What Is RGB Keyboard?

What Is RGB Keyboard

Laptop parts evolve with time. There have been many innovations for laptop parts, all of which are mostly improvements to existing parts.

The keyboard is an important part of the laptop that one cannot do without. One of the recent innovations is the RGB keyword, which brings an exciting and interactive experience away from the normal or backlit keyboard. 

With multiple colors, you can pick your favorite color or combination of colors to inspire your designs. If you enjoy late-night gaming, an RGB keyboard allows you to pick colors that appeal to your eyes and provide a solid gaming experience. 

If the RGB keyboard has sparked your curiosity and you would like to know exactly what it is, here is everything you need to know about RGB keyboard. 

What Is RGB Keyboard?

The RGB keyboard works like a TV, displaying millions of colors from the combination of red, blue, and green colors. With this keyboard, you can select colors for each key. You can also create color patterns for different themes. 

It is possible to customize the keyboard to suit your personality from millions of colors. The keyboard is awesome at night, and you can use your laptop in the dark without straining your eyes. The RGB keyboard is popular among gamers since it improves gaming experience.

Why Are RGB Keyboards Popular Among Gamers?

Most gamers are thrilled with the RGB keyboard. Apart from looking cool and being expensive, the RGB keyboard is fascinating when it comes to gaming. 

Here is why every gamer that doesn’t already have an RGB keyboard desires one:

  • You can highlight the keys and make a custom map for reliable gaming
  • When the gaming laptop is overheating, the colors send a warning
  • The ability to customize the keyboard at will is attractive
  • RGB keyboard enhances fast gaming due to the easy location of the keys

Is the RGB Keyboard Beneficial To Non-Gamers?

The RGB keyboard has often been seen as a keyboard for gamers. However, there are amazing benefits from this keyboard for non-gamers, which include:

  • Good for night usage or working in low light
  • You can customize the keys to match your home theme or your persona
  • The keyboard alerts you when your laptop is getting too hot and you need to slow down
  • This keyboard is modern and stylish

Does the RGB Keyboard Drain a Laptops Battery?

The RGB keyboard consumes more battery power than a normal keyboard, which causes the battery to drain at a faster pace. How fast the battery drains depends on the specs of your laptop.

Gaming laptops consume more power because gaming is a resource-demanding task. It is good to test the battery health of your laptop now and then. Also, when buying a laptop, ensure that the battery life is as indicated by the manufacturer.

A regular backlit keyboard also drains the laptop battery faster than a regular keyboard but not as much as an RGB keyboard. 

Features Of a Good RGB Keyboard

When buying an RGB keyboard, there are several features you should consider. They include:

  • The keys should be lit separately
  • The keyboard should support many game profiles
  • Light control for a group of keys instead of a single key
  • It should support numerous game profiles
  • The software should be high-quality to control the keys easily

Downsides of RGB Keyboards

While there are many upsides to RGB keyboards, they also have certain limitations. 

First, an RGB Keyboard is pricey, and it can cost anywhere from $30 to $100. Some high-end laptops may come with an RGB keyboard. If you want to buy a budget laptop for regular tasks like writing, MS-Excel, and watching Netflix, you can opt to buy a laptop with backlit keyboard

Another downside is that an RGB keyboard consumers a lot of power, and it can drain a battery faster than is normal. You may be forced to charge the battery more often. 

How Long Do RGB Keyboards Last?

The RGB keyboard has a lifespan of 100,000 hours. The keyboard could last at least five years or more. Since you may not need to use your laptop all the time, the keyboard can last as long as your laptop is in good shape. 

Is It Safe To Have RGB Lights On All the Time?

It is okay to have the RGB keyboard on for as long as you desire. You cannot exhaust the lifespan of the keyboard within a few months or a year. It is also good to shut down your laptop when not in use to give the laptop parts a break.


The RGB keyboard is a trend for gamers. It is an amazing keyboard that makes gaming more fun. The keyboard can also alert you when your laptop is heating up. 

RGB keyboard allows you to customize your laptop in any way you desire. It encourages you to explore your artistic personality with the available options of millions of colors. Though pricey, an RGB keyword can boost your gaming experience, and make gaming more lively.  


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