when connecting your laptop to other devices via Bluetooth:

Try turning the Bluetooth off and back on

This is a simple trick that works for Bluetooth issues. Turn off your Bluetooth and turn it back on within seconds. This prompts Bluetooth to search for devices afresh for pairing. To do this, go to settings, click on devices and turn the Bluetooth on and off.

Turn the Bluetooth Device On and Off

Maybe the device you want your laptop connected to is off. Confirm whether it’s Also, remember to switch on Bluetooth for the other devices if it’s a phone, laptop, or any other device that does not turn on Bluetooth automatically. You can also try switching the device on and off for a fresh pairing.

Restart Your Laptop

Restarting a laptop is one way to resolve laptop issues. If your laptop cannot connect with another Bluetooth device, try restarting it. Try connecting your laptop to the Bluetooth device again. To restart your laptop, on the start menu, click the power button and restart. This takes a few seconds.

Minimize Distance between Your Laptop And Bluetooth Device

Distance between the laptop and Bluetooth device could interfere with connectivity if it is long. Bring the two devices closer together to improve connectivity.

Disconnect Other Bluetooth Devices

Maybe you want to connect your laptop to a specific Bluetooth device. In this case, let’s say the Bluetooth speaker. Check whether the Bluetooth speaker is connected to other devices like the phone, disconnect then try connecting it to your laptop.

Update Bluetooth Driver

An outdated Bluetooth driver can interfere with the connection. Updating it is a working solution for connection problems. Updating Bluetooth drivers can be done automatically using Driver easy. As you update the Bluetooth driver, check for other outdated drivers and update them to avoid other issues.

Trouble Shooting

Windows troubleshooter helps solve issues including Bluetooth connection issues. It scans the laptop to identify the specific issue with the problem involved. This is how to troubleshoot Bluetooth issues:

  • Click on the start icon on your laptop, then settings
  • Click on update and security
  • Select troubleshoot and select Bluetooth

Security Tips When Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is safe to use but is not immune to manipulative attacks. To be safe when using Bluetooth, you may apply these tips:

  • Unpair devices when no longer in use
  • Avoid paring devices when in public
  • Hide your device discoverability
  • Avoid sharing top-secret files
  • Do not pair to strange devices
  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned off when not in use, especially in public

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Connecting the Bluetooth speaker to the laptop is a few steps away. Earlier in this article, the steps to make this connection a success have been illustrated. Before making the connection, the first thing to do is turn on the Bluetooth speaker and ensure that Bluetooth is on your laptop.

Sometimes, Bluetooth connectivity issues may arise, and solving them may be as easy as restarting your laptop or done with a few steps like troubleshooting. Whenever you connect to another device via Bluetooth, it is good to take extra safety measures.

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