How To Use Laptop On Bed The Right Way

How To Use Laptop On Bed The Right Way

Using your laptop in a cozy position while leaning on your pillows is an awesome experience. Working from home doesn’t have to be on the desk or so formal, you can make things cozier in your bed while working on a project.

While using your laptop in bed is easy and relaxed, it comes with its share of flaws for your laptop and your body. Using your laptop wrongly in bed causes body aches and overheating issues for the laptop.

If you have been using your laptop in bed but haven’t found the perfect position, we have compiled important tips on how to use laptop on bed.

How To Use Laptop On Bed- Tips To Apply

To get the best experience when using your laptop in bed, your body needs to feel comfortable and steady for long hours. Secondly, your laptop needs to be safe from overheating. 

Use the tips when using your laptop on bed: 

Get Comfortable

If you have been struggling with finding the best position while using your laptop in bed, you can try this:

  • Use a foam pillow/s to support your head and neck
  • Raise your feet to the level of your head
  • Support your laptop between your legs and belly

To avoid back pain or neck strain when using your laptop in bed, you can get a couple of more pillows below these areas:

  • Under your lower back
  • Under your knees

Getting multiple pillows under your body eases the strain of lying in one position when using your laptop in bed. Being in the right position enhances the experience of using your laptop in bed and also minimizes back pain and strains.

Check Your Lighting

Bedroom lighting is sometimes different from other rooms and sometimes may cause you to strain when using your laptop. If the light causes you to strain, it is better to change the bulb than have sore eyes.

Some people are more sensitive to the laptop light than others. In case you are catching up with a few episodes of your show on your laptop with the lights off, use the night settings.

Another thing to note if you want to use your laptop in bed is the window position. Reflection from the window is often uncomfortable. Also, direct sun can cause your laptop to overheat. Using dark curtains or blinds is a good way to prevent discomfort from reflections or sunlight, especially if your laptop doesn’t have anti glare screen.

Do Some Stretches

If you are binge-watching on Netflix with your laptop in bed, take breaks to stretch and switch positions. Lying in one position for too long causes tension in your body.

Invest In a Laptop Stand

Buying a good laptop stand facilitates comfort when using your laptop in bed. If you are working or doing school work, you need a good laptop stand. This is why a laptop stand will benefit your experience:

  • It supports the laptop in the position you want
  • The stand prevents your laptop from overheating
  • You can adjust the laptop stand for the perfect working position
  • Reduces body pains due to poor posture
  • They are collapsible and easy to store

Get a Laptop Cooling Pad

When you are not using the laptop stand, a laptop cooling pad can help control the heat for your laptop. Laptop cooling pads are great for Netflixing in bed, gaming, and using the laptop on your lap or the couch.

Connect Your External Devices

Using an external mouse and keyboard helps you access your laptop with ease. It reduces the need to remain in a stiff position as it is with the inbuilt mouse and keyboard. When using your laptop in bed, go ahead and connect your external mouse and keyboard.

Why Do Laptops Overheat When Used On Bed?

Most laptops use fans as the cooling system. Laptops are designed with fans at the bottom. Placing your laptop on the bed or the couch blocks the vents of the laptop fan, making it difficult to emit heat.

With a laptop stand, your laptop fans can work effectively even when using it on the bed. Some of the best laptops stand for


Is It Safe To Use The Laptop On Bed For Long?

Using a laptop on the bed for too long will cause the laptop to overheat. When using the laptop on the bed, use it on a stand.

Which Is the Best Body Posture For Using the Laptop On Bed?

Your knees should be raised to the height of your head, with your back and head lying down and supported.


There is a better way to use your laptop on the bed that will not cause harm to your body or laptop. It is important to make investments such as a laptop stand, and a cooling pad to prevent overheating. Also, get some foam pillows to support your posture. Your windows should have dark curtains or blinds to prevent reflection.


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