Can You Use 2 Wifi Extenders at the Same Time?     

Can You Use 2 Wifi Extenders at the Same Time?

Wifi extenders are necessary to back up routers. If you want to have the best internet connection to every corner of your house, a router is not enough. A WiFi extender helps you shorten the distance between the WiFi device and the Wifi signal to boost its performance. 

While buying a WiFi extender for network providers like Spectrum or Cox Panoramic will normally eliminate issues such as dead spots, for multiple-storey buildings, one extender might not expand Wifi signals to every floor of your home. 

But, is it possible to use two Wifi extenders at the same time with one router? Let’s find out. 

Can You Use 2 Wifi Extenders At the Same Time?

You can use two extenders at the same time. You should connect each of the two extenders to the router instead of daisy chaining the extenders. Connecting the two routers wirelessly can interfere with each other’s signals, resulting in unsatisfactory performance for the second extender.

Key Considerations When Connecting Two Extenders at the Same Time

Both extenders should be connected to your router

Connecting one extender to the other could hinder the functioning, making the second extender deliver unsatisfying results. Each extender should be connected to the main router for the best signal.

The Extenders Should Have Separate SSID

When using two extenders, they should broadcast different SSIDs. This is to ensure that the extenders are not connecting, which may interfere with the signal delivered.

Using An Ethernet Cable to Connect wifi extenders

For Wifi extenders with an ethernet port, the ports can be used to connect to the router therefore, the SSID rule does not apply.

How To Connect Two Wifi extenders

Follow these steps to connect two wifi extenders: 

Ensure the router is properly connected

Confirm whether your router is properly connected and functional. In addition, before connecting an extender to the router, ensure that the router is placed strategically and the WiFi antennas are well positioned.

Identify the Best Spots For Your Extenders

If you have two floors, distribute the wifi extenders accordingly. The router should be accessible for the wifi extenders to connect, especially if you are using the Ethernet cable to connect them.

Connect the Extenders

As you connect the Extenders to the router, ensure that each extender has its own SSID to enhance its performance.


Once you set up the extender, you can test if the signal has improved, especially in the areas you had dead spots.

Benefits of Using Two Extenders at the Same Time

  • Two WiFi extenders work to extend the range of a router in houses with two floors
  • They ensure that all dead spots are covered
  • Two WiFi extenders improve your roaming freedom
  • If the two extenders are dual-band, you can connect many internet devices without experiencing slow internet
  • Two Extenders can deliver signal to a detached garage or backyard

How From the Router Should You Place the WiFi Extender?

The standard distance between the WiFi extender and the router is 100 feet. This however depends on your space. If you have a two-storey building and you want to use two WiFi extenders, one extender should be placed downstairs while the other extender should be placed upstairs to spread signals evenly. 

Can You Use a Router As a WiFi Extender?

If you have a spare router, you can use it as a WiFi extender. You can do this by connecting your spare router to the main router using an ethernet cable. 

Some routers also have a WiFi Extender function in their interface, and you can activate this setting by accessing the router interface on your laptop or smartphone.  

Will Using Multiple WiFi Extenders Slow Down the Internet?

Using multiple Wifi extenders does not slow down the internet speed. This also means that a WiFi extender cannot improve the internet speed. It only extends the signal to unreachable areas. A WiFi extender cannot perform the functions of a router, and it cannot replace the router.

How Many Wifi Extenders Can a Router Have?

A router can connect to multiple Wifi extenders. As long as the WiFi extenders connect directly to the router, having multiple extenders can improve the signal range of your network.

Is a WiFi Extender Affected By Home Appliances?

Home Appliances that emit waves affect your wireless signal, and they can interfere with the wifi extender. When installing a router or a WiFi extender, it is better to position it away from home appliances like microwave and door bells, as well as tall furniture and concrete walls. 


It is possible to have two wifi extenders or multiple extenders at the same time. Having two extenders is good for multiple-story houses. When setting up two wifi extenders, it is recommended to use an ethernet cable to connect to the router. The WiFi extenders should connect directly to the router and bear different SSID for proper functioning. 

The two WiFi extenders boost internet signal coverage and allow your devices roaming freedom. While an Extender cannot improve your internet speed, it helps with dead spot elimination and boosting WiFi coverage.


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