How Much Will I Receive If I Pawn My Laptop?

How much will I receive if i pawn my laptop

Financial crises sometimes can push us to the wall. Visiting a pawn shop is one of the ways people consider access to quick money. The pawnbrokers offer short-term loans in exchange for you leaving your property with them until you manage to clear their debt. They usually lend 20% to 60% of your item’s resale value. The loan is usually given for a shorter period, after which you pay back with interest.

Laptops are among the commonly pawned items. Pawnshops offer a range of 1$ to 1100$ for pawning a laptop. However, depending on the brand, quality, and condition of your laptop, the price can go higher. You need not worry much about the price you will get for pawning your laptop since the pawnshop has updated data on the rates and will sort you out instantly.

How much will I receive if I pawn my laptop? Prices pawn shop offer for different laptop brand

It is better to be aware of the possible amount pawnshop can offer for your laptop in advance. It will prevent any possible manipulation from clever brokers. Different versions and brands of the laptop are offered different pricing. Below you will find a record of some data of specific laptops pawn prices you may be offered.

  • Regular or unspecified Mac book; minimum pawn value of 60$ and maximum value of 1200$.the average price can be 312.35$
  • Mac book air has a pawn value price range of 10$ to 500$ and an average of 217.45$.
  • Mac book pro ranges between 15$ to 1100$ pawn value with an average of 288.13$.
  • Asus on the other hand has an average of 144.44$ pawn value with a range of 1$ up to 650$ maximum pricing
  • Hp ranges between 5$ and 500$ with an average of 85.69$
  • Alienware laptop is rated between 1$ and 550$ at an average value of 252.65$
  • Samsung has a minimum of 20$ and a maximum of 75$ pawn value with an average of 48.75$
  • Toshiba ranges from 1$ to 300$ and at an average of 80$

How to effectively pawn or sell your laptop

Most pawnshops offer the best prices for devices that are of good quality. However, there are ways you can present your device and end up getting even more cash. Consider the following tips to improve the outlook of your laptop to have the best sale price.

Back up your laptop

Before you sell or pawn your laptop, it is important to back up all important data safely elsewhere. I would advise you to invest in an external hard drive for a physical copy. This process will differ for a different kind of laptop.

For pc; go to the control panel and right-click on the system and maintenance. Select the backup option and recover. Here, you will automatically back up all the data on your laptop. However, for Mac; plug in your external hard drive and search for time features. Proceed to either back up your data or save it in the cloud.

Delete all personal data

Now that all your data is safely backed up, before heading to the nearest pawnshop, you will have to remove all personal information. You can search online on steps to clear data or simply perform a factory reset. Doing this will make the next user have an easy time using the laptop once sold.

Suppose you are pawning your laptop, this step is very important since it assures utmost privacy of your data. Just in case you fail to pay back the quick loan, then you will not worry about some sensitive data being retained.

Clean your laptop properly

A dirty laptop will make pawn brokers raise eyebrows since it is a sign of negligence. They will assume your laptop has an issue or is a malfunction. To clean your laptop, take a dry cloth or small towel, and gently wipe the dust away from all parts of the laptop. Check also for food stain and keenly get rid of it. Wipe the screen of your laptop to remove fingerprints and smudges.

Familiarize yourself with your laptops detail before you pawn

You will be in a better position while negotiating for the best price if you have all your laptop’s details at your fingertips. Be aware of the brand, model number, type of processor, the size of your screen, hard drive size, and the memory available in your laptop.


Find a pawnshop that deals with similar devices as yours.

Different pawnshops deal with different items depending on the demand in the market around them. They consider things like local demand, heavy usage, the functionality of the item, the potential of the customer wanting to purchase the item, noticeable damages like scratches and dents, viruses in the device, and battery strength. This influences the value of the product, plus not all shops prefer second-hand items. Therefore, you have to be positive that the shop you visit will buy your item.

Final words

Pawning your laptop should be the last option to consider when faced with money issues. Exhaust every other solution like loans from friends and relatives before deciding to pawn your laptop. As much as it is an instant solution, pawning has its disadvantages like; high-interest rates and you can end up losing your property.


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