4 Cheap Laptops With HDMI Port/Output to TV| – 2022 Review

Cheap Laptops With HDMI Port

If your laptop screen is too small for your work, you should consider getting a bigger display. No, this does not mean buying a bigger screen. You can find cheap laptops with HDMI port that you can use to increase your laptop screen to a bigger display and still deliver an epic resolution.

However, the problem is that most of the laptops on the market do not have an HDMI port. Older laptop models had VGA connectors, but they fall short of delivering the same speed, quality, and transfer speeds that HDMI ports deliver.

HDMI ports let you transfer high bandwidth data for both video and audio, experience dynamic speeds, and outstanding qualify. This makes it a must-have for gamers, video editors, DJs, and tech-savvy users. Read on to see the cheap laptops with HDMI port that you can buy.

Here is a sneak peek of the top picks:

Cheap Laptops with HDMI Port/ Output to TV- Top Picks

2021 Newest Dell Inspiron 3000

This laptop has a 15.6-inch large screen that is touch-sensitive. It features anti-glare protector that protect your eyes from screen brightness. The display has a stunning 1920 by 1080p resolution. This laptop operates on the windows 10 home OS, which is great in performance and accommodates the installation of apps.

This Dell Inspiron 3000 laptop has both HDD and SSD drives. You get 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD to store all the files you have, and still leave space for more.

If you are looking for a fast laptop, this laptop has the 11th generation core i5 processor. You can perform tasks effectively without lagging. A powerful processor means that you can multi-task and open multiple tabs when browsing. The laptop has great graphics for videos.

The dell Inspiron facilitates effective file transfer because it has multiple outputs. It has multiple USB ports, HDMI port, SD card reader among others. The laptop also features wireless connections including Bluetooth.


  • The powerful 11th Gen processor
  • The screen is touch-sensitive
  • Has great display resolution
  • It has multiple connection ports including HDMI


  • The charging is slow
  • The keys are a bit squeezed

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2020 Newest Acer Aspire 5 1080p

This is a high-performance laptop with the ability to store large files. The laptop features a sufficient memory that allows you to store all the things you need. The battery life is sufficient and goes up to 8 hours without running out of power. It has a display resolution of 1080p full HD.

Acer Aspire 5 has an upgraded 12 GB DDR4 RAM. This memory is sufficient to run multiple apps and open multiple tabs without slowing down the speed. It runs the AMD Ryzen 3 3200U that can clock up to 3.5 GHz.

This laptop has multiple outputs for file transfers and wireless connections. It has multiple USB ports, HDMI, SD card reader, and others. The keyboard is easy to use and has a backlit feature.


  • Battery life is reliably long
  • It has HDMI output
  • The display resolution is excellent


  • There is no indicator to show if the number lock key is on or not

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2021 Newest HP 14″ Intel Premium N6000

This laptop has an impressive 14 inch full HD screen with a display of 1080p. it delivers high-quality and desirable images. This laptop is a perfect description of value for your money.

This laptop has an 8GB RAM, which can run apps smoothly. It has 256GB SSD and 64GB eMMC, which are enough to store the data you need. If you have huge files and data, you can buy this Samsung 2TB SSD external hard disk.

It has an average battery life of 7 hours, enough for you to perform tasks uninterrupted due to power deficiency. For file transfers, this laptop has USB ports, HDMI, and wireless connections, which include Bluetooth.


  • The excellent 1080p display
  • The 8GB RAM can run multiple apps
  • The battery life is reliable
  • The screen has anti-glare features


  • It is hard to get it out of S mode if you accidentally click on it

ASUS Zenbook Full HD Laptop

This is a budget laptop with all the desirable features you are looking for. The Zenbook has a full HD 1080p display resolution on its 14-inch screen. You can be assured of great quality images for all the videos you are working on.

The 8GB RAM enables you to run apps smoothly without lagging. The RAM is also responsible for the fast loading of files. With this laptop, you can open multiple tabs on your browsers during research. It eases every task with its amazing features.

This laptop offers multiple connectivities. It has HDMI, multiple USB ports as well as wireless connections. The laptop facilitates good quality video calls with its reliable and quality stereo speakers and high-quality face cameras.


  • It has a powerful and reliable processor
  • The laptop has great quality speakers
  • The screen has good resolution
  • It can multitask on browsers


  • The fans make noise if you put the laptop on sleep mode then turn it back on

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Key Considerations When Buying Laptop with HDMI Output 1080p

The processor

A great laptop is one with a processor powerful enough to handle anything. Laptops are used for many tasks like business, school, or gaming. You need one with a good processor to handle even tough tasks.


The laptop connection allows you to transfer files or to receive files from external devices. In this case, the laptop you buy must have an HDMI output. It is also necessary that the laptop has multiple USB ports as well as wireless connections.


The screen should be large enough;  a 14-inch inch and above is sufficient enough display. Most important is the resolution. For this case, a resolution of 1080p is desirable.


HDMI allows your laptop to connect to external devices and even display. With the HDMI port, you can connect your laptop to gaming devices and the TV. A 1080p resolution gives you the best quality images for your videos.

 This review has covered some of the laptops that possess both qualities. The 2021 HP has great resolution and HDMI output. It has so many desirable qualities that make a laptop reliable.

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