Starlink Mesh WiFi Router Review

Starlink Mesh WiFi Router Review

Most traditional routers cannot cover large homes with multiple walls and floors since these obstacles block wireless signals. 

Upgrading to a mesh system solves these problems, extending your coverage, but you must ensure you get the best mesh router. Despite the basic routing capabilities in Starlink routers, the mesh routers are capable of providing reliable and robust connections. 

This post examines the features of Starlink mesh WiFi router, compatibility with your network, and whether it is worth buying.

Starlink Mesh WiFi Router Review (Quick Answer)

Starlink mesh WiFi router is sleek, elegant, simple, easy to install, and designed to improve your network coverage and speed. In addition, it has ethernet adapters, so you can create wired connections for a more stable and faster connection. Generally, it is a worthy investment that supports up to 128 devices despite setting you back at about $130. However, it does not let you manage the usage information of your devices or customize their names.

Starlink Mesh WiFi Router Pros

Below are the reasons to invest in a Starlink Mesh WiFi Router.

1. Design

Starlink mesh WiFi router is white, simple, sleek, and elegant and has a rectangular dish, giving it a modern touch. You can place it on a flat surface like a table or mount it on the wall.

2. Functionality

Mesh routers are designed to boost your network coverage and speed, and Starlink mesh WiFi router delivers in this aspect. It is an excellent addition to your Starlink satellite network that will optimize your internet speed throughout the home, eliminating dead spots and penetrating walls, thus ensuring you receive reliable internet everywhere.

It is a dependable solution for strengthening wireless connections, making your network reliable, and ensuring you have consistent and fast Starlink internet.

3. Ease of Installation

Starlink Mesh WiFi router is simple to set up as it does not need any complex installation procedures. Furthermore, you can place them in strategic areas in your home to make the most of them. Also, pairing clients with Starlink Mesh WiFi router is pretty straightforward using the Starlink app.

4. Ethernet Connection

Ethernet ports are another advantage of using a Starlink mesh WiFi router since they facilitate establishing a Mesh wired connection. As you already know, wired connections deliver faster speeds compared to wireless connections. Therefore, if you want to perform heavy-duty tasks like gaming on your Starlink internet, plug in the Ethernet adapter to connect your devices to the mesh router, thus creating a wired connection.

5. It Raises Your Network’s Capacity

You can create a system with three mesh nodes using the Starlink mesh WiFi router, helping you increase your network’s range and capacity significantly. Moreover, this device is suitable if you live in a house with levels or a multi-story building because it can support up to 128 devices.

6. It Is a Great Investment

Starlink mesh WiFi router costs about $130, but the increased internet speeds and the elimination of WiFi dead spots make it a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, your coverage will be expanded, and you can also have ethernet connections.

Starlink Mesh WiFi Router Cons

Although the Starlink mesh WiFi router offers many benefits, there are downsides to it.

1. You Cannot Monitor Usage Information

monitoring the usage information of your devices is not possible. This is a significant disadvantage considering the fact that users like to watch the amount of internet every device consumes for proper management.

For this reason, it is not possible to control a specific device’s bandwidth usage.

2. It Does Not Allow Name Customization

You cannot customize the names of your devices to the ones you like, so you are stuck with the names given by the manufacturer, even if they are difficult.


While the Starlink mesh system provides faster speeds than a traditional router system, not having management access to the network is a huge compromise.

Other Mesh WiFi Routers Suitable for Starlink Internet

Besides a Starlink mesh WiFi router, you can use compatible third-party mesh routers to establish a Starlink mesh system.

1. TP-Link Deco AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh System (B09VW5JHPH)– it is an affordable option that offers a tri-band system for consistent performance and speed on every device. It can support more than 200 devices and effortlessly covers houses with over 5000 sq ft.

2. ASUS ZenWiFi Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (B09B8XN42N)- it delivers consistent and high speeds even through thick walls. This WiFi 6 router works well with Starlink office and residential plans and doesn’t drop rates or lag, even when supporting multiple devices.

3. NETGEAR Orbi Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (B086HJXKJJ)- while it’s the priciest in this list, it offers many customizations, consistent and faster speeds, greater coverage, and more security features.


Consider getting a Starlink mesh WiFi router to receive better coverage and speeds on your Starlink satellite network, especially if you live in a large home or a 2-story house. The fact that it offers ethernet connections and supports 128 devices makes this an excellent mesh router.


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