Why Is My Laptop So Hot? (Possible REASONS + How to Fix)

When using a laptop, a few issues may come up, this includes the laptop getting hot. Working with a laptop hot on your lap is hectic. We use laptops for light and vigorous activities like gaming or the use of demanding apps. These activities are engaging and could take long hours on the laptop. As such, the laptop getting hot is possible.

Using a laptop on a soft surface such as a duvet, couch or lapse reduces airflow within the laptop. This causes the laptop to get so hot. Also, if you have not cleaned your laptop recently, dirt and dust accumulate in the fan way, making it hard for it to work effectively. Old or worn-out hardware such as a laptop battery can cause the laptop to get hot too. If you are engaging in an intensive activity such as gaming, your laptop can get hot.

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Is Your Laptop Fan Loud?

Sometimes, the hot laptop is accompanied by a loud fan issue. Check whether your laptop fan is louder than usual when your laptop gets hot to confirm whether it is a faulty fan causing a hot laptop issue. The loud fan does not always mean that the fan is broken. It could mean that the fan is blocked from functioning properly by dirt and dust accumulation.

What To Do With Loud Laptop Fan

If you suspect that your laptop fan is causing the laptop to be hot, you can resolve this by making sure that the fan is working normally. First, cleaning the fan allows it to function without obstruction. The fastest way to clean laptop fans is through compressed air.

In other cases, outdated drivers can cause a laptop fan to be faulty when working. To resolve this, updating the outdated drivers is the solution. When the laptop fan is broken, it should be replaced to restore normal laptop cooling.

Laptop Hot VS Laptop Overheating

Is your laptop just hot or is it overheating? Knowing the difference between a hot laptop and from overheating laptop is important. When a laptop is just hot, it does not hinder normal functioning.

On the other hand, an overheating laptop can seriously disrupt laptop productivity by shutting down in the middle of activity without warning. Overheating laptops usually display other symptoms. It could cause the malfunction of other laptop hardware and could cause permanent damage to the laptop. Overheating also makes a laptop slow down in performance.

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Tips To Maintain Your Laptop Cool

Clean the Fan

Maintaining the laptop fan clean ensures that it functions without any issues. This keeps the laptop cool even when engaging in gaming or other intense activities.

Maintaining Charging Discipline

When charging the laptop, wait till full charge to unplug. Another thing to remember is to unplug immediately after a full charge. Overcharging the laptop can cause the laptop battery to strain, leading to the laptop getting hot or the laptop battery being damaged.

Use a Laptop Stand

Soft surfaces contribute to laptops getting hot and need to be avoided. Place the laptop on surfaces such as a desk to improve airflow. Laptop stands work great too and help maintain the laptop cool. Check out some good laptop stands on amazon below:

Using a Cooling Pad

While a laptop cooling pad will not solve the underlying issue causing your laptop to be so hot, it is a good way to cool it. Some of the effecting laptop cooling pads include:

Doing Laptop Maintenance

Any operational machine needs maintenance after a certain amount of time. Car and industrial machine maintenance are done religiously. This should also be the case for a laptop. It is good to follow through with maintenance on regular basis to ensure that everything is great on the laptop. Doing maintenance helps us identify issues before they arise. With routine maintenance, you can tell faulty hardware and do updates on both hardware and software.

Does Hot Weather Affect Laptop?

Using your laptop while exposed to heat can impact its temperature. Hot weather affects the laptop hardware. If possible, it is better to use the laptop in a cool environment to avoid it getting hot when working or gaming.


Experiencing a hot laptop is part of owning one. When one indulges in intense activities like gaming, it is usual for a laptop to get hot. Even with this, one should not conclude that the laptop is broken or there are hardware issues. It could be something as simple as using the laptop on soft surfaces or using the laptop directly exposed to hot weather like sunlight.

We have identified ways to help solve the hot laptop issue. Knowing the cause of the issue is key in identifying the best solution. A laptop stand and laptop cooler are good laptop accessories that help with heart problems and go a long way in keeping the heat under control.


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