4 Best Wireless Router For Roku Tv To Buy In 2024 Review

best wireless router for roku tv

If you have Roku, you are in for the best 4K streaming. However, if your router is unreliable, experiencing the best streaming is not possible.

For the best streaming experience, buying the best wireless router for Roku Tv is a good option. A good router for Roku TV should have good bandwidth technology, amazing signal, and modern features. 

We evaluated dozens of routers to find the best routers that offer the best service for Roku TV. Read on to see the best picks, and how they compare to each other. 

Here is a quick look on the top picks for Best Wireless Router For Roku Tv:

Linksys EA7500 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router – Best budget

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10- Most popular

TRENDnet AC3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router- Best value

Best Wireless Router For Roku Tv

Linksys EA7500 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

This is a dual-band signal Wi-Fi router with combined speeds of 1.9Gbps. Linksys EA7500 features beamforming to strengthen the signal for Roku Tv. The router delivers strong internet coverage of up to 1500 square feet.

This router is ideal for both light and complex internet activities. The 2.4 GHz band delivers a perfect internet connection for light internet tasks such as browsing. The 5GHz band delivers a speed of 1300Mbps for gaming and 4k streaming.

The router has USB 3.0 for you to connect to external storage devices. The USB 3.0 allows the fast transfer and access to files. If you have a wired gaming console or any other wired internet device, the Ethernet cable facilitates a strong internet connection for the devices.

It has an app to ease the setup. The router allows you to set up guest networks to allow and limit access to your internet.


  • Features beamforming for improved signal strength
  • Great speed for the dual-band signals
  • It has USB 3.0 for file storage and access
  • Allows guest network setup


  • The 5 GHz band cannot get through concrete walls

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ASUS Wi-Fi Gaming Router (RT-AC5300)

If you need a router for Roku Tv that also has wide coverage, this is the best option. ASUS (RT-AC5300) Wi-Fi router covers up to 5,000 square feet. It is perfect if you have several Wi-Fi devices all over a big space.

The router has a tri-band signal. It has dual 5GHz and a single 2.4Ghz. It features the latest 802.11AC 4×4 technology that delivers 5334Mbps throughout your space. This router is well suited for gaming.

The router has smart features to switch devices between the bands. Depending on the signal strength, your devices either connect to the 5GHz or the 2.4GHz. The parental controls are advanced. You can protect your kids from harmful sites.

The router also allows you to limit the time your kids or anyone can access the internet. The ASUS router is everything an internet user needs. It facilitates setup and also allows you to manage the network and update the firmware.


  • The tri-band signal gives a good internet connection
  • Amazing parental control system
  • ASUS router app makes things easy
  • The gaming features are excellent


  • It is expensive
  • The USB 3.0 interferes with the 5GHz band signal

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10

Netgear Nighthawk X10 router has a tri-band signal for Roku Tv and other Wi-Fi devices. It covers 2500 square feet with a speed of AD7200. with this router, you can connect over 40 Wi-Fi devices with no worry of slow internet.

The router features amazing advanced technology that includes beamforming+, amplified antennas, MU-MIMO, Alexa voice control, and many others. The powerful processor enables you to enjoy demanding internet activities like gaming and 4K streaming, simultaneously.

It has USB ports for storage needs. The router has an Ethernet port to connect the wired internet devices. The Nighthawk app has features to help you with the setup, settings, and parental control.


  • Connects to over 40 Wi-Fi devices
  • It has amazing Wi-Fi technology
  • Powerful processor for gaming and 4K streaming
  • Covers up to 2500 square feet


  • Drop in signal once in a while

TRENDnet AC3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router

This router is a tri-band signal that has great speed for Roku Tv. It has a total speed of 3200Mbps. It is amazing for streaming and other smart Tv internet needs.

The router features MIMO antenna technology to get your whole space covered for average spaces. For large homes, you might need a Wi-Fi extender such as the Spectrum internet Extender. The router has a special energy-saving feature that reduces power consumption.

There are Ethernet ports to seek your wired connection needs. The router has parental controls for kids. It has an intuitive system to assist with the setup, making it easy for you. The router has a three-year warranty and a supportive technical team.


  • Three-year warranty
  • Tri-band signal for more reliable internet speeds
  • The setup is intuitive and easy
  • It features MIMO antenna technology


  • Overheating issues
  • The blue light is too bright

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Router For Roku Tv


A router that can be managed remotely is better than one that has to be managed in one location. A good router for Roku Tv should have a complementary app that allows you to manage the network from any location.


Tri-band routers are reliable and deliver the best internet connection for Roku Tv. Dual-band routers are also good because the TV can switch between the two for the best connection.

Special features

Look out for special features in a router. If a router has unique features such as automatic firmware update, awesome parental control, or a special app, it is often better than one with ordinary features.


Which Is the Best Bandwidth For Roku Tv Wi-Fi Router?

A route with dual or tri-band is good enough for Roku Tv.

Does the Number Of Antennas In a Router Determine Its Signal?

Sometimes, more antennas improve the Wi-Fi signal. You must position WIFI antennas in the right direction to get the best coverage. 


To get the best home Wi-Fi experience, you need not only a router to connect the Roku Tv to the internet but to also enjoy the same coverage as other Wi-Fi devices. This means buying a router with great coverage and multiple device connectivity. Remember, a good router for Roku TV should be fast, allow 4K streaming, provide parental controls, and include additional features like ethernet ports and a complementary app for easier management.


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