Starlink Ethernet Adapter to Router (Connect Starlink to your Router)

Starlink ethernet adapter to router

Unlike the 1st Gen Starlink kit, the routers in second-generation kits do not have ethernet ports. However, the company makes up for this by providing the Starlink Ethernet Adapter to cut costs while ensuring customers can establish wired connections.

Starlink is a wireless internet connection that offers reliable speeds by establishing a direct link to a satellite network. In addition, it eliminates the need for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

This article looks into establishing a wired connection using the Starlink Ethernet Adapter to increase your coverage.  

Starlink Ethernet Adapter to Router (Quick Answer)

Starlink Ethernet Adapters work like WiFi extenders but have ethernet ports, thus letting you connect ethernet cables. This device connects to the router, translating to extended internet coverage at home. You can create wired connections on different devices around your home, such as smart TVs and laptops. Also, thanks to the Starlink Ethernet Adapter, you can turn off WiFi functionality on the Starlink App and use the wired connection, increasing ethernet connection speeds dramatically.

How to Add Starlink Ethernet Adapter to Router

If you are using the original Starlink router that comes with a circular dish, then you already have ethernet ports and can easily create wired connections. However, users of the 2nd generation Starlink routers that have rectangular dishes must purchase a Starlink Ethernet Adapter.

An ethernet adapter offers the best way of adding an ethernet port to your 2nd generation Starlink router. You will then need to link the router and the dish using the ethernet adapter. This is made possible by connecting the ethernet adapter to your Starlink router and then attaching the antenna to the adapter.

This process accords you the freedom to connect your devices to a wireless connection or an ethernet network. With that said, here is how to add a Starlink Ethernet Adapter to your router.

  • Two ports are found at the router’s bottom- the power and antenna ports. Disconnect the tinnier cable.
  • Take the adapter (it looks like the antenna cable) and insert it into the adapter port.
  • The antenna cable goes on the adapter’s other side, where there’s a parallel port.
  • Plug the ethernet cable into the adapter port, ensuring you hear a clicking sound confirming a successful connection.
  • Connect the ethernet cable’s other end to your desired device and start enjoying a wired Starlink internet connection.


The second-generation Starlink routers have no ethernet ports because the company wanted to make them completely weatherproof and waterproof.

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Key Aspects You Should Know About Starlink Ethernet Adapters

Before buying a Starlink Ethernet Adapter, here are a few things you should know.

1. It Has One Ethernet Port

Ethernet adapters allow you to extend your home’s internet coverage. Unfortunately, Starlink Ethernet Adapters have a single ethernet port, meaning without other extra hardware, it can only provide an ethernet connection to one device. Therefore, it is quite limiting if used alone.

However, you can create more ethernet connections using an ethernet switch. This device is fitted with multiple ethernet ports; therefore, you can connect several ethernet cables and supply wired internet to many devices. A basic ethernet switch is about 20 bucks.

2. Supports Up To 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps)

According to Starlink’s website, Starlink Ethernet Adapters support speeds of up to 1000 Mbps but keep in mind that the download speed of Starlink still limits your internet. The ethernet connection provides a notable increase in internet speed, especially if the connected device is far from the router, but it is not a magic solution.

3. Designed Only for Indoor Use

Unlike the Starlink dishes that can withstand all kinds of weather, the Starlink Ethernet Adapter is made to be used only indoors. Therefore, keep it safe, away from weather elements, to ensure it remains functional.

4. It Does Not Have an Ethernet Cable

If you do not have ethernet cables already, you will need to purchase them to create a wired connection with Starlink because the brand’s ethernet adapters do not come with the cables. Luckily, ethernet cables are pretty affordable and easily accessible at computer stores, large retail shops, or online.

5. It Does Not Ship Together with the Satellite Dish

The Starlink dish and ethernet adapter will ship separately even if you order them together because the Starlink accessories processing happens differently. Therefore, your ethernet adapter may arrive later or earlier than the hardware kit.

6. It Costs About $25

You will spend about $25, inclusive of handling and shipping, to get a Starlink Ethernet Adapter. This is a minor expense compared to the price of the satellite dish.


A Starlink Ethernet Adapter is a great long-term investment since it facilitates creating an ethernet connection on second-generation Starlink kits, is relatively affordable, and is straightforward to install. Following the steps highlighted in this post, you can easily connect a Starlink ethernet adapter to your router.


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