What Makes a Laptop Fast? (Try These Hacks First!)

What Makes a Laptop Fast

Working on the laptop and running programs requires good speed. Slow laptops may not be reliable to use especially for tasks such as photo editing, video editing, running software, and gaming. When a laptop is fast, one can reliably perform any task without lagging or freezing.

What makes a laptop fast is the processor; a laptop with a good processor is fast even when multiple apps are open. Whenever a few apps are open, the processor’s speed improves. The RAM or (random access memory) also makes a laptop fast. To get reliable laptop speed, the laptop needs at least 4GB RAM or more. the hard drive also affects is the laptop’s fast. If the hard drive is sufficient, the laptop is fast.

5 Ways To Make a Slow Laptop Fast

Declutter Your Laptop

If you’ve had your laptop for a while, there are programs that you downloaded and no longer have use for them. The software that you forgot to delete after use could be consuming hard drive space which slows down the laptop. Deleting the programs you don’t use can speed up your laptop significantly.

Adding RAM

Older laptop models feature removable RAM. This makes it easy to replace the RAM with a better one. If your laptop has 4GB RAM, adding more RAM can be effective in making it fast. Before upgrading RAM, find out how much RAM your laptop needs.

Invest In SSD

A solid-state drive (SSD) delivers a faster speed than other hard drives. We noted that the hard drive contributes to the speed of a laptop. Getting an SSD improves speed even in demanding laptop activities such as gaming.

Benefits of SSD

Before we move on to the other way to make a slow laptop fast, this is why you should consider getting an SSD:

  • Fast speed. SSDs are faster than HDDs, they deliver 100X faster speed in delegated tasks such as data transfer.
  • SSDs are weightless. The small size of solid-state drives makes them have less weight, which makes them great for slim laptop designs.
  • Durability. SSDs do not have moving parts that make hard drives prone to heat and damage. The SSDs are therefore convenient and durable

Note that SSDs are more expensive compared to HDDs because they are a more recent technology. However, the cost is worth having convenience, durability, and faster laptop speed.  Another thing to note is that there are laptops with both HDD and SSD, which makes them ideal for the user to benefit from both technologies.

Check Your Laptop’s Cooling System

When laptop temperatures are too high, it tends to lag. When your laptop is too hot or overheating, it is dangerous and could lead to more complicated laptop issues. Regulating laptop temperatures is important and contributes to laptop speed. Therefore, ensure that your cooling system is clean, invest in a cooling pad, and avoid using your laptop on hot surfaces.

Laptop cooling pads are effective in regulating internal and external temperatures. Check out some of the most reliable laptop cooling pads below:

Deleting Unused Resources

Sometimes, a laptop might have resources that you no longer need or use. Perhaps you are not aware that some of them exist. A tool scanner works to identify the files or cookies that have not been used for a while and maybe slow down your laptop. Ccleaner is a recommended tool that protects your privacy when cleaning. It is easy to download and use Ccleaner on your laptop.

Does Internet Affect Laptop Speed?

If your laptop has a reliable RAM, SSD, excellent cooling system and is clean from old/unused files, yet it runs slow on internet-based tasks, the internet could be at fault. Most of the time, we use the internet to perform most laptop tasks.  For example, one cannot game, check mail, research, stream movies, or run apps, and programs without the internet.

Check whether internet connection is okay by trying it on other devices like your phone. You might be surprised that it is your internet connection that is unreliable and not your laptop. Slow internet cause laptop to lag and sometimes not perform at all.

On some occasions, it might be easier to upgrade to a new laptop that is more reliable than the current one. Older laptop models sometimes cannot keep up with modern technology and the best solution is to upgrade them. 


What makes a laptop fast is a great processor, reliable RAM, and a good hard drive. The amount of time a laptop takes to deliver tasks is dependent on the main components that make a laptop fast.

Enhancing laptop speed is possible by making changes to RAM hard drive and deleting files you no longer need. While improving your laptop should make laptop fast, it is essential to check whether your internet connection is stable, as it might cause lagging.


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