How to Fix “There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC” Error

How to Fix “There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC” Error

Whether it’s to correct problems with the operating system or the hard drive or to remove your files and programs in preparation to dispose of your PC, “reset this PC” is an essential repair tool. However, you need to know how to fix “there was a problem resetting your PC” error should you encounter it.

If you have encountered this error message, you can quickly resolve the problem with a couple of tweaks. This article explains the possible causes of this error and the steps you should follow to fix “there was a problem resetting your PC” error message.

How to Fix “There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC” Error (Quick Answer!)

You can fix the error “there was a problem resetting your PC” by using system restore. If you have a system restore point, you can return to it and attempt to fix the error automatically. This method takes your PC to an earlier point in time, and the restore points are created when a new driver or software is installed, or if you set up the restore point manually. System restore removes any apps, drivers, or updates that were installed after the system restore was created, but it does not affect your personal files

If your PC does not have system restore points, here are other methods you can use to fix this error:

  • Use advanced startup options
  • Command prompt
  • Install windows afresh
  • Run system file scan
  • Disable ReAgent.exe
  • Perform startup repair

Causes of “There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC” Error

The error prevents you from booting or resetting your PC, and the leading causes of this issue are:

  • Your PC manufacturer enabled compression to minimize the disk space needed for pre-installed programs
  • A corrupt file prevents your Windows from resetting
  • An abrupt shutdown caused the deletion of essential files
  • Your system came with a pre-installed Windows 10 rather than being upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1
  • You used Windows 10’s “create a recovery drive” to develop a USB recovery disk
  • Incorrect or corrupted Windows Recovery Environment
  • Your PC booted to a USB recovery disk through Troubleshoot> Reset this PC> Remove Everything
  • Unsupported or missing recovery image version

7 Ways of Fixing “There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC” Error

1. Use Advanced Startup Options

  • Open PC settings, then click update & security
  • Click “Recovery,” then on the Advanced Startup Option, select “Restart Now”
  • Once your PC has restarted, click “Advanced Options”
  • Select “Command Prompt”
  • Type the command below once the Command Prompt opens

cd% windir% \ system32 \ config

ren system system.001

ren software software.001


Type every line of command after you press enter. Be extra cautious and sure while using these commands because they alter the system files.

2. Command Prompt

The command prompt gives you admin access and lets you alter system files. You can effortlessly reset the system and correct the “There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC” Error using a selection of commands in your command prompt.

Here’s what to do:

  • Use the search bar to find the “Command Prompt,” then right-click on it, then click “Run as Administrator”
  • Type “dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth” then press enter
  • The action will activate The Image Servicing and Management Tool, resetting the PC to the previous working image.

3. Conduct a System Restore

This efficient method lets you turn the system back to the settings saved previously on your system or the older image. You’ll need to develop a system restore point and then conduct a system restore.

  • Search “Restore,” then click “Create a Restore Point”
  • Click “System Protection” then “Configure”
  • Select “Turn on System Protection,” then move the slider to adjust the system restoration memory, then click “Apply” and “OK”
  • Click “Create,” then type the restore point name in the dialog box, then click “Create”
  • The message “The restore point was created successfully”
  • Click “System Restore,” and a window will appear
  • Click “Next,” then choose the restore point you created earlier, then click “Next”
  • Select “Finish” on the window that appears
  • Click “Yes” on the dialog box that appears

Your PC will shut down then system restoration will begin. The process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

4. Install Windows Afresh

You can also correct the error by installing the latest Windows version in your PC. Doing so will let you fix the bugs in your system, so download and install Windows’ latest version.

5. Perform a System File Scan

This feature allows you to check your PC’s whole system and rectify any errors. 

6. Disable ReAgent.exe

This Microsoft Recovery Agent facilitates system recovery and lets you reset the PC. You can fix the “there was a problem resetting your PC” error by disabling and enabling ReAgent.exe.

Follow the steps below to accomplish this.

  • Search “Command Prompt,” then right-click on it
  • Click “Run as Administrator”
  • Type “reagent/disable”
  • Types “reagents /enable”

7. Run Startup Repair

  • Click Power> Restart as you press the shift key
  • Click “Troubleshoot”
  • Click “Advanced Options”
  • Click “Startup Repair”


There was a problem resetting your PC is a common problem you may encounter when resetting your computer, so don’t be alarmed when you see it on your screen. The solutions above will help you fix the problem and resume resetting your PC. Also, ensure you fully back up your files before resetting your computer.


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