Why is My Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

why is my laptop battery draining so fast

Rapid battery consumption is a common well-known problem that cuts across all laptops brand. When faced with this problem, it is important to know how to deal with the issue, before it gets out of hand.

One of the general causes for your laptop to drain fast is having an old battery that easily discharges. However, there are other reasons like; running many background programs, using a heavy application like gaming, changing your system setting, and many more highlighted below.

Reasons why your laptop battery is reducing so fast

  • Having many processes running in the background
  • Using heavy applications like gaming and other pc apps
  • Your screen might be on high brightness
  • Running advanced options on your system
  • Corrupted installed firmware causing power failure
  • Having a faulty driver
  • Your computer might be having so many peripheral devices
  • Connecting to many networks

How to fix the problem of your laptop exhausting its battery very fast

This fix applies to faulty settings configurations or firmware systems which are manageable. Suppose the problem is with having a malfunctioned or an old battery, then consider replacing the battery. If you are using HP, Lenovo, Dell, or ASUS laptop brands, the following suggestions will resolve your battery issues.

Adjust your laptop’s screen brightness setting

System performance is one major component powered by a battery. The screen sharpness and brightness will eventually contribute to taking in a lot of power depending on the span of usage. There are three ways in which you can choose to adjust the brightness of your screen.

  • From your keyboard, use the function key to decrease the screen’s brightness
  • Click on Settings, and then select system. Under system right click on display and reduce your brightness to the level you are comfortable with.
  • Visit the laptop’s control panel and from there you can adjust the brightness.

This will only work if you do not overuse your laptop and the sharpness hue is reduced.

Configure your laptop power settings

Every laptop has a menu where you can control your power usage in the setting. This setting allows you to determine the time your laptop goes to sleep and when to turn off the screen. In return, you will be able to save energy, since your screen will not be active and some features will be in sleep mode.

Follow the following steps to activate sleep mode; go to setting and select system. Click on power and sleep and then proceed to adjust the screen time. Make sure the system is hibernating. The timing should be according to your usage schedule for this setting to work.

Turn off the keyboard backlight of your PC.

The backlight on the keyboard may be useful when it comes to typing at night, but it ends up consuming a lot of power. Press F5 to adjust the keyboard backlight intensity.

Check your computer’s network connection.

Sometimes having so many networks connected to your laptop drains your battery. Therefore, if you are not using the WIFI ensure your WIFI is disabled in the setting.

To disable your WIFI connection; go to the system setting and click on the network connection. Check all the active connections and disable them. You can do the same for Bluetooth devices connected. Just turn off the Bluetooth in the settings.

Remove unnecessary peripherals

Your laptop’s battery may fail due to connecting multiple devices simultaneously. Try disconnecting all of these devices like wireless mouse and monitor how your pc behaves. On the device icon at the taskbar, click on disconnect all peripheral devices.

Remove any inserted disc drive.

Most modern laptops are designed with blue-ray discs which may cause battery issues when you insert a CD or DVD. These laptops are very powerful and therefore require more power. There are two techniques you can extract the disk drive.

You can either press the eject button manually at the side of your laptop or on the disc drive icon you select the eject button. Both methods will open the optical drive allowing you to access the CD or DVD. Each time you will require to use the disk drives ensure you have plugged in power. This will conserve your battery health.

Stop unnecessary background processes from running.

Having several processes running on your background can make your battery experience some issues. The redundant features also chip in draining out power. You should disable these features and processes. Start by uninstalling unnecessary applications from your pc, and then go to the taskbar manager and click on unwanted processes and apps. Select the end task button and this will obstruct the applications from operating in the background.

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You may experience worse problems with your laptop if you have battery issues. Always put your battery’s health first to enjoy using your laptop for a long.


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