What is Wifi 6? 

what is wifi 6?

Since the creation of Wifi in 1997, there has been several advancements in WiFi technology to make it even better. With the current demands of wireless internet connection, there is even more urgency in having better wifi.

Wifi demands such as cloud storage, online classes, video conferencing, programming, gaming, and research, require the best version of wifi.

There are many wifi technologies like MU-MIMO and beamforming that increase WiFi performance, and you will find these technologies in WiFi 6 routers.  

Read to learn what is Wifi 6, how it works, and why you should consider getting a Wifi 6 router

What Is Wifi 6?  (Quick Answer)

Wifi 6 is the 6th Gen and most recent wifi connection standard. Wifi 6 is also known as 802.11ax. Compared to its predecessors, wifi 6 offers better connectivity and performance.

It is compatible with the current device technology and beats all other versions of wifi, including wifi 5. Wifi 6 allows a router to connect to many devices at the same time, making it the best if you want to decongest your internet.

Why Is Wifi 6 Awesome?

Here are some of the benefits you will get from using a router with Wifi 6 standard: 


MU-MIMO is a  wifi technology that allows a router to connect to many wifi devices simultaneously. This feature prevents wifi congestion.


OFDMA stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. This technology increases the network capacity, hence minimizing congestion and delays.


Wifi-protected access tightens privacy, especially in public networks. It controls what happens when you connect to a closed network. Wifi 6 is compatible with WPA 3 which enhances cyber security.


Quadrature Amplitude Modulation mode improves wifi 6 throughput by 25%, which helps boost internet experience.

Target Wait Time

Wifi 6 feature increases efficiency for the network and enhances battery life longevity. This feature determines when and how often devices wake to send or receive data.

BSS Coloring

This technology allows multiple access points and equipment to utilize one radio frequency channel with minimum interference.

Pros Of Wifi 6

Wifi 6 delivers amazing benefits, especially when compared to other wifi standards. These are the benefits of wifi 6:

Save On Battery

Wifi 6 uses the target wait time feature to ensure that devices not in use are on sleep mode. The sleep mode frees up the bandwidth and opens it up for devices in use.

Improved Security

If you intend to use your wifi for sensitive tasks like professional emails or military work, wifi 6 delivers better security. It is compatible with WPA3 security which is more advanced.

No Congestion

The MU-MIMO feature in wifi 6 minimizes congestion by allowing many wifi devices to connect to the access point.

Higher Wifi Speeds

Wifi 6 features OFDMA which increases the access point capacity. Even when you connect many devices to your network, you should expect consistently high wifi speeds.

Focused Signal For Devices

Wifi 6 utilizes beamforming technology to focus the signal on a particular device. This ensures high speeds and a maximumly focused signal for devices. Beamforming collaborates with MU-MIMO to deliver a focused signal for many connected wifi devices.

Cons Of Wifi 6

High Cost

Unfortunately, not all devices can benefit from wifi 6. Wifi 6 requires evolved hardware which older devices do not have. To enjoy wifi 6, you may decide to upgrade older wifi devices to the new hardware that is compatible with this technology. Another deal breaker is that wifi 6 devices are expensive.

Is Wifi 6 Worth It?

Wifi 6 is worth it. If you want to invest in futuristic tech products, you devices will last longer before they become obsolete.Not to mention the many benefits you get from wifi 6. Also, if your internet demands are high when performing tasks, you should give wifi 6 a shot.


Is Wifi 6 Compatible With All Devices?

Wifi 6 is not compatible with all devices. Older wifi devices may not be compatible with wifi 6.

Is an Upgrade From Wifi 5 to Wifi 6 Worth It?

Upgrading from wifi 5 to wifi 6 is worth it if the cost is not an issue for you.


Wifi 6 is the modern wifi standard that delivers better wifi speeds, access capacity, and helps reduce network congestion. With wifi 6, you can connect multiple Wifi devices to a focused wifi connection. 

All these wifi 6 benefits are possible because of features such as OFDMA, MU-MIMO, beamforming, and many others. While wifi 6 is better in many ways than the wifi versions before it, it comes at an extra cost and the requirement of device upgrades.


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