What Is an IR Camera On a Laptop?

What Is an IR Camera On a Laptop

If you do not want to miss out on the best laptop features, you need to keep up with the rapidly changing laptop inventions.

All these laptop inventions and changes are meant to help you use the laptop for tasks that it couldn’t perform before. Some of the laptop inventions include the RGB keyboard and IR camera.

The IR camera is inbuilt mostly on high-end laptops like data science laptops which means that it is more expensive to buy a laptop with an IR camera.

If you are wondering what an IR camera is on a laptop, and whether you need it, this article breaks down what an IR camera is and how it works. 

What Is an IR Camera On a Laptop? (Quick Answer)

An IR camera on a laptop allows you to see screen details that cannot be seen with a normal eye. The IR camera illuminates the details on your laptop screen and keyboard. It also helps you see keys in a dark room.  

What Are the Uses Of an IR Camera On the Laptop?

If you are wondering what good an IR camera is for a laptop, below are some of the things an IR camera on the laptop can do:

It Is a Security Feature

When you need to log into your laptop at night, you do not need to switch on your lights if the laptop has an IR camera. The camera recognizes your face in the dark making it easy to log in.

The IR camera facial recognition feature is effective and secure. It is reliable even for sensitive laptops like those used in the military or for top-secret projects..

It improves Gaming

With an IR camera on your laptop, gaming becomes better. The camera allows you to see specific details about the game characters that your eyes would not capture. It is a fun laptop feature that game enthusiasts cannot resist. It is as fun as the RGB keyboard that makes gaming “colorful”. 


An IR camera on a laptop can be used to take photos in a low-lit room or at night. A normal IR camera is used to capture wildlife in ways that a normal camera cannot. For instance, if you want to monitor the life of your pet at night, you can set up your laptop’s IR camera.

Note: the IR camera does not display the colors that a normal camera has.

Pros Of IR Camera On a Laptop

The IR camera enables you to use face recognition when logging into windows

  • It helps with your laptop’s security
  • The IR camera improves the gaming experience
  • It allows you to capture photos and moments in a low-lit space
  • Cons Of IR Camera On a Laptop
  • Laptops with IR cameras are expensive
  • It does not display the normal colors

Do You Need An IR Camera On a Laptop?

While an IR camera is not a basic necessity for the laptop, if you need to log into your laptop with facial recognition, the laptop must have an IR camera. A laptop with an IR camera is future-proof as laptop technology keeps changing. With the fast-changing laptop trends, the IR camera might be the next must-have feature for all laptops.

IR Camera VS Webcam

Both the IR camera and the webcam can capture the face of a laptop user. However, the webcam can only be used when logged in to the laptop. The IR camera can be used to log in to the laptop.

The webcam displays normal colors while the IR camera does not capture normal colors. While the IR camera is a laptop safety feature, the webcam is mostly for video calls or Zoom meetings.

How to Tell If Your Laptop Has IR

If you want to confirm whether your laptop has an IR camera, follow these steps:

  • Click on Hardware
  • Go to device manager
  • Find infrared devices on the list

If your laptop does not have infrared devices, it means it does not have infrared capabilities.


What Does HP IR Camera Do?

The HP IR camera can be used to log into windows. It also allows you to see things on the laptop screen that are not visible.

Do Desktops Have IR Cameras?

Most desktops do not have IR capabilities.


The IR camera on a laptop is mainly used for logging into windows vial face recognition. It is similar to the face recognition feature in select smartphones. The camera affirms security for laptops with high-profile information.

The IR camera, unlike a webcam, does not display normal colors. The camera comes inbuilt for some high-end laptop, while some other laptops have IR capabilities and can support the IR camera. If you want to use face recognition on windows, your laptop must have an IR camera. 


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