Wish-Keeper in Destiny 2, exotic and Catalysts


In the world of Destiny 2, exotic weapons are special and powerful types of guns that players can discover and use in the game. They offer unique possibilities and abilities that make them especially valuable in battles against powerful enemies. These weapons often have their stories and legends, which add to them mystique and player’s interest.

One such weapon is the Wish Keeper bow, which continues the trend of bows tied to elemental classes. It is great for accurate players, because the triggering of its abilities depends on accurate hits. This is one of the reasons why he is popular in PvP.

Bow Features

Main perks

This bow has two main perks and each of them complements the previous one:

Snareweaver: precision hits and final blows with this weapon build up energy towards a Snareweaver arrow. This arrow can be fired from the hip. When it hits a target or even the ground, it creates a set of traps. Whenever targets are close to the trap, it activates, suspending them.

Silkbound Slayer: the Destiny 2 Wish-Keeper deals bonus damage to suspended targets. This weapon also gains increased draw time for a short period whenever a target is suspended, irrespective of the source. Alternatively, draw time for the weapon is improved if the arrows fired from it damage a suspended target.

Wish Keeper can work very well with all three strand subclasses.

How get the bow

To obtain this exotic bow, you must complete the Starcrossed exotic quest. This quest appears in week 4 of the Wishing All the Best questline. To unlock this you must also complete the seasonal quest Apophasis and then return to Helm.

Your mission will take place in the Black Garden where you will find out that Sol divisive kidnap Riven’s eggs. You will fight with Vex and Taken to stop this, and uncover Riven’s important secret.

The quest will contain 3 important buffs that will allow you to progress through different stages of the game:

  • “Sire’s Obligation” allows you to damage immune enemies from the Obdurate Phalanx and see any symbols hovering above them. The first encounter requires you to remember three symbols at the locked gates, then kill the phalanxes in that order, moving from top to bottom of the symbol floating above each one.
  • “Dam’s Gift” allows you to travel in red misty areas without taking continuous damage. In the second encounter, you will need to use this buff to defeat the Gatekeeper Wyverns in each red area, and then activate the node next to each one to unlock the gate.
  • “Crowned by Dragons” appears when both previous buffs are received at the same time and allows you to damage the final boss: Akardon, the Merciless Mind. To avoid taking damage when it runs out, constantly replenish your buff by entering special zones. After winning, you will open a chest that contains a Wish Keeper. It is important to save the pattern to be able to craft it.


Catalysts play an important role in this bow. Catalysts allow you to increase the strength of a weapon and also improve its unique perks, making its strengths better.

 Wish Keeper has 4 catalysts:

  • Enduring Snare Refit: Increases the duration of Snareweaver traps.
  • Multi-Threaded Snare Refit: Allows Snareweaver traps to delay more targets.
  • Vorpal Weapon Refit: Increases damage against bosses, vehicles, and guards with their Super active.
  • Hatchling Refit: Precision final blows or rapidly defeating targets with a non-precision weapon spawns a Threadling at the target’s location.

How to get and upgrade catalysts

Searching anomalies and completing Starcrossed on Legend difficulty will allow you to unlock new catalysts. In order to start searching anomalies you need to first complete the Starcrossed quest on normal difficulty and return to Mara Sov.


There are you can get 4 constellation exotic quests. After finding the anomaly location, you must shoot the dots (stars) with your bow and collect the constellations.

First anomaly

The first Celestial Anomaly is located on top of a rock formation in the Overland area where the surface of the Black Garden begins. In this part of the map, you need to pay attention to the rock that is on the right. A beam of light will indicate that the anomaly is there.

Second anomaly

The second Anomaly is located in the Spine of Keres area in Dreaming City. The player must find the Divalian Mists area and go straight, then turn left when the road splits to get into Spine of Keres. Go past the first bridge and kill the enemies along the way. The rock on the left will have the same beam as the first anomaly.

Third anomaly

Also located in Starcrossed. The first step is to find the secret room immediately after the jumping puzzle in the Roost area. You will get there to a small area with several enemies. Keep moving until you find an area with the Dam’s Gift buff. You will see a hole in the wall on the left side where the constellation will be located

Fourth anomaly

The final anomaly is located in the Gardens of Esila in Dreaming City. From the Divalian Mists, the player must move towards the Strand and find the entrance to the gardens. After the player is in the gardens, you will see two rocks, anomaly is located on the right crag.


Secret chests

Secret chests are another important part of upgrading your bow. They are needed to obtain useful resources and improve your main perk Snareweaver. All chests are in the Starcrossed quest. In total, you can find 4 chests, which will allow you to increase the perk level to 4. If you want to make your bow as strong as possible, then don’t be lazy and take the time to search.

An easy way to obtain a weapon and open its catalysts.

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The Wish-keeper in Destiny 2 is not just a bow, but a weapon with its history, power, and unique abilities. He will become a reliable companion in your adventures, helping you overcome difficulties and win any battles. Obtaining this bow through the challenging Starcrossed quest adds an extra element of excitement and satisfaction to the game.


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