Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work

Laptops that are engaged in intensive tasks experience heat issues. For instance, powerful software and gaming are demanding laptop activities that cause laptop overheating. The internal laptop cooling system sometimes is unable to sustain reliable cooling for the laptop. If your laptop has been overheating, looking for external cooling options is a good way to control the heat.

Laptop cooling pads work to bring down laptop temperatures, especially when engaging in intensive laptop activities. They have been proven to work by reducing the heat by at least 5C. While laptop cooling pads may not be a permanent solution to laptop overheating problems, they are a great option to keep the heat lower. Investing in a laptop cooling pad is worth a trial to give a temporary solution for the overheating issues.

Why Do Laptops Overheat?

Laptops experience overheating due to a few reasons rooted in the laptop’s cooling system. These reasons are:

Clogged Fans

If your laptop uses fans as its cooling system, the fans get clogged by dust. Clogged Fans cannot work effectively. This leads to overheating in the laptop.

Broken Laptop Fans

Laptop Fans are not breaking-proof. With a broken Laptop fan, the laptop can only have partial or no cooling at all, leading to overheating.

Blocked Air Exhaust Vents

When the air exhaust vents are blocked, there is no free air circulation in your laptop. This results in uncontrolled laptop temperatures.

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How To Tell When laptop Is Overheating

Overheating is risky for the laptop. It could lead to permanent damage to the laptop. Knowing when your laptop is overheating is crucial for all laptop owners. This could help you understand when to give your laptop a break or when to use the laptop cooling pad. Some of the signs that show your laptop is overheating are:

Laptop fan making a loud noise.

When the laptop fans are very loud, this means they are struggling to keep the heat down. The levels of heat in your laptop might be too high for the laptop to keep up.

The Laptop Is Lagging

When the laptop struggles to perform tasks that it would normally perform fast, then it could be overheating. Overheating cause the laptop to strain, making it slow in Performance.

Sudden Shutting Down

If your laptop is plugged in or charged and suddenly shuts down while engaging in an activity like gaming, it could be an overheating issue.

Laptop Is Hot On the Fan

If your laptop is hot in the area where the fan is located or on other laptop hardware areas, this means that the laptop temperatures are intensively high and it could be an overheating issue.

Tips To Apply When Your Laptop Is Hot

Knowing what to do to the laptop when you realize that it is overheating can prevent laptop damage. When your laptop is overheating, apply this:

Give your laptop a break. Shut the laptop down and give it time to cool before resuming intense laptop activities.

  • Remove the laptop battery and use your laptop plugged in.
  • Use a laptop cooling pad
  • Use your laptop on hard surfaces
  • Engage in less intense activities for a while

How To Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating

The best remedy to any problem is prevention. It is possible to minimize overheating for your laptop with these tips:

Avoid Using the Laptop On Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces like the laps, pillows, or couch deny the laptop enough air circulation. This makes the laptop hot.

Clean the Laptop Fan

When dirt and dust clog up the laptop fan, it hinders proper cooling. Regular cleaning of the laptop fan enhances its functionality.

Clean the Laptop Regularly

While cleaning the fan alone can help with overheating, cleaning the whole laptop enhances the functionality of all laptop parts, preventing overheating.

Laptop Battery Replacement

A worn-out battery sometimes causes a laptop to overheat. If you realize the health of your battery is poor, get a replacement.

Update the Laptop Drivers

The drivers to your laptop cooling system need constant updating. Automatic updating through software like Driver Easy is more recommended than doing manual updates.

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Is a Laptop Cooling Pad Worth It?

Yes, a laptop cooling pad is a good laptop accessory investment. There are affordable well-functioning laptop cooling pads on Amazon. Check these out:

TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad

LIENS Laptop Cooling Pad

IETS GT500 Powerful Turbo-Fan (5000 RPM)


Laptop overheating issues are dangerous to the well-being and functioning of your laptop. Overheating causes issues such as power inconsistency, lagging, and laptop hardware damage. The laptop cooling pad is a good way to keep the heat down but unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution to laptop heat issues. Being aware of what to watch out for as signs that your laptop is overheating is vital to prevent overheating. Keep in mind that proper cleaning and maintenance of your laptop can prevent heat issues.


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