How To Connect PS4 To Laptop With HDMI (TESTED Fix!)

How To Connect PS4 To Laptop With HDMI

Laptops have the game capacity, according to the features. If you recently bought a gaming laptop, it is exciting to try out new games with it. PS4 is still a great game even after the new PS5. Gaming has become a normal hobby that can be done anywhere. If you are planning to use your laptop for PS4, the HDMI is one of the cables that can make this possible.

To play PS4 on a laptop with HDMI, you need a few things. you need a video capture card and the HDMI cable. Connecting PS4 directly to the laptop is hard because most laptops with HDMI ports are usually output, not input, which makes it hard for laptops to receive the signal directly without the use of any cable.

Using Video Capture Card to connect PS4 to Laptop With HDMI

It is possible to connect the laptop to PS4 using HDMI through a video capture card. This is possible following this procedure:

  •  Plug in the Video capture card via USB port
  • Install the video capture card
  • Connect the video capture card to PS4 using the S-Video connection cable
  • Plugin in HDMI out to the PS4 console and HDMI into the Video capture card

Run the Video capture card software on the laptop after turning on the console

Is It Possible To Connect PS4 To Laptop Directly using HDMI?

Connecting PS4 to a laptop directly using HDMI is possible if your laptop has HDMI in. the issue is that only a few laptops have HDMI in. most laptops have HDMI out and so does the PS4, making it hard to connect them directly.

How To Tell If Your Laptop Has HDMI Input

You can check if your laptop has HDMI input on the manual. It is usually indicated clearly. If you are in the process of buying a laptop online and want to know whether it has HDMI input, check the manufacturer’s website about that specific laptop.

Laptops with HDMI in are rare, check out some of those laptops below:

  • Alienware m17 R4
  • Alienware 18 ALW18

How To Connect PS4 To Laptop Through Remote Play

Remote play enables you to access your PS4 game where you left from other compatible devices. For instance, if you left a game halfway at home and want to continue playing during lunch at work, remote play allows you to do so on any compatible device. This sony product has made fun of convenience.

To have PS4 on a laptop through remote play, this is what you need:

  • Reliable internet
  • Compatible device- in this case, your laptop
  • PS4 console and account
  • USB

To get a good connection, you can follow these steps:

  • Download remote play on a laptop
  • After connecting to the internet, browse settings then activate as primary PS4 on the user management option
  • Update your laptop software to 3.50
  • The next step is to allow network-based turning
  • Run the remote play software downloaded in step one on your laptop
  • Customize the resolution to your ideal standards
  • Use the USB to connect the PS controller to the laptop
  • Start the remote play software on your laptop
  • Login in with your details to enjoy some game time

Why Do Laptops Overheat When Gaming?

If you have used a laptop for gaming before, you might have noticed that it overheats sometimes. This happens to many laptops. Gaming is an intense activity that demands much from a laptop. Sometimes, the laptop hardware might get strained from gaming, resulting in overheating.

In other instances, some of the games might be too strong for the laptop. Before running a game on your laptop, check whether it can run and sustain the game. Also, a gaming laptop should have an excellent cooling system. The cooling system determines how cool your laptop remains when gaming.

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Tips To Avoid Laptop Overheating During Gaming

After figuring out how to connect PS4 to a laptop with HDMI, you can game anytime, even when the tv screen is unavailable. This might increase the chances of gaming more often than before. You can apply these tips to help keep your laptop cool:

  • Invest in a laptop cooling pad
  • Update outdated laptop drivers
  • Use your laptop on surfaces that allow air circulation when gaming
  • Clean the laptop fan often
  • Laptop regular maintenance

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It is possible to still have fun when gaming using your laptop. Figuring out different ways to connect the PS4 to the laptop comes in a few steps and options. If you want to use HDMI for this connection, a video capture card is needed. Laptops with HDMI input can connect to PS4 direct but they are only a few.

To enjoy gaming with your laptop, adjust the resolution to suit you. It is important to watch out when your laptop gets too hot when gaming. Remember to keep your laptop cool through some of the suggested ways.


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