Dell Inspiron 3668 i5 Review- Specs, RAM, HDD, & Upgrade.

Dell Inspiron 3668 i5 Review

Dell brands always ensure its consumers have an amazing experience and are satisfied with the model.

Dell Inspiron 3668 i5 desktop is the best laptop for an average user with regular jobs like daily computing, web browsing, media management, and office tasks. It is a typical mid-range desktop intended for home and office work.

This laptop is installed with a seventh-generation Intel i5 7400 processor, which is very powerful and super fast. It is fitted with internal security that protects important data and files. It comes with 12 GB of DDR 4 RAM and 1 TB HDD storage that guarantees users the ability to explore and translate their imagination.

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The desktop model has a dedicated graphics card that supports a stunning visual display. This graphic card is ideal for pc gamers. It is responsible for making the games more awesome. This rig has an Intel HD 630 graphics card. It can run approximately 208 games at a recommended level with a smooth frame rate.

Dell Inspiron 3668 i5 Review- Specs & Design

Storage and memory

Inspiron 3668 can handle multitasking very comfortably due to its 12 GB DDR4 2400 MHz memory and its dual cores. Most laptops come with 4 GB memory but unlike those, Dell Inspiron is thrice as good and it makes it excellent with windows 10 system and performance.

This Dell desktop has immense storage capacity and can store several files. It can accommodate a 1 TB HDD which allows you to store large files in larger numbers. Not only can it store files, but also heavy games, music, movies, and demanding apps. Since it is installed with Windows 10, it can handle multitasking due to plenty of space.

Graphics card

Dell Inspiron accommodates a dedicated Intel HD 630 graphic card. It is designed to boost your home entertainment experience. The desktop also has a slim optical disk drive that manages DVD or RW disk and also spices up your entertainment experience.

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Design and build

The laptop feels solid and it is durable too. It has a black outer cover inscribed with the brand logo at the lower bottom of the chassis. It is a bit thicker but not too huge either. This dell flagship model has a decent display, making the image not to be crooked or cracked. The display has a sharp variety of colors with high resolution.


Despite the popularity of desktops going down, they still have a handful of users preferring them. However, its function is timeless and can never be replaced. Dell Inspiron comes reloaded with amazing features that satisfy a variety of workloads.

This specific laptop is more powerful and reliable than so many other laptops. It sails in the same boat with highly-rated modern laptops. Its power is highly contributed by the 7th Intel core generation processor and the 12GB RAM.

Other additional features

Other than the above major features, this desktop comes with other breathtaking attest characteristics that are brilliant and satisfactory for a lofty level.

Keyboard and mouse: it has a Dell KB216 wired keyboard which is black in color. It is also inclusive of the Dell MS116 wired mouse

MaxAudio: this desktop runs on windows 10 pro as the operating system. Windows 10 offers great development which is very helpful. Those improvements include; fast start-ups, a start menu that is expanded, and a new browser. This will enable you to carry out several activities across various platforms very fast and smoothly.

Built-in Connectivity: this device has the right number of ports that allow you to plug in several devices. It also comes with 802.11 bgn, 4.0 Bluetooth technologies, 2.4 GHz, 1×1 optical drives, and a DVD drive.

Innovative improvement: it is designed with an improved cooling system that has an inlet of airflow. This guarantees a steady, quiet, and efficient performance.

Dimension and weight: it has a height of 352.9mm, broadness of 154mm, and depth of 303mm. The weight is about 5.9kg.

Space-saving design: the design of Dell Inspiron offers a space reduction of over 45% without affecting the system performance while including multiple slots expansion for further upgrades.

Price: the price for this desktop ranges between $600 to $750. This is very reasonable since the specs are worth every penny.

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  • It has a simple design
  • 1TB storage
  • Excellent performance
  • Sufficient ports
  • Has enough room for expansion
  • Beautiful outlook


  • It is pricey
  • Sometimes the ports have issues
  • It lacks SSD
  • Has a slow bootup


The design of Dell Inspiron is very simple, but with it comes brilliant features. It is such a jewel for a casual user since it is less expensive but very impressive with performance.

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