Tips For Filming and Editing an Attractive Car Video

Each seller who places an offer to sell a car can add a video message in addition to photographs and a description. Visual information is very important when selling online because buyers choose among thousands of options and call only a few. That is why it is worth making your offer more interesting than others, for example, using an app for video effects.

Shooting takes place mostly using smartphones; this is the simplest and most affordable option. Set up your camera before shooting: turn off all “effect” generators. Ensure the recording format is at least 720p, preferably 1080p (Full HD). If your smartphone has image stabilization, check if it is enabled. Finally, check to see if the camera lens is dirty.

Avoid Common Mistakes

When recording, try not to shake the camera, turn it over, put it down, or make sudden movements with it.

It is better to choose landscape orientation for videos rather than vertical portrait. The entire clip can be edited directly in the best TikTok editing app after each recorded fragment by pressing the “pause” button, and when the last frame is ready, click “stop”. The optimal total video length is 2-3 minutes.

Avoid excessive tempo when stitching frames when working with a TikTok video editor; do not overdo it with digital effects, filters, etc. The buyer doesn’t have to demonstrate skills by editing the TikTok video, but he should look at the car he is going to buy to see as many details as possible without distractions.

What to Shoot and Why?

The direction of the future video is quite simple: you should do everything the buyer would do if he came to inspect the car himself. First, you should slowly walk around the vehicle prepared for shooting, and it should be placed on a site where there is enough space and other objects do not interfere. Then, open the doors and show the front seats, driver’s seat, and back row. You can also demonstrate the trunk and engine compartment. Additionally, if you want, you can add several frames with optional equipment to show how the engine starts. 

Why Use VJump?

VJump has a team of talented editors who work around the clock. You can get amazing-quality videos whenever you want.

The TikTok editing app comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to navigate when creating car wallpapers. For a video about a car, Trim unnecessary fragments and remove unnecessary duplicate frames.

  • Apply organic color correction to even out your color palette.
  • Add transitions between scenes.
  • Add background music and adjust the volume.
  • Add a voice comment if necessary.

By following these specific steps, you can create a high-quality, professional-looking car video to showcase key features.


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