8 Best Laptops For Video Editing Under $700- 2024 Review

Best Laptops For Video Editing Under $700

Are you a video editor on a budget looking for a high-performing laptop?

Look no further! We have scoured the market and found the best laptops for video editing under $700. These laptops are cheap, but they are capable of handling your video editing needs with ease.

From powerful processors to dedicated graphics cards, these laptops offer the performance you need without compromising on affordability.

So, whether you’re a freelancer, a student, or just starting out in the video editing world, these laptops are sure to help you bring your creative vision to life.

If you are in a hurry, here are some quick picks

Newest HP 15.6-inch Touchscreen Laptop- Most popular

Acer Aspire 5 Slim- Best value

New HP Pavilion 2-in-1 Laptop- Best budget

Key Laptop Requirements to Consider

  • At least 8GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • Intel core i5 processor or equivalent AMD processor
  • 5 hours battery life
  • Full HD display
  • 14-inch or more in size

8 Best Laptops For Video Editing Under $700 [Top Picks}

Newest HP 15.6-inch Touchscreen Laptop 

The Newest HP touchscreen laptop looks somewhat similar to the HP ProBook edition you’d think they have the same features.

However, you can easily tell them apart based on display design and storage capacity.

With 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD, not to mention the responsive touchscreen technology, this laptop is definitely worth the price tag.

It features Intel’s Core i5 processor, which makes it fast enough for the laptops of its class. The vibrant 15.6-inch display is just right for content creation. So every video you edit will be of good quality.

You can run any video editing software on this laptop without worrying about performance lags. Whether you’re used to Nero Start Smart or you’re a fan of Adobe Premiere Pro, the processing unit of this laptop is robust enough to handle the applications.

The display of this 15.6-inch laptop isn’t anything close to UHD. But with 4K content yet to become the standard worldwide, the laptop’s HD screen still gives you the clarity you need to edit high-quality video.

Thanks to Intel’s 620 HD graphics processors, image processing is a lot easier without suppressing the performance of the CPU. With a 128GB graphics card, the images rendered on the HD screen are as clear as you’d want them to be.

Acer Aspire 5 Slim

Acer has a mix of high-end and pocket-friendly laptops.

If you want to spend less than $700 on a laptop that is good enough for video editing, go with the Aspire 5 Slim.

Inexpensive yet powerful, this is the laptop you need when efficient performance matters the most.

For starters, Asus Aspire 5 Slim laptop gets its processing power from the 10th Generation Intel Core i5 processor.

Add the 8 GB RAM and 512GB SSD to this and you get a powerfully promising laptop. Combined, these premiums result in a smooth and responsive experience, which makes video editing fun and simple.

Aspire 5 Slim has a display of 15.6 inches, which is a screen big enough for your video editing work.

Thanks to the Full High Definition display, the content you see on the screen will always be clear. As such, you can easily edit long hours of videos without worrying about eyestrains.

One of the things we love about this laptop is that it features the NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor, which delivers an amazing visual experience by delivering lively and true color images.

The Backlit keyboard allows you to continue working even when there are no lights in your office. And with its decent travel area, it should be easy to key in your inputs without hand strains.

Best Laptops For Video Editing Under $700

Asus ZenBook 14 Laptop

With a robust build and exceptionally excellent performance for a price as low as under $700, the Asus ZenBook 14 is by far the biggest competitor to Microsoft Surface Pro laptops.

With a thickness of only 0.65 inches, Asus ZenBook is no doubt an ultra-thin laptop. Less thickness means less weight.

And at only 3.2 pounds, this ZenBook is so light that you can bring it with you wherever you want to go.

The first feature that makes this laptop ideal for video editing is the display. At 14 inches, you get more screen area for your work, and that’s enough even when working on complex video editing projects.

Plus, the display is FHD, with 100% sRGB for precise object color combination and visual clarity.

Asus understands that comfort is necessary when using a laptop. And they’ve taken that seriously to give you a better user experience.

The cooling system ensures the machine doesn’t heat up, the ErgoLift hinge lets you adjust the position of the keyboard for the ultimate input experience, and the display is easy to push back and forth with the least effort possible.

