How To Increase Mobile Hotspot Speed On iPhone

How To Increase Mobile Hotspot Speed On iPhone

If you use your iPhone for Wifi hotspot, experiencing slow hotspot speeds could cripple your daily routines. 

A slow iPhone hotspot is as frustrating as slow Wifi. With daily life routines revolving around the internet and smart homes requiring stable Wifi, you can use your iPhone hotspot when your WiFi fails. 

If you are experiencing slow iPhone hotspot speeds, you should figure out what is slowing down your internet. 

Read on to learn what could be slowing down your mobile hotspot, and proven ways to increase mobile hotspot speed on your iPhone. 

How to Increase Mobile Hotspot Speed on iPhone (Quick Answer)

You can increase mobile hotspot speed on iPhone by repositioning the device to get it closer to connected devices, restarting the iPhone or connected devices, switching off low-data mode, disabling automatic app updates, and reducing the number of devices connected to the hotspot. 

9 Proven Ways on How to Increase Mobile Hotspot on iPhone. 

If you are experiencing slow mobile hotspot speed on your iPhone, try these fixes to restore your hotspot speed: 

Device Repositioning

The distance between your iPhone and the connected devices directly affects the hotspot speeds. The connected devices should be as close as possible to your iPhone. Apply these rules when positioning the two devices:

  • The connected device and the iPhone should not be more than 30 feet further apart
  • Remove the obstacles between the iPhone and the connected devices
  • All Bluetooth devices should not be near the iPhone or the connected devices

Restart the Connected Device

If you notice that the internet speeds on your iPhone are stable but the connected devices have slow hotspot speeds, restart the connected devices. Restarting can help boost the hotspot speeds for devices such as a laptop, tablet, or smart TV.

Switch Off Low Data Mode

Low data mode helps your iPhone save on cellular data consumed, especially if you are on data-consuming apps. While saving data is a good thing, it negatively affects the hotspot speeds, making them slower. If your iPhone is on low data, turn the low data mode off to boost the hotspot speeds.

Reduce the Number Of Apps Running

The higher the number of apps running on your iPhone, the slower the hotspot speeds. If you are running multiple apps on your iPhone, your phone, apps, and devices will compete for data. 

Also, if there are several processes running on the iPhone, they could clog the phone’s processor, and affect the general speed of the phone. Ensure that only the needed apps are running on your iPhone to improve hotspot speeds.

Stop the Background Refreshing Of Apps

End the refreshing of background apps on your iPhone to boost the hotspot speeds. Refreshing background apps on the iPhone makes devices compete for data, which slows down iPhone hotspots. Ensure that the background only refreshes on Wifi only.

Disable Automatic App Updates

Another thing that slows down hotspot speeds on your iPhone is app updates. The automatic updates should be disabled to get hotspot speeds up. To disable automatic app updates, do this:

  • Go to iPhone settings
  • Click on the app store
  • Go to cellular data
  • Turn off automatic downloads

Change Your Network

If you are in a new area where your current network is poor, switch to the network with the best coverage in the local area. Poor network cripples hotspot speeds even on iPhone, and switching to another one could significantly boost the device’s hotspot speeds.

Reduce the Number of Hotspot Devices Connected to Your iPhone

If there are several devices connected to your iPhone hotspot, they could slow down your internet speed. Reduce the number of devices connected to your iPhone to boost hotspot speeds.

If your whole family is connected to your iPhone hotspot, log out some devices, especially those that do not urgently need internet to improve the hotspot speeds.

Check the Connected Device

Slow hotspot speeds could be due to an issue with the connected devices. Old devices such as laptops or tablets may experience unstable internet connections. Try switching to newer devices to check whether the hotspot speeds improve. If the newer devices experience fast speeds, you should update your old devices to the latest version.  


What causes slow hotspot speeds?

Automatic app updates in the background, using a poor network, having your phone on low data mode, having too many hotspot devices, or poor device positioning are some of the reasons you might experience a slow hotspot.

How fast is an iPhone Hotspot?

An iPhone supports up to 600Mbps on 2.4GHz and up to 1300Mbpps on 5GHz.


Hotspot speeds need to be consistent to maintain the same pace for your online activities. 

Significant drops in iPhone hotspot speeds occur due to having low data mode on the phone, connecting many devices to the hotspot, using old hotspot devices, poor network, or having your iPhone and the hotspot device too far from each other. 

To get the iPhone hotspot speeds up, you can restart your hotspot devices, improve the distance between the hotspot devices, or switch to the best network in your area.  


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