How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop (Easy STEPS)

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

Gaming is more than a hobby for some people, it is also a way to awaken creativity and relax. The Nintendo switch came in as a big win for gamers. It is the first of its kind and made it possible to game on the go. For gamers, how cool is it to play at home and on the go? The switch created a way to enjoy gaming at home on a big screen, as portable as it is.

 It is possible to connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop through HDMI. Connecting the Nintendo switch directly to the laptop is hard. Using the laptop with a Nintendo switch is convenient because gaming laptops nowadays are lightweight and have excellent graphics to give a high-quality display for a thrilling gaming experience.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

To connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop, you have to use an indirect connection. Connecting a Nintendo switch to a laptop through HDMI is not possible, laptops, unlike TVs have HDMI output, which means they can only give out display but cannot receive display from other devices. The Nintendo Switch also has HDMI out.

To connect the two, you need these gadgets:

  • HDMI cable
  • Capture card
  • Nintendo dock
  • Streaming software
  • USB cable

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

  1. Connect Nintendo Switch To Nintendo Dock; plug in the dock’s cable to the Type C port of the switch.
  2. Use the HDMI cable to connect the Nintendo dock to the capture card.
  3. Open the streaming software on your laptop
  4. Turn on the Nintendo switch
  5. Connect the capture card to the laptop with the USB cable
  6. Enjoy the displayed Nintendo switch on the laptop
  7. To control the game, use the Joy-Con

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To the TV

  1. Open the back of the Nintendo Switch dock
  2. Connect the USB plug from the Nintendo switch adapter to the terminal labeled AC adapter on the dock
  3. Connect the remaining AC terminal to your wall outlet
  4. Connect HDMI out to the bottom terminal of the dock
  5. Connect HDMI to the TV
  6. Close the back of the Nintendo Switch dock and remove the left and right Joy-Controllers
  7. Positioning the console to face the direction of the dock’s front panel
  8. Select the correct HDMI input when you switch on the TV

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What Should You Look For In a Gaming Laptop?

When looking for options in the many brands and varieties of gaming laptops, you must know what to look for to get the best. Now that you are interested in playing Nintendo games on the laptop, there is a chance this might spark interest in gaming on the laptop. Look for a laptop with:

Powerful Processor

Gaming is one of the demanding tasks a laptop can perform. It needs a powerful processor to accommodate the heavy duties delegated. This also prevents lagging when gaming. A powerful processor can handle any game without lagging.

Graphics Card

The best gaming laptops have dedicated graphics cards. Dedicated graphics deliver the best performances when it comes to gaming. Dedicated graphics cards are upgradable and detachable from the laptop. Laptops with dedicated graphics cards are expensive. However, there are other affordable gaming laptops with integrated graphics cards that deliver great performance.

Cooling Technology

A gaming laptop needs effective cooling. Laptops with fanless cooling technology are amazing during gaming because they do not get loud. When gaming gets intense, the cooling system should handle the pressure.


Regardless of whether you want a laptop exclusively for gaming or for other purposes, portability is key. it is necessary to carry your laptop around with ease. Laptops with a slim design are the best with portability.

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Gaming Laptop VS Nintendo Switch

Both the laptop and Nintendo switch are great for gamers. The Nintendo Switch is handheld and portable, while the laptop is less portable. If you need a gaming device to play on the go, a  Nintendo switch is better. The laptop is not very portable when moving around a lot.

The Nintendo Switch has a limit on the games you can play whereas the laptop has many games, giving you countless options. A gaming laptop can be used for other purposes like work, as opposed to the switch which is only for gaming. The gaming laptop is more expensive than a switch. Your choice depends on your budget and needs.


The Nintendo Switch is an amazing way to enjoy gaming on the go. It is a great innovation for gamers. Connecting the Nintendo Switch to the laptop cannot be done directly, but it is possible with HDMI, a capture card, streaming software, and USB. With the procedure discussed above, you can connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop. The Nintendo Switch can be connected to the TV more easily than it is to connect it to the laptop.


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