Running on Windows 10 by default, this Intel Core i5 laptop sports 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD.

We wish it has the NVIDIA GPU graphics, but even Intel’s HD processor works fine for processing and delivery of high-definition images with zero output lags.

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New HP Pavilion 2-in-1 Laptop

People have called the HP Pavilion all sorts of names. Some say it’s an inexpensive yet superb laptop that packs the punch. Others say it’s a cheap computer with a lousy display.

But judging from the ratio of good to bad reviews, there’s no denying that this 2-in-1 laptop was a good make from the beginning.

From a design standpoint, we must admit that HP has tried its best to make this gizmo as different as possible. The tilt design is quite as innovative, if not attention-grabbing. This makes it a 2-in-1 system that you can use as a laptop or a tablet computer.

Powered by the 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor and featuring 8GB RAM, this machine is fast enough to run multiple video editing programs at the same time.

And with its 512GB SSD, you can install as many video and audio editing software solutions as you want.

The dual speaker system is good, if not superb. With HP’s audio boost built-in, the speakers deliver exceptional sound quality for the price point.

There’s just the right balance of sound from every clip you play. And you don’t have to put the speakers’ volume at 100% unless you need that much volume for video editing.

Asus VivoBook F512DA Laptop

Optimized for performance and featuring enough storage space, Asus VivoBook F512DA is a good pick if you’re on a budget and you need the best user experience.

This laptop’s narrow bezel doesn’t just give you one of its kinds of immersive experience, it also provides the best screen-to-body ratio to give you a visual experience that any laptop simply won’t.

Moreover, the brand’s ergo-hinge construction allows you to tilt the keyboard to an angle so that you can input data in a comfortable position.

Built to run on Windows 10 OS, this Asus Vivobook laptop even allows you to encrypt the hard drive with the bit locker encryption, not to mention it gives you access to a remote desktop.

Other special features include a fingerprint reader for enhanced security, a backlit keyboard so that you can use the laptop in the dark, a card reader, and a webcam for video calls.

While many Asus laptops feature Intel’s Core processor, the company takes a completely different route than the processor of the VivoBook F512DA. This one sports the AMD Ryzen 3 3200U, a dual-core processor with a performance speed in the range of 2.60 to 3.5 GHz per second.

Asus even goes a step further to up the RAM value, giving this a 12GB package instead of the standard 8GB. Together, these features make this laptop the fastest in its class, able to run multiple video editing software solutions simultaneously and efficiently.

From a storage standpoint, we’re confident that Asus gives you enough for the job. Primarily, this comes with a 512GB SSD, which is enough to store many related software applications, not to mention keep your raw and edited video files safe.

You’ll love this laptop because it comes equipped with an AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics processor, which enables you to edit videos in high definition.

Thanks to the FHD technology, object clarity is a guarantee. So you can edit your videos with a sharp focus on quality production and better results.

Lenovo Z50-75 Signature Laptop

Lenovo Z50-75 Signature may not be as lightweight as the IdeaPad 3, but it’s one of the most powerful picks in Lenovo’s laptop series.

Like many models in the brand’s product line, the Z50-75 Signature has a 15.6-inch HD display, which makes it a great choice to consider if you’re a video editor.

A High Definition screen means content clarity and consistency for all objects. Your motion pictures will appear crystal clear, so much so that editing will be easy and the results will come fast.

One of the things that we love about this laptop is the AMD Radeon R7 graphics. Built by a brand that has been in the tech business for as long as tech enthusiasts can remember. This card not only provides high-quality images but also excels at providing high-quality video playbacks.

Lenovo Z50-75 Signature doesn’t use Intel’s Core processor. Instead, it features an AMD FX-7500, an alternative with a decent processing speed for multiple task scheduling, execution, and performance.

Moreover, it includes an internal memory of 8GB and a hard drive with a capacity of 1 TB. Together, these premiums make it possible for you to run multiple video editing software applications at the same time, not to mention edit your videos with ease and get the work done in time.

Note that the Lenovo Signature doesn’t have the best battery life. But that doesn’t mean it’s disappointing. At least you get a 5-hour runtime on a single charge, which is enough to let you edit a large project.

