Silhouette Cameo Won’t Connect to Computer (How to Fix It)

Silhouette Cameo Won't Connect to Computer

A silhouette machine is used to cut out shapes, text, and pictures from vinyl, foam, and card stock. These items are used to create beautiful posters, cards, custom t-shirts, and more.

There are basically two types of silhouette machines; silhouette cameo and silhouette portrait.

Silhouette Cameo Won’t Connect to Computer

A silhouette cameo may fail to connect with your computer due to the following reasons: damaged USB, queuing in the printer, failure to update the support driver, and having an old software version. However, you can fix these problems using the following steps.

How to Fix a Silhouette Cameo not Connecting to your Computer

If you are having connection issues, between your silhouette machine and computer, then the following steps will help fix your problem in no time.

Step 1: Check Your Firmware Version

It is important to note that this only applies to cameo 2 and 3 only. If not then begin from the second step.

To check your firmware; plug-in power and press on your upper right of the LCD screen the gear option on. Open the firmware option.

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If you notice your machine has a firmware version 1.40/1.60 or anything above this, you will not require a firmware update.

Suppose your machine is having a version below the stated above, you will have to download and install a more updated version.

Step 2: Check if your software version is updated

Open the silhouette studio software and select the help menu bar. From the menu open the silhouette studio option and note down the numbers indicated there. Go to the software download page and check the version number against the current number.

Step 3: Test the Connection of the Silhouette Software

Begin by closing the silhouette studio software and switching off the silhouette cutting machine. Disconnect the USB from the computer and then disconnect the power cable of the cutting machine.

Proceed to open the silhouette studio and go to the send panel. Plugin the power cable back to the cutting machine and directly connect it, using the USB cable, to your pc.

If you achieve a good connection, then the send screen should show-ready status. If not proceed to clear the printer queue.

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Step 4: Clear the Entire Printer Queue

At times pending job in your printer can interfere with the connection. To solve this, press the window and R key once, and in the open box, type control printers. Press enter to open.

Right-click one of the installed printers and look if there are pending jobs. If there is click all the jobs and select cancel print.

Step 5: Test Your Hardware Connection

First ensure your silhouette cutting machine is properly connected and on, then you can proceed with confirming the basic hardware connection. Press the window and R key at once and in the open box, type control printers, and press enter.

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If there is a basic hardware connection with your computer, then you will see either of the following entries;

  1. In the unspecified section; the unknown device
  2. Unspecified section; printing support
  3. In the printer section; the silhouette cameo

When either 1 or 2 is displayed then proceed to step 6. Suppose 3 is displayed instead, jump to step 8. In case you lack all of the above, just move to step 10.

Step 6: Ensure Your USB Printing Support Driver Is Updated

Without exiting from the previous window, right-click the unspecified device and open- properties.

Press the hardware tab and select the button written properties. You will notice a new window on the general tab.

Select the change setting button and then the driver tab. Update the driver automatically and patiently allow the update to complete. You can then start your computer.

Step 7: Reset the Driver Connection

To reset your driver;

1. Type devmgmt.MSc in the open box after pressing at the same time the window key and the R key

2. Press enter to view the devices that are hidden

3. Press –remove and open the silhouette studio to check your connection.

Step 8: Identify Interfering Connections

To reset the software connections: type %app data% and delete the folder com.aspexsoftwaresilhouettestudio. Ensure the recycle bin is empty.

If the steps don’t fix the issue proceed to uninstall the program in the control panel. Uninstall the window driver package too.

Proceed to restart your computer followed by the steps in testing the software connection.

Step 9: Reassignment of the Driver

Having reached this point, only means there is a problem with the printer making the USB not connect. To fix this, just turn off the power and power on the printer then restart your silhouette cutting machine.

Step 10: Checking the Hardware Failure

Try changing the port you had inserted your USB previously. Another option is to use a different USB cable.

Once you follow these steps, you should find out why Silhouette Cameo Won’t Connect to Computer and fix the issue promptly. Sometimes, you won’t need to complete the 10-step process to fix the problem.


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