How To Connect 3 Monitors To a PC [Proven FIX]

How To Connect 3 Monitors To a PC

Computer activities such as coding require multiple displays for convenience when working. Gaming is also fun when you have several displays. If you have several displays, you can connect them to your PC for a commanding center. Having multiple displays also enables you to multitask.

Connecting 3 monitors to a PC requires your computer to have the ability to support the three monitors. To connect 3 monitors to a PC, you need an adapter for each monitor. If your PC can support several displays and have an adapter for each display, it is possible to get the connection.

Step By Step On How To Connect 3 Monitors To a PC

1. Determine if your PC can support 3 monitors

Check if your PC supports 3 monitors. Some PCs cannot support several monitors especially if it’s an older model. You can tell if your PC supports multiple monitors by the number of video ports it has. Video ports include a VGA port, HDMI port, DVI, USB, and display port. These ports have different shapes. Determine the number of ports your PC had.

After you have identified the exact number of ports your PC has, check whether the ports can be used simultaneously. Connecting 3 monitors to a PC needs the ports to be used simultaneously. 

2. Do You Have All the Required Cables?

Ensure you have the needed cable to get a connection. In a case where your PC has two HDMI ports and one VGA port, you need two HDMI cables and one VGA cable to have a triple display. If your PC is different, check whether you have cables that match your PC’s ports. 

3. Set up the Monitors

After confirming your PC can support multiple displays and ensuring you have all the required cables, you can go ahead and set up the triple display. This is how you set up 3 monitors for a PC with Windows 10:

  • Right-click on the desktop
  • Select display settings
  • You should see a collection of monitors. Click on one, after that, click on identify to know which monitor it represents
  • If the monitors are not arranged matching their arrangement on your desk, change this by dragging and dropping with your mouse.
  • Customize the size of the text and the resolution According to what you want
  • Finally, use the drop-down menu to extend the displays

What About PCs That Do Not Have Enough Ports

Some computers do not have enough ports to support 3 monitor displays. Some older models have few ports but it is still possible for them to have a triple display. If your PC has lesser ports than needed, you can purchase one of the following additional hardware:

  •  Graphics card
  •   Docking station
  •   USB to HDMI adapter
  •   External multiple display adapter

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Why Should You Invest In Multiple Displays?

Is having three monitors for multiple displays worth it? This is what you gain by having a  triple display;

More Productivity

When one has a triple display and they are working with multiple tabs, the time and effort spent switching between the tabs is significantly reduced. Getting a multi-display allows you to view the information in several tabs all at once. You do not have to keep switching and cramming what information is on one tab to compare with another. Easy multitasking equals increased productivity.

It Is Easy To Share Files

Photographers who edit photos need to share files within apps like photoshop for successful editing. Having multiple displays is helpful for easier file sharing. You just have to drag and drop from one monitor to another.


Jobs nowadays require a person to be on video calls with clients, sometimes to pitch ideas. This requires one to have their ideas and data ready for a successful pitch or virtual meeting. Having multiple displays can help you be on the video call and refer to material or data on the other screen without making it awkward. This makes it look more professional.


If you are working on a research paper and need to keep checking on your email for an expected message, for instance, the dual-screen will help you do bot. thus you can concentrate on the task at hand while keeping an eye on the email.


Connecting 3 monitors to a PC is doable. You do not need a computer professional to do it for you. as long as your pc can support multiple displays, then it is possible. The first thing to do if your pc can support multiple displays is to ensure you have all the cables needed for connection.

 The benefits of having multiple displays are super. Starting from the extra fun when gaming to being able to multitask. Even in the office, the triple display can increase productivity and increase success.


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