Why Does My Router Keep Shutting Off

Why Does My Router Keep Shutting Off

Maybe you’ve been affected by inconsistent internet due to the router shutting off. Using inconsistent internet is annoying, especially when one doesn’t know how to fix the situation. Today, reliable internet is essential for every home, office, or business. Many things are depending on stable internet to run smoothly. When the router keeps shutting down, such functions are hindered.

Replacing a router that keeps shutting off comes with a budget, which might not be planned for. Fortunately, this article has tips on how the router can be fixed, and you could apply some of the tips to keep your internet stable. In some cases, the router might need a replacement immediately or later when a budget is available.

Why Does My Router Keep Shutting Off?

Before we get to the solutions, let’s get to the bottom of why your router keeps shutting off, as this could help you know exactly what to do. Your router could keep shutting off because of it might be overheating, have power issues or have a virus attack.

Why Does My Router Keep Shutting Off (Detailed Reasons)


Perhaps you are aware of laptop overheating issues. Even routers overheat. When a router overheats, it might shut down now and then as self-defense. If your router is placed in a position prone to getting dusty and dirty, it might develop overheating problems.

Power Inconsistency

The router power adapter or cable might be damaged, leading to power issues. This causes the router to keep shutting down.

Router is Outdated

When the router gets too old, the hardware might become dysfunctional. This could cause your router to keep shutting off.

Malicious Software

If there’s a software bug on your router, chances are it’s causing the router to keep shutting off. Routers are vulnerable to software attacks.

How To Fix Router That Keeps Shutting Off

Check the Power Connection

Check the adapter and power cable for any issues. If the power Connection is faulty, get a replacement.

Change the Positioning Of the Router

Place your router where there is less possibility of dust and dirt accumulation. This will help prevent overheating.

Invest In Antivirus Software

To prevent the router from getting virus attacks, a good antivirus is worth investing in, to prevent future attacks.

Replace the Router

Your router might be overheating because it’s too old and the hardware is failing. The best option is to get a replacement. A replacement is also a good way to upgrade your internet.

Router Maintenance Tips

Updating the Router Firmware

Outdated router firmware causes issues for the router. Update the router firmware to avoid slow or no internet. Log into your router and check for the update firmware button.

Update Wi-Fi Drivers

To create a smooth connection for your devices, ensure that the WIFi drivers are regularly updated. For laptops, automatic update through Driver Easy is recommended to avoid the stress of manual updates.

Keep the Router In a Good Position

Position your router where there are minimal risks of damage. Place it out of reach if you have a toddler or a pet, to avoid possible accidents.


Routers need a reset after a while. Resetting is a good maintenance routine to keep the router from digital clutter. This is how to reset a router by the 30-30-30 method:

  • Find the reset button on your router- at the back of the router
  • Use a paper pin to press the reset button for 30 seconds
  • Unplug the power and press-hold the reset button for 30 seconds
  • Plug-in power and press the reset button for another 30 seconds

Resetting your router means that you will be temporarily disconnected from the internet connection. Your connection resumes as soon as the router is reset. Note that you have to do a fresh setting for the router after the reset, as the custom settings made earlier are lost after a reset.


How Long Should a Router Last?

On average, your router should last at least five years. However, the life span of the router depends on factors such as its hardware, specs, and how it is maintained. A router could last less than five years or longer than five years depending on the mentioned factors.

Why Does My Laptop Refuse to Connect to Wi-Fi?

If your laptop fails to authenticate correctly with the target network, it is not possible to connect to Wi-Fi. Another reason could be outdated Wi-Fi drivers. Also, if you forgot to turn off airplane mode on your laptop, it hinders the internet connection. If your router or modem malfunctions, it could prevent a Wi-Fi connection.


When your router keeps shutting off, there could be power issues, or hardware or software problems. Many routers are prone to these issues. A quick fix is repositioning your router to a place where dust accumulation is minimum.

Router maintenance is essential to ensure that it lasts longer than its average life span. Clean the router regularly and do firmware updates. Keep the router away from accident-prone areas too. 


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