You’d have to charge its battery at least twice if you intend to use it for a full day.

Lenovo IdeaPad 310 

For just under 700 dollars, this laptop comes equipped with either an Intel Core i5 processor or the AMD A12.

Like the Signature model, this also features a 15.6-inch screen, which is good enough real estate for video editing work.

However, if you need a bigger screen than this, you can simply extend the display to a monitor or a smart television if you have one.

If the Lenovo IdeaPad 310 that you choose has the Intel Core i5 processor, then it means it also includes Intel’s HD Graphic 620 processor.

The model powered by the AMD processor includes the AMD Radeon graphics card. Whichever the graphics card, they simply do the same thing of allowing you to edit your videos and images in High Definition.

It’s not just the clear display and fast processing power that makes this laptop stand out from the crowd. Even the Dolby sound technology makes the editing process smooth and worthwhile.

In fact, this extra element boots audio quality, making it easy for you to hear every bit of sound in the video so that you can edit clips accordingly.

As for memory and storage, this laptop has 8GB RAM, which is enough for video editing and some bit of light gaming in your free time.

And the hard drive is 1TB, which is enough to store all your files as well as multiple video editing applications.

Dell Inspiron 5000

A laptop that you can use for video editing doesn’t have to be expensive to get the job done.

So, if you’re a video editor on a budget and you need to upgrade from your desktop to a laptop, go with Dell Inspiron 5000.

The display is of the same size as other models on this list. But unlike the other models that we’ve highlighted, this one features a touch-responsive display, which makes navigation really easy.

It simply takes away the need for a wireless mouse or a built-in touchpad, hence providing you with an efficient way to work.

It features the Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB Ram, and a 1TB hard drive. Together, they make this machine powerful enough to perform all your video editing tasks efficiently.

Best Laptops For Video Editing Under $700

How to Choose the Best Laptop For Video Editing Under $700


The bigger the laptop RAM, the better you can multitask and the faster you can edit your videos. For $700, you should have at least 8GB RAM on your laptop. With 8GB, you can multitask without experiencing annoying lags.


Although the HDD is decent storage for a laptop, SSD is much better in laptop speed and power consumption. If you are to choose between SSD and HDD, it is better to get an SSD. Note that laptops with SSD are more expensive, and you would get a larger storage capacity for a laptop with HDD.


Video editing is a resource-demanding laptop task, especially if you use editing tools such as adobe premiere pro. You need a good processor that can power through video editing demands.

When buying a laptop for video editing, consider the Intel Core i5 or an equivalent AMD processor.

Laptop Design

Sometimes, video editing requires one to work remotely. If you edit your videos while moving around often, you need a lightweight laptop with long battery life.

There are laptops under $700 that feature a slim and lightweight design with excellent battery life.

Screen Size and Resolution

Video editing requires as much image clarity as possible. Your laptop for video editing should feature a full HD display.

Some people prefer smaller laptop screens to big ones while others prefer the otherwise. A 14-inch laptop, for instance, has a perfect keyboard and is the right size for video editing.


Is a 14-inch laptop small for video editing?

A 14-inch laptop is good enough for video editing. It is not too small. It has a sufficient screen and if it is well equipped with enough RAM, storage, processor, and battery, it should work just as great as any other bigger laptop.

How much RAM is sufficient for video editing?

On a $700 budget, 8GB is a reliable RAM for video editing. However, if you can get a laptop with more RAM, for example, 16GB, the better. Some of the high-end laptops for video editing have RAM of up to 32GB, which is amazing when running robust software or editing tools.

Should I get a powerful processor or big RAM for video editing?

Although having a big RAM is great for video editing, the processor should also be decent. It is better to match the RAM to the capacity of your laptop processor. In other words, you do need both a powerful processor and sufficient RAM for video editing.


This review has 8 great options for a video editing laptop that do not have to overstretch your budget. It is possible to get the best laptop feature for your video editing tools for under $700.

If a laptop has 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, an intel core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5, and decent battery life, you are set to edit your Youtube videos or any other kind of videos. While having a high-end laptop is great for video editing, you can still enjoy your experience with the budget you have.


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