Is Asus a Good Laptop?

Is Asus a Good Laptop

Laptop search is a serious engagement. When you think of investing in a new laptop, or replacing an old one, you think of top brands with the best features. No one wants to invest in a laptop that will not match the specs to the money spent on it.  Even worse, is ending up with the wrong laptop after spending so much time researching about it.

Asus is a good laptop brand. It has made it to the top ten list of the world’s best laptops. Asus is known for manufacturing affordable laptops with amazing features. Asus laptops offer full HD, decent battery life, and amazing designs. The Asus laptop brand has a variety of lines, with outstanding features and capabilities.

What To Know About Asus

Asus laptops are manufactured by AsusTek Computer INC. It is a reputable computer and phone hardware manufacturer and also produces electronics. This company is multinational and has its headquarters in Taiwan. Asus has appeared in the top lists of the world’s best computer producing companies. It is also known for being the best motherboard with great cooling features.

Asus Laptop Series


If you are wondering whether it is possible to carry a laptop with you all day and not feel the weight, the Asus Zenbook is the answer. This laptop series features a compact lightweight design for portability and convenience to carry around. Zenbooks are made of quality aluminum for durability. They have powerful features to top up their portability advantage.


This laptop series consists of exciting laptops including a 2-in-1 laptop- Vivobook flip that can be used as both a laptop and a tablet. The Vivobook series has high-quality laptops that are multi-purpose. This laptop series also has premium features like dedicated graphics that are the best for gaming.

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Asus Chromebooks are different from other Chromebookbook brands. They feature a more powerful processor and flash memory that keeps them from lagging. This laptop series has a stylish design with quality finishing.


As the name suggests, this Asus laptop series targets the business community. They come in premium, advanced and essential to cater to all budgets. This laptop series is made with toughness for durability. They also feature a good battery life to last for a long business meeting or day. Asus ExpertBook series also offers a light sturdy design for a low budget.

Other Asus laptop series include the Asus ROG which is a powerful laptop for gaming and the Asus X series. All these series have a variety of laptops that should spoil you for choice, ranging from high budget, medium budget to low budget.

Why Is Asus a Great Choice For Laptops?

Variety of Choices

Asus has limitless choices for a person who’s looking for a laptop. Whatever your need is, Asus has something to offer. Asus combines needs to come up with a laptop to meet those specific needs. There are premium, mid-end, and budget laptops to meet any budget.

Good Brand Name

Asus is a reputable brand name for laptops. This means that the brand has undergone scrutiny. Buying a laptop from a good name is security and assurance that the laptop is good quality, however, it is not advisable to only buy because a brand is famous. Asus is also known for its amazing hardware, which means the quality of its laptop hardware is great.

Budget Sensitivity

Asus is one of the brands with reasonable prices for premium laptops. This brand has options for all budgets including student laptops. The affordability matched with quality makes Asus a go-to brand.


The high-quality hardware used to manufacture Asus laptops contributes to its longevity. Asus laptops could last for more than a decade when well kept.

Research and Innovation

Asus is at the top of the game with research and product improvement. It focuses on delivering better and innovating new laptop hardware to improve what is currently in the market.

Asus Laptop Brand Downsides

Few Service Centers

Asus has limited service centers which make it difficult for Asus laptop owners who might have a laptop issue.

Regular Laptop Releases

Asus releases laptops on a more regular basis compared to other laptop brands like Dell. This may overwhelm and confuse customers.

Poor Publicity

Only a few Asus laptops are well known compared to the large number of laptop models it produces on regular basis.


When discussing laptop brands, Asus has a good reputation and has high scores for producing affordable laptops. Asus laptops are not only affordable but also high quality. They have longevity and are reliable. The Chromebook series has features that prevent lagging, which makes it stand out.

Asus is a laptop brand that considers laptop users’ needs, from budget to laptop purpose to design preferences. Each of the Asus laptop series has unique features to offer and comes with its uniqueness. Asus combines premium, advanced, and efficient laptops in its series to fit all budget categories.


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