UHD vs QLED: How do they Compare?


A smart TV is one home electronic appliance that offers not only entertainment but a significant vibe in your space. Whether you are planning to buy a new tv for your entertainment room, living room, or bedroom, it is essential to be aware of what the tv has to offer.

The display and color technology used in smart TVs might often sound confusing. The current marketing strategies used by tv brands have made it even harder to distinguish exactly what UHD or QLED or OLED means.

Once you are at the store and have found the perfect tv, the only way to make a good pick is to understand the terms on the TV’s description.  This article is a detailed comparison of UHD vs QLED to get you to understand whether they are different or similar.


Ultra-high definition (UHD) describes the resolution of a tv. UHD does not describe any color technology used in a certain tv brand. On the other hand, quantum light emitting diode (QLED) is a term used to describe the color technology of a smart tv. Therefore, QLED and UHD are not technology rivals.

Understanding UHD

UHD is the quality of a TV’s resolution. It was introduced to the consumer by consumer electronics of America to let them know of the best tv resolution in the market. The current competitive tv resolution is 8k resolution followed by the more common 4k resolution. UHD currently stands for the most recent resolution and does not in any way describe any tv color technology.

Understanding QLED

QLED is the technology used to create color and images on your tv. This is where color features such as contrast are determined. QLED uses nanoparticles to bring out images and display color on the screen.

Difference Between UHD and QLED

UHD is used to describe the quality of a TV’s resolution. For instance, some TVs are 4k while the newer versions are 8k. QLED on the other hand can be termed as the technology of color in TVs.

While all QLED TVs are UHD, not all UHD TVs use QLED. Some TVs used OLED which is another color technology term and a competitor to QLED.

Which Is the Best UHD For a Smart Tv?

The best display resolution for smart tv is 4k. It is the best standard resolution. 4k features 3840+2160p. It is a good resolution, especially for large smart TVs.

What Is OLED?

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) is a great color technology that depends on its light and colors to display images on the screen. This enables it to produce darker black colors, and more glow on the colors displayed.


While LED screens rely on a backlight to illuminate images, OLED has its light that illuminates its pixels. OLED TVs do amazingly better indoors and display better dark images compared to LED screens.

When it comes to viewing angles, OLED is excellent because it features thin technology that brings its pixels closer to the surface. While OLED is amazing and surpasses LED, LED is amazing at displaying natural colors.

Which Smart Tv Brand Has OLED?

OLED is not common with most tv brands. The TV brands that feature OLED are LG and Sony. Check out some of the best smart TVs with OLED:

  • Sony OLED 65-inch BRAVIA XR A80K Series
  • VIZIO 55-Inch OLED Premium 4K UHD
  • LG 65-Inch Class OLED

Pros and Cons Of QLED


  • QLED TVs last long
  • They are less prone to burn-ins
  • The brightness level is perfect for naturally lit spaces
  • Thin and lightweight TVs even for the big screens
  • Efficient power consumption compared to the LCD TVs

Cons of QLED TVs

While QLED TVs are reliable and amazing, they have some flaws, especially when compared to OLED TVs. Here are some other the cons of QLED TVs:

  • They depend on the backlight to display color
  • QLED has a poorer viewing angle compared to OLED
  • Slower response time compared to OLED
  • QLED TVs are not that great in a naturally lit room
  • The dark colors do not display the best concentration


Is QLED better than 4k UHD?

QLED does not compare to UHD as the terms do not describe the same thing. Most QLED TVs have 4k displays.

Is OLED better than QLED?

OLED is better than QLED in many ways including the display of dark colors and image contrast.


UHD is the display resolution of a screen while QLED is the technology behind image display. The two terms are not competitors, and one cannot conclude that either is better than the other. The standard UHD in TVs is 4k but there is 8k that is more recent, better, and more expensive. OLED is the color technology that has proven more improved and better in contrast and display of dark colors than QLED. Most QLED TVs have 4k UHD.


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