How to Reset Starlink Router

How To Reset Starlink Router

You may need to reset your Starlink router when you want to troubleshoot a problem, reconfigure the router, or transfer the hardware to another user. Whatever the reason may be, you must know how to reset Starlink router correctly.

Although Starlink is among the most reliable internet connections, it is not immune to problems, so knowing how to solve them will come in handy. Being able to troubleshoot and factory reset your Starlink router saves you from having to call your provider for every issue.

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How To Reset Starlink Router (Quick Answer)

If you have a rectangular Starlink, unplug it from the power outlet, then plug it in three times consecutively in intervals of 2 to 3 seconds. The router will take a few minutes to reboot. To factory reset a circular Starlink, gently press the button found at the router’s bottom side using a sharp object like a paper clip. For a Starlink Mesh router, disconnect the mesh from the power outlet, then plug it in again three times consecutively.

How to Factory Reset a Rectangular Starlink Router

Ensure you are close to a wall outlet and have a power cord, then follow the instructions below to reset your rectangular Starlink router.

1. Conduct the Power Cycle Sequence

Powercycle your Starlink router three times consecutively. Next, disconnect the power cord, then connect it again after a moment. Repeat the procedure two more times to factory reset the router.

2. Verify that Your Router Is Reset

It will take a Starlink router a couple of minutes to reboot after a factory reset. Since a reset erases the old network settings, password, and name, you will have to log into the router using the default WiFi name (STARLINK or STINKY).


If the old name of your WiFi network pops up, the factory reset was unsuccessful, so you will need to repeat the power cycle sequence.

3. Set Up a New Starlink Network

This step only applies if you are not transferring or selling your Starlink router. In that case, connect to STARLINK or STINKY WiFi network through your phone and open the Starlink application. Next, type your preferred name and create a new password.

You will be able to connect and enjoy the internet after configuring your new Starlink WiFi network. However, you must reconnect every device you own to the network to access the internet.

How To Factory Reset a Circular Starlink Router

Factory resetting a circular Starlink router is pretty straightforward. You only need to push the button found at the router’s bottom and release it once you see the light turn blue. Wait for the router to boot up, access the default STARLINK or STINKY network, rename your network, and choose a password.

How To Factory Reset a Starlink Mesh Router

Power cycle the Starlink mesh router by unplugging and plugging it into the power outlet three times consecutively. Give the mesh mode a few moments to boot up. Connect to the primary router network on the phone, not the STARLINK or STINKY mesh mode default network you will see after the reset.

After the mesh node boots up and you successfully connect to the primary Starlink network, access the Starlink application. After 1 to 2 minutes, you will see a “PAIR MESH MODE” prompt notification on the Starlink app.

How To Factory Reset Starlink Router with the Web-Based Interface

You can use the web-based interface to factory reset your Starlink router if you want to avoid using the reset button. Follow these steps to reset your router:

  • Connect your Starlink router to the power cord and internet cord, and make sure your computer is connected to Starlink internet.
  • In the internet browser’s search bar, type, then press enter.
  • Once the router’s login page opens, sign in with the router credentials. “admin” will suffice on the password and name fields if this is your first time logging into the interface.
  • You will access the router’s web-based interface once you successfully log in.
  • Open the menu, then scroll to the reset option.
  • Click reset, then tap “confirm” or “yes” to confirm the factory reset.
  • Wait for your Starlink router to reset.

Why Factory Reset a Starlink Router

The design of Starlink routers resembles other routers, so they are vulnerable to internet problems too. For example, internet errors and configuration errors are common but can be corrected through factory reset since it improves internet speed and eliminates configuration errors.


Factory resetting a Starlink router is pretty easy. You can conduct the entire process yourself by following the steps provided above. Remember that you do not have to factory reset your router only when you encounter problems; it also helps you clear the router memory, which is essential for older routers or if you have multiple devices.


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