Safari Tips & Tricks For a Turbocharged Browsing Experience


It is an adventure whenever you embark on a digital exploration through the vast expanse of the World Wide Web. And during these adventures, Safari is a trusted friend, especially for Apple device users.

Apple’s quintessential web browser offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface. It is very simple to navigate, and Apple releases an update whenever there’s a new macOS version. Beyond the browser’s easy-to-understand interface lies a treasure trove of hidden gems and functionalities waiting to be discovered. By unveiling these tricks, you can enhance your browsing experience. So, let’s not waste more time and dive deep into the tips and tricks that will turbocharge your browsing experience.

Manage Tabs Like a Pro

Are there too many tabs to handle? If you regularly need to go through multiple tabs, it would be best to learn tab management tricks. This will ensure your tabs are organized, and you don’t feel lost in the crowd of open tabs.

You can use the Tab Groups feature to organize the tabs into clusters neatly. This will offer a clutter-free interface and quick access. By learning efficient tab management, you will significantly boost your browsing experience.

Furthermore, you can implement Tab Previews to hover the cursor over the grouped tabs to see their contents.

So, the next time you find yourself drowning in a sea of open tabs, utilize Safari’s Tab Groups feature.

Delete History

Whenever you visit a website, its contents are recorded and saved as the browser’s History. This means that Safari keeps track of all the pages you visit. You can always browse through your browser history to find the website you saw on a particular day.

Although this is beneficial because the website loads faster when you visit it the second time, it may slow down your system’s performance. If there’s too much-accumulated browser history, it can slow down the browsing speed. Also, if the website has been updated, you might not be able to access the website using the previously stored information.


To avoid such mishaps, you can delete Safari history. Open Safari > choose History in the menu bar > Clear History. In the dropdown menu, choose an appropriate range and then click Clear History again. This will give your browsing a fresh start.

Personalize Safari Settings to Match Your Workflow

Go to Safari’s Preferences and explore the different customization options. In the Privacy Settings option, powerful features like Intelligent Tracking Prevention and Privacy Report will be found. These features ensure the protection of your online privacy.

If you want to enjoy a distraction-free browsing experience, activate Reader Mode. In this mode, you will only focus on the website content minus the extraneous page elements and ads.

Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts

You can expedite navigation by mastering keyboard shortcuts. Press Command + T to open a new tab and Command + Option + F to jump to the Smart Search field. Similar to this, there are several other keyboard shortcuts for Safari that you can use to streamline browsing. This also means minimal reliance on the trackpad or mouse.

Optimize Search

You can utilize the Smart Search Field for website suggestions, quick searches, and even performing quick calculations or conversions. You can also utilize the Dictionary feature that is built-in Safari for getting instant definitions of difficult words without leaving the page. This increases the convenience when reading or researching.

Use Safari Extensions

You can augment the capabilities of Safari by exploring the vast Extensions Gallery in the App Store. You can utilize extensions like password managers, ad blockers, or productivity tools that are personalized to your browsing needs.

Leverage PDF Editing Capabilities

Did you know that Safari allows for convenient PDF editing? You can edit and annotate your PDF documents directly within the web browser. This eliminates the need for external software.

Bonus Tips and Tricks for Enhanced Safari Browsing:

● Activate content blockers to prevent videos from autoplaying and annoying ads from popping up and ruining your browsing experience. You can tinker with the settings to instruct the content blocker to block specific elements from your web adventures.

● You can split your entire screen while browsing the web, not just web pages. To do this, hold the Control button and drag a Safari window to the edge of the desktop.


● Silence the tabs so you can concentrate on your task. Right-click the tab and select Mute Tab.

The Bottom Line

These are some helpful tips and tricks you can implement to augment your Safari browsing experience. But these are only scratching the surface. It would help if you experimented to discover more hidden features. Remember, the best Safari browsing experience is a personalized one. Hence, keep personalizing the browser settings to suit your unique needs.

Do you want to add anything to the Safari tips and tricks list? Leave a comment.


Krystin is a certified IT specialist who holds numerous IT certifications and has a decade plus experience working in Tech. She is a systems administrator for a Seattle IT firm, and she is a leading voice/advocate for Women in Tech. She has been an on-air guest for various radio stations discussing recent tech releases.

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