How To Connect Ethernet Cable To Laptop Without Ethernet Port

How To Connect Ethernet Cable To Laptop Without Ethernet Port

Investing in a newer laptop model has many advantages. New laptop models have modern features like faster and more powerful processors, current cooling technology, great keyboard, improved hard disk, amazing graphics cards, and many other features. A notable difference between older laptops and new ones is the design, newer laptop models have a slim design to make them lightweight and portable. The disadvantage that comes with the slim design is missing ports, for instance, the Ethernet port.

You can connect an Ethernet cable to your laptop regardless of whether the laptop has an Ethernet port. This is possible through a USB adapter. You can purchase a USB adapter that will create an Ethernet port to connect an Ethernet cable to your laptop. Take note of the USB port on your laptop and purchase a matching USB adapter. If the USB port is 2.0, purchase a USB 2.0 adapter.

How To Connect Ethernet Cable To Laptop Without Ethernet Port

You need a USB adapter to get an Ethernet connection on a laptop without an Ethernet port.

  1. Check whether your USB adapter is in good condition
  2. Connect the adapter to your laptop
  3. Ensure that the adapter drivers are up to date and functional
  4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the USB adapter

Why Should You Have Ethernet Connection If You Have Wireless Connection?

While the wireless connection is convenient to set up and can be done anywhere with wireless internet, it is still important to have an Ethernet connection. First, an Ethernet connection comes in handy when the WiFi you are using has issues or is slow. Here’s why you still need Ethernet:

For Back Up

If you mainly use a wireless connection for all your internet needs, you need Ethernet for backup. Sometimes, the wireless internet connection has a weak signal. Nevertheless, if you have a weak signal, it does not mean you have to stop internet demanding activities such as gaming. Ethernet backs up the internet distortion to restore you to your internet use routine.


Ethernet connection offers decent to fast internet speed depending on the Ethernet cable generation. More often than not, a good Ethernet is capable of giving better speed than some WiFi routers. The Cat7 ethernet cable, for instance, supports an internet speed of up to 10,000 Mbps and 600 MHz of bandwidth. It is one of the latest generation Ethernet cables and is quite reliable.  


If you are working on something that needs consistent internet speed, using an Ethernet connection is the better option. Ethernet provides a consistent and stable connection, as opposed to the wireless connection that might be prone to interruption on signal strength.

Easy Set-Up

Ethernet connection is fairly easy to set up. When your home is already set up with a wired connection, you need only plug in the Ethernet cable to your laptop.

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Ethernet Vs Wireless Connection: Which One Should I Have?

Quick fact, both wireless and Ethernet connections are reliable. Your needs and preferences dictate the perfect option for you. Some prefer the wireless connection because of its convenience while others prefer Ethernet.

To be safe, investing in both would be a winner for you. Having both Ethernet and wireless connection means you will have stability and convenience at your disposal. However, if you have a great, stable, strong, consistent, and reliable wireless connection, then it could do without Ethernet to back it up.

Ethernet Connection Mobility

An ethernet connection is perfect for setting up devices that do not need to be moved often. This is because wired connection generally limits mobility. Using an Ethernet connection with a device that needs to be moved from one room to another can be hectic and results in inconvenience.

Tips To Fix Slow Internet

When you have slow internet, it is hard to focus on internet activities like work, gaming, or streaming movies. It is irritating and frustrating. This frustration doesn’t have to last long. You can fix slow internet with the tips below.

  • Restart your router. Restarting the router can fix slow internet in minutes.
  • Upgrade your internet package. Perhaps your internet package needs to be upgraded if you do not already have the best.
  • Re-arrange internet obstacles. If there are many obstacles where you have placed your router, doing some re-arrangements to remove the obstacles could work.
  • Re-position your router. Sometimes, there is a better signal in a particular place than where you have positioned your router. Try moving your router to where you get the best internet signal.
  • Upgrade your router.

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To connect an Ethernet cable to a laptop without an Ethernet port, you require a USB adapter. The USB adapter goes into the USB port in your laptop while the Ethernet cable goes into the USB adapter. Ethernet connection is reliable and stable for the internet.

Having both wireless and Ethernet connection is a great combination for one to back up the other. While the wireless connection is mobile and convenient, the Ethernet connection is stable because it is not easily distorted.